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How do I online convert an OCR image/PDF to .doc which is in Hindi for free?
Try to use . With this tool you can convert your PDFs to Microsoft Word documents.
How can I transform flattened PDF text to editable text in PDF/Word? I have tried some OCR and online converters but they all transform it to a drawing tool or photo element.
Thanks to A2A. First of all let me clarify that a PDF file incorporates both and of a background and in that case an ocr software can recognize the in the image to extract it. I have seen (and used many of them) and they all work pretty well to extract the with just a few errors. On the other hand if the PDF file contains then any PDF viewer such as Foxit PDF Adobe Acrobat Adobe illustrator or even Sumatra PDF will give you the option to select the (by dragging your mouse through) and copy it to the clipboard. Then you can paste it in notepad or MS word or Write or any editor. If you use Adobe acrobat or illustrator both programs can preserve the formatting. Cheers
How do I export my HTML page as PDF using JavaScript?
I had to recently implement a PDF exporting feature to a fairlyplex web application and let me get this straight It a painful process. JavaScript is not designed to do this and it will not happily get it done for you. Now that I got that out of the way you have a few ways to go about it. As some other answers mention jsPDF does work quite alright as long as your HTML is something fairly simple with simple CSS. You can also let the browser take care of it by simply calling () code and it will also work most of the times again as long as your layout is simple and you have the proper print media styles in place. If you have aplex and dynamic layout though Tough luck. Youll probably need to look at a proper backend solution such as phantomJS or wkthmltopdf . Good luck in any case this is tricky business.
How safe is it to use online PDF converting services like
Hey..! Hello Readers. Before we start to know the topic Is this a safe idea to use online PDF converting services like Ilovepdf or other online services we need to know why people want to do the conversion. 5 TOP Reasons why people migrate to PDF PDF files are mobile friendly and light weight Word Docs can keep their formatting whereas PDF files can PDF files occupies small in the memory inparison to other file formats. PDF files are more secure as you can protect it with the help of password. The format is ubiquitous Ok.. Nowe to the main part. Ofcourse your question. How safe is it to use online PDF converting services like ILOVEPDF(.)COM? So the answer totally depends on how important your data is? Is the conversion you want to do is for your organisation or your Office work? If your answer is no then I rmend you to use any online or offline services doesn matter but sometimes using the bad converters can damage your files and it can fully corrupt your files. This of problem mostly occur due to scanned files. So I rmend you to use the online sites to do the conversion Hipdf Zamzar Freepdftoword ABBYY FineReader Soda PDF Hope you like this article NEVER forgot to upvote the good answers. Thanks.
How can I quickly translate a PDF document?
For purposes of this answer I'm going to assume you want to use a machine translation tool like Google Translate to convert a PDF file into another language. You just want an idea of what it says and don't need an accurate translation done by an expert. Easy peasy. As I'm sure you know there are two s PDF files. For brevity we'll call them live and dead. If your file is live you can simply open the file select and copy its contents and paste them into Google Translate. Voila nstant translation! Of course of your PDF document is lengthy you will be limited to translating a few paragraphs at a time. However that won't work of your file is dead meaning it is a scanned copy of a hard copy document essentially a photograph. In order for Google Translate to handle that of file it must be run through an OCR reader. If this of thing is a recurring need for you you will want to invest in some software. ABBYY Fine Reader ( s s ) is the industry leader in this technology. If this is a one-time need and the file is something you don't mind putting out there in the cloud you might consider using a free online OCR converter like this one convert PDF to Word or Image to s . One thing to watch out for OCR readers don't do a flawless job. Depending on the quality of the image the output file will contain errors.
What are the best typefaces to use in a resume?
No one really seems to actually address the question as most of the answers talk about which faces are conventional italic for resumesnot which faces are the best italic . Let me first ex why so many people are mentioning faces like Arial Calibri Verdana Georgia and Times New Roman as the best faces for resumes why they are wrong and where the confusiones from. I think this is necessary in order to clear some misunderstandings up. If you are only interested in which faces are the best to use in a resume scroll way down until the third horizontal line. horizontal-rule All the faces mentioned above are standardized ande with your OSdepending on which OS you use. Mac OS will include Verdana Georgia and Times New Roman but not the others. Instead of Arial ites with (Neue) Helvetica. But what Ive noted is that close to no one has rmended Helvetica whereas Arial has been rmended oftenwhich is rather telling. People are not telling you which faces are best. Rather they are telling you which faces they have learned work the best for themfrom those faces that are not only standardized bute with Windows. Consider that for a moment. How likely is it that the best faces in the world for resumes just happen to be standardized Windows faces? Aren you lucky to have Arial and Times New Roman? The very best the industry has to offer? Only quite obviously these faces don constitute the best. By all means they are professional faces that fill a need. But consider what needs these faces fill. Arial A face not designed to function well in resumes but designed to work with the same metrics as Helvetica. What function does Helvetica fulfill? It a face designed after Akzidenz Grotesk to steal its popularity and was specifically crafted to neutralize the character of Akzidens Grotesk and reduce the visual noise. What you get then is a neutral consistent looking face that performs very well at display size but due to its low differentiation between letter forms as well as the closed aperture (the closeness of the letter forms) both legibility and readability are sacrificed. Now Arial features more differentiation between letter forms as well as a greater aperture and thus is more ideal for body than Helvetica but probably none of the older grotesque faces are ideal for body . Modern grotesque faces that have hints of the humanist model are much more suited to that. In conclusion by no means is Arial the best face for body or indeed your resume. Calibri Calibri is a humanist sans-serif and thus features a much more open aperture as well as a greater legibility. Calibri also features a relatively low x- citation target s~jkorpela title Test page for estimating the relative x- (aspect ratio) of a font using JavaScript index 1 unique_id HdYTV for a sans-serif which is good for body because if the x- is too high you undermine the reading experience. So Calibri is much better suitable for body . But do remember that since its x- is low you may need to set your slightly bigger topensate. So don use a fixed pt size because the size of your depends in part on the x-. But do note that Calibri features a homoglyph s which is a pair of characters that are indistinguishable from each other. In this case it the lowercase L and uppercase i (I and l). Many sans-serifs including Arial and Helvetica have this problem. See the s 825 117 horizontal-rule But these days you don even necessarily need to purchase faces anymore as there are plenty of quality faces available that are suitable for your resume. Here are a few that have potential Alegreya s A modern take on a calligraphic letter this face has a distinct character but it does provide a pleasant ure. Perhaps the face is warmer than you would like for a resume but it may suit your needs. It alsoes with a sans-serifpanion Alegreya Sans s although I don see a place for it on a resume. Alegreya may already be slightly risky. Merriweather s Its ure is relatively sharp but when set a bit smaller (its x- is quite large) it looks clear and yields a pleasant ure. It may look slightly too mechanical but it worth trying out. Source Pro s Based on the letter forms of Fournier Source looks friendly with rather generous proportions. Probably not suitable at large sizes but it seems excellent at size both on screen and in print. Companion to Source Sans Pro s . Sans-serif Fira Sans s A Spiekermann face which means a high legibility and no homoglyphs. Fira Sans features an open aperture and is thus quite ideal for and it features a wide range of weights as well. Montserrat s A geometric face with generous proportions and a friendly appearance. You probably wouldn want to set extended s in this but setting short s in Montserrat will probably yield clarity. On the other hand geometric faces are not conventional for resumes so its character may be a bit too informal. Open Sans s A very clear modern humanist sans which functions well on the screen as well as in print. Roboto s If youre looking for a more neutral face then Roboto could be it. It a grotesque face with some humanist elements thus offering a balance between neutrality and legibility. Source Sans Pro s A beautifully proportioned highly legible face which performs well even at small sizes. Work Sans s While not neutral it provides a pleasant ure and is highly legible. Again there are no homoglyphs. Work Sans has a slightly informal character however so consider whether those are appropriate connotations. horizontal-rule And finally let me just mention Constantia whiches with Windows but is often overlooked. It a polished and screen-optimized face influenced by Perpetua with a hint of Palatino. Very suitable for both screen and print. Its ure may be too sharp for your resume but it worth trying out.
How can I convert a PDF image (scanned PDF) to an editable PDF for free?
The best free way to convert scanned PDF to editable PDF would be using Google OCR s . Login in your Google Account and go to Google Drive Upload scanned PDF into Google Drive by click NewFile Upload Check the uploaded scanned PDF or open with Google Docs Wait for the Google OCR to automatically process OCR on scanned PDF then you will find the scanned PDF editable in Google Docs. Go to FileDownload as export the scanned PDF to editable PDF or other output format Google OCR supports. If your scanned PDF is mainly filled with you can also use OneNote OCR s to copy from the scanned PDF then paste into a Word or other editable format and export as PDF again. Open Microsoft OneNote. Go to Insert and import the -based file and choose Copy Text from Picture. Press Command+V to paste the image and edit as needed.
Can you edit a scanned page PDF?
I am a Manual Scanned Document Editor so me answer you in details. You can edit a scanned document in several ways. 1. Via OCR feature PDF editing softwares that has good OCR feature can edit you scanned page. Just run the ocr and your page will be editable. But this feature doesn retain the original ure of a scanned document s be too crisp. And even the best of best software like Acrobat Pro DC too struggles with layout formatting from time to time 2. Manually via Photoshop This is a hefty process but it produces the best result and you can edit the page however you want. Although It's only a good option when you don't need to edit much of the doc. Manual editors pick each letter from the document itself allowing them to retain the ure of the document and then construct every word manually by dragging every letter. You can learn more about this process by asking this experienced editor and you can also place an order if in need.