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Yes today we are gonna learn how to extract text from images using Python first of all we are going to install this amazing software tesseract OCR which is sponsored by Google since 2006 it contains an OCR engine like tesseract and the command line program tesseract this program can be used directly to extract text from images and we are going to test it right now with this image this is actually a snippet of one of my articles and we will extract the text from this image and first we have to install tesseract I have already installed so I have nothing to do there and now I would like to navigate to this directory and check it out widen course there and tesseract test energy and the first argument is the image file and the second argument is the the output where we would like to put the text because there's a text file this would be just file this is a simple warning you can just ignore it and we should see the file output the txt and let us check out what is in there using this utility and we can see that the the text is here it has extracted and we would like to compare and this is exactly the same as what is there in the image so we have done it now we would like to write do the same thing with a Python program and for this we are going to use Python tesseract and Python tesseract and below below this is not a sleeping pillow though this is actually a Python image library this is a fork of the original PIL Python image library and we will need this one and Music and these two packages and you know we use pip for package manager for installing Python packages so if you have an installed babe you can install it for Python 3 we have b3 and install since I have already installed I have nothing to do here now I can actually test I need to test it whether the package is installed correctly or not I need to try importing it so let me go to the Python prompt from python image library import image module it works great now let me try and porta pottis right it works now we can use the spiders rect directly this one and we can use this function image to Music string and we need the image object and we need to open the you need to use this open function in order to get the image object which is an argument of this function now the image name is test at PNG PNG and actually this function takes two arguments this specifies the language actually even if we don't specify the language will be English by default and if it is some other languages then we can specify it here like French or Spanish or Russia.