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Hello guys welcome back today I'm at a program called simple OCR so that's optical character recognition so it should confer you so something you scan into a Word document or plain text now it's totally through the options so it's not gonna be as good as a bee farm reader or maybe read Ivysaur on the page but it might be able to get away of it just doing enough to convert for us so what we do first is type in simple OCR one word into your search engine download the demo from the webpage and we have a little go so I'm going to open it up now the first one you'll get the top is select writing type and the first option is the totally free simple OCR which does a conversion again it will do from scanners underneath there's another option which you'll get to convert your handwritten into a fun now whenever look at that as well quickly so what you do is write out a page maybe up to a hundred words and we could use that they recommend and they reckon you should use a sample between three hundred five hundred words of your writing so it can analyze you can collect improve read it then create a profile for that writer so being accurate so one-click handwriting so first willing to create a new writer name select new and type in your name there so that's that with a person that's actually written the information so I'll put John Smith in and click OK legacy on the left here you've got multiple writers you can have multiple names and choose the correct one that's relevant because that's what you'll be collecting for make sure you look correct language there and whether you want to choose case upper and lower or just upper case only but I want upper and lower and again you can choose your interface above fitness under the US there anyway now got the name there I'm going to select and this window will pop up and we're going to do is going to take your handwritten information check for any errors and then have you proofread it it's going to learn save and finish and increase that profile for that Riya so first one click Next and at the top is telling you you need between three and five hundred words I've only done about thirty five to fifty just as a sample quick to show you how it works but it recommends you do that because the better sample the more sample you got hence the better profile and the conversion will be so on click Next again I'm going to ask me we've got my sample home right now I've actually put in this again I'll just write a blank bit of paper but you can do it from the scanner or you might actually have in the file we've uploaded for.