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Music you're moving to a paperless office to save time and cash but you're faced with a huge pile of paper documents that need to be digitized with traditional scanning you can make these files digital but you can't edit or add to any of the text it won't save any time at all optical character recognition or OCR converts text from these documents or images of documents so that you can work with it digitally there are many OCR readers available but these are our top five programs to help convert your documents number one PDF element among the powerful tools available with PDF element its OCR functionality allows instant transformation of PDF files into editable searchable and selectable texts that can be used in a wide range of programs batch conversion will save time when working with multiple documents number two free OCR com this free online OCR tool is a simple web-based way to extract text from any image file type including PDF as a completely online tool there is no need to register or provide an email address which is good for maintaining privacy when working with documents number three Adobe Acrobat DC this highly respected PDF software comes with advanced OCR features for transforming scanned PDFs into quality editable texts the program's automatic OCR function means you will get the best editable results without the need for additional work number four nuance power PDF as a paid for PDF solution nuance power PDF is more powerful and has more functions than many free solutions on the market as a leading OCR solution nuance power PDF is geared towards quick simple and effective OCR conversion and it delivers on this number five Foxit phantom PDF one of the more expensive OCR converters on the market Foxit phantom PDF comes with a wide range of industry standard PDF functions which are limited unless you buy the more advanced versions needless to say the OCR function is reliable and effective in converting text and those are our top 5 picks for OCR readers click the links in the description - try the programs for free right now comments or questions let us know below if you find this video helpful don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our Channel.