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How do I convert JPEG image to word document?
You will need a OCR program to convert the JPEG file into Word s . On Windows Readiris 16 is a Windows OCR program enables users to convert both PDF and s 544 965 master_ s zoomable s into 16 formats including Microsoft Office Word with original file quality retained. Even you can create PDF from other files within this program you can add PDF password reduce pdf file size etc. import jpeg files into the programchoose output as Wordconvert the file
What are the best OCR programs for Mac?
ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac ordered-list It can precisely recognize and retain layout with a support of more than 18 languages. You can export scanned documents to TXT XSLX EPBU HTML PDF etc. Even in the process of converting editor will enable you to improving the quality by correcting brightness reducing ISO noise etc to improve the OCR accuracy. Price$ 2. Cisdem PDF OCR Converter It is an enhanced PDF OCR software to convert any PDF and s 696 933
Is there any OCR that supports Eastern language?
Eastern language? Which language do you want? As I know Yunmai OCR is able to recognize 12 language English Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese French Spanish German Italian Portuguese Dutch Danish Swedish and Finnish. Is there a language do you want? I have used a document mobile scanner called Docs Matter which is developed by Yunmai Technology and I think it is great. So I want to rmend it to you. Maybe you can have a try. You can search Yunmai Technology on Google engine.
What are the best inexpensive OCR applications for the Mac?
If you want to scan documents the new Xambox Manager is available for Mac OS with TWAIN it is not for papers Xambox topic tid 4681 works with Safari as well. Xambox topic tid 4681 () offers a free OCR and a secured space to keep all your documents. It includes a full- search engine and an viewer to have a morefortable experience. To install the Xambox Manager n- create an account on - click on scan and accept to download the java widget
How can I convert Arabic symbol font text to Unicode?
This is a really tricky problem because PDF files aren't encoded in Unicode 3 in fact the encoding is specific to the font that's used in the document. For example in normal Arabic one encoding represents the letter u64a in both u64au643u62au628 and u628u64au62a. In your document however the letter u64a is represented using a different letter for each of its forms - so it is represented by a uc1 and ubb in the word u627u644u62fu64au645u642u631u627u637u64a but uab italic in the word u627u644u64au645u646 because it takes a different shape. That particular document has a couple additional wrinkles too. The fancy-looking ligature for u641u64a is represented by a single character because visually it's a different shape than simply putting u641 and u64a together. And there's an added wrinkle 3 the is actually encoded left-to-right even though it's read right-to-left! Do you see that dG at the end of each 'word' in what you pasted? That represents the u627u644 in each word of the title. There probably isn't an existing website or software because the encoding is specific to the font used in the document. At the end of the day it depends how much you need. You could make a chart of where each letter is represented (this would probably be around 1-12 forms) and then write aputer program to decode it. But if you only need snippets your best bet is to bite the bullet and re it.
Does ABBYY FineReader 12 work better with the 64-bit Windows 7 or the 32-bit Windows 7?
The question of better is subjective. Since almost all new machines sold today are 64 bit the simple answer is that 64bit Windows 7 will work better. The results from ABBYY Finereader will be the same. If you took two PC machines that were both 64 bit processors and installed windows 7 32 bit and windows 64 bit you would see that the performance of the 64bit machine would be better overall because the operating system is native to the architecture. Without actually doing a test I am going to assume that since the underline OS is working better that Abbyy would then also work better. If ABBYY Finereader 12 has 64bit versions and 32 bit version and it installs the 64bit version on this OS then it also would work much better (faster) than a 32bit version installed on a 64bit hardware. I am not sure much a performance hit will happen if a 32 bit version of Finereader is installed on a 64bit hardware running a 64 bit OS but may have a small impact as it does have to emulate that 32 bit processing. It would be nearly impossible to run 64 bit software on 32 bit hardware so the reverse of this is a moot point.
How can I convert scanned Japanese PDF to English word?
You will need an OCR program it can be free or paid. If your files are not private and doesn require high conversion quality online OCR tools are good choice Online OCR Free OCR ABBYY FineReader Online online2pdf If you are working on confidential files and require high on conversion quality you choose a professional OCR program Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac ABBYYFinereader for Windows Still there are lots of open source out there to do pdf ocr s .
What application can re-order a haphazardly scanned PDF of pages?
To re-order a scanned PDF you will need to make it editable first. The application you choose will depend on which operating system you are using or if your files are highly private. If you are not working on private files you can directly utilize online free OCR services Google OCR OCR X Community(desktop) OCR OCR If you are working on private files you better use offline professional OCR software s Cisdem PDF Converter OCR Element Pro FineReader Pro for Mac.