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How do I use PyTesser and Tesseract OCR in Ubuntu with Python?
tesseract-ocr It is an optical character reader as the name suggests it will try to read the characters from your input .n Tesseract installation n sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr code pytesser and python-tesseract These are python wrapper classes that help you to use tesseract-ocr in your python program. PyTesser is for windows only and this project only reached to ..1 and abondoned since May 27 since you are on Ubuntu you aren't going to use it anyway. PIL Python Imaging Library it's not actively maintained and old so I suggest you to use Pillow which is an alternative to PIL. Both of these helps you manipulate with your to greyscale. code captcha = ('1') code code # Saving the to extract the characters in your terminaln $ python the_ (how it looks) the above code was a simple demonstration.
How do I add new language in Tesseract-ocr?
You can refer to tesseract user documentation regarding the process here tesseract-ocr s Tesseract needs training for supporting new languages and themunity keeps adding new languages to the supported list by adding a .traineddata file to their repo s . If you are lucky to find the language file you can copy it to your $TESSDATA_PREFIX folder and try. In case you dont find the language you are looking for you can train the system yourself tesseract-ocr s Hope this helps
I need help in making an Android app that uses OCR technology. What is the best OCR technology (in terms of accuracy): ABBYY Mobile OCR or Tesseract OCR engine?
ABBYY is an industry leader and is known for being the best OCR engine you can get. ABBYY Mobile OCR is going to give you sample projects and access to the support you need to build a successful application. It may be worth contacting Abbyy about your project specifically to make sure the product they have can meet all of your needs. ABBYY Mobile OCR may cost you money up front and even royalties but if your goal is to produce an application that is quality then I would stick withmercially supported SDK and tool kits when you can unless you happen to already be an expert with OCR technologies and can fix any bugs you may find in Tesseract or have the luxury of waiting for fixes or enhancements of an opensource project. ABBYYS Mobile OCR features are here ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine s Tesseract FAQ is here tesseract-ocr s You might do some research and make sure both or either one can actually fit your application requirements.
How do you run the code of your homework machine in Python?
Warning Long post read only if you want to use it. Couldn find any proper question so I had to ask one. This answer is related to my previous answer aid 29476625 answers answer aid 2848846 (two URL here) on one of my project named Homework Machine which I made in Python. What code does An s 145 449 The output should look like this however that capital letters will not be there as I am working on it. Now if you want to use the scan feature press on the button and it will tell you what to do. Image source Snipping tool. Thanks for reading. italic RajMa italic
How can I use Tesseract OCR to extract Arabic language from image using python?
Well Ive used Tesseract to extract Hebrew from an .png .txt Where and .txt is your output file (taken from Rafie Tarabay user 9263642 Arabic OCR in Python ) Some tips File format matters - for example you need to convert PDF to tiff or png so that tesseract can read it. Font and size matter - Don know if you can change these but you should be aware of them. Experiment with these parameters and see which gives you the best OCR accuracy. ordered-list Happy OCRing!
Is there any software available to convert an image to text?
Yes I will rmend programs based on your operating system. If you use Windows I rmend FreeOCR Download . If you use Android I rmend OCRit OCR Scanner To Convert Image To Text - Apps on Google Play s . If you use iOS (iPad or iPhone) I rmend u2eAdobe Scan PDF Scanner OCR s . If you use Mac I rmend u2eOCR App by LEADTOOLS s . If you use Linux (Ubuntu Arch Mint Elementary .. etc) I rmend tesseract-ocr app s .
Is it possible to make use of Google's OCR as an external (paying) service?
Yeah. Check Google Tesseract. Download it and run it on server and so what you want. Check this for more s
How do I set up the latest version of Tesseract in Java?
Step 1 You will need a JNA wrapper to use tesseract in your java project. I have used tess4j for this. Download it from here JNA wrapper for Tesseract Step 2 Now extract the contents of the tess4j archive and found all the jars from lib and dist folder put them all together at new location. Step 3 Go to Eclipse your project and import all the jars into your project. Now you are ready to go ! Ref How to use the Tesseract API (to perform OCR) in your java code