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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing open source ocr software windows 10
Instructions and Help about open source ocr software windows 10

Hello everyone in this tutorial we'll learn how to install and use the Deseret OCR in Windows 10 to install Tessa right in Windows 10 first you need to download you need to go to the UB Manheim repository in github then download assistive 64-bit version of the tesseract so once you have downloaded it and installed it you need to copy the path of the installed you need to go to the path of the installed location of the tesseract and copy the path and add it as an environment V so I have already added it so once you have added it you can test your image so so this is the image that I am going to test today so first open the command prompt type tes alright dot exe so you can see that this right is walking in this location now type deselected exe the name of the file which is test dot PNG and the output file name this core or port and - L this is in English so ya can see the the output in the in this txt file so so you can see it has successfully generated converted this image into the text so it is exhale ascend then there's some spacing issue there so yeah now you have an idea of how to install tesseract OCR in Windows 10 I hope you like this video if you like this video please click the like button and subscribe to my channel thanks.