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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to tell if pdf is text or image python


How should I start learning Python?
I consider the fundamental things in Python as data structures (lists tuples and dictionaries) loops if statements strings file operations and exceptions. With those you can write a large number of programs without having to worry about more advanced topics like object-oriented programming databases web design etc. In addition pick something that will keep you going. When I first started with the language I wanted to make a role playing game. Having that end-goal in mind helped motivate me to stick with the learning even when I didn understand the material or when I ran into roadblocks because in the end I have something I can be proud of. (Not the game; I never finished it. However my knowledge has allowed me to work jobs I wouldn have had access to before.) I rmend my book series as well as the tutorial in the official Python documentation s . Together Ive been told they cover the vast majority of questions beginners have with both the Python language and programming in general. If youre serious about working with Python and want support through each step of your learning consider Thinkful s . They offer 1-on-1 mentorship for aspiring programmers and they have been voted the #1 coding bootcamp s by Course Report. As you learn youll have regular video calls with an experienced software developer; I myself am a mentor for the Python course. Students with mentors have been shown to perform 98% better than students in traditional classrooms. Mentors not only help with learning to code but also with potential fields for programmers how to approach the job market etc. In addition to your personal mentor you have support from the Thinkfulmunity on Slack where you can connect with other students and mentors. You can learn from fellow students and provide your own insights as well as absorbing the variety of answers people from different backgrounds provide. This is great because if you aren understanding something it could be just as simple as having someone ex to you in a different manner that makes it click for you.
Is there any PDF reader that gives the functionality to underline the text or images?
I suggest looking into PDF Reader s by Kdan Mobile - you can underline and highlight as well as strike-through and mark up PDFs create annotations and export them. If you work with PDFs a lot this is a highly useful app because itbines all the necessary features you need to edit and work on your files. This reader also works as a great document viewer for all themon file s so youre not restricted with viewing just PDFs. You can switch between various viewing modes such as day night and sepia options or even a customized theme. This reader allows you to do all kinds of editing on your PDFs such as filling in formsbining PDFs scan to PDF (turn any paper document into a PDF) add sticky notes and more. tOverall this reader has a lot of functionality and necessary tools so one app covers most if not all of your PDF editing needs. Disclaimer I am part of Kdan team and my answers might be a bit biased. italic
Is there a tool (say Python library or so) for image processing techniques to scrape PDF documents for information such as shapes, objects and text?
I think there's a couple of options albeit I'm not really sure what you're looking fornIf you want the from the PDF check out the PyPDF2 library s . It could alse be worth looking into getting the shape information in this way. If that PyPDF2 for some reason doesn't cut it you could try running an OCR program on the document (Optical Character Recognition) like Tesseract s . You might need to convert your document to TIFF or PNG which can be done with Ghostscript 3 some Python packages calims to be able to do it but AFAIK they all rely on Ghostscript so just go with Ghostscript and the subprocess sh or envoy modules 's also some Python packages s avaiable for interacting with Tesseract but I doesn't have any experience using them so I would probably just go formunicating with Tesseract through the subprocess sh or evnoy modules. Hope it helps )
How do I know if my text messages have been read?
Well it depends on what MSG app you are using for example you know that dead MSG app called Kik? well that thing had a private of app called Pikek and with that you can talk to anyone without them even knowing who you were it was all anonymous me and my friends took advantage of it by a landslide. but even then there are so many s ofpanies working on private social media servers for example there is one called Ghosty which is a private server for Snapchat and on there people can send you snaps but you can see them unlimitedly you could also staypletely hidden as in no one would know that you saw their snap. It also shut down screenshot notifications XD it was AWESOME but illegal still used it a lot though. Well I got off topic usually there is a little R symbol on something that someone has read but there are many ways to tell I think Snapchat sends you notifications just like this app does as well.
Is there an easy to use Python library to read a PDF file and extract its text?
the answer is pdfminer as others have said but if the libraries aren working for you it likely because you are expecting too much from them. You need to understand how the pdf file format works as opposed to how format works. Specifically we all expect to be able to use a library to parse some file format for and be able to iterate through the line by line but what if the has no line characters? How would the library know what constitutes a line? Most libraries won try to guess at that and honestly we wouldn want them to because if the line isn represented by a line character then the concept of line isn really part of the (is it?) and we are using the library to extract **. In pdf is laid out meaning that a particular object get displayed at a particular xy position on the page. So what you might think of as 3 lines would actually be 3 objects displayed at (xy) (x y-2) (x y-4) so a extraction library would just pull out the but you have no line data. (IRRC pdfminer hands you String as output just a big String not a (line) iterable it was because PDFMiner didn work for me that I had to study up and learn a bit about pdf to get what I wanted out of the files). The upside is this You finally get a chance to roll your own. Fortunately extracting the out of a pdf is very well defined and simple goal. And fortuanately PDF is a very well documented and very well understood file format so google is going to be very helpful. If pushes to shove the rendering part of the spec is less than 2 pages but you won need to go there. Start here Introduction to PDF s Then read the wikipedia article which is super well written. Then you will have to open the file in editor and study it which won be hard if you are interested only in . Use this as a tool to understand the stream writing operators Adobe Portable Document Format The accepted answer to the following SO tells you what you need to investigate to understand how is encoded within the pdf Programatically rip from a PDF File (by hand) - Missing some Google anything you wish to understand and you will be brought to cool sites like planetpdf where they have great articles. It should take you a day or two to hand write your parser and you will learn a lot in the process about something prettymon. The libraries have to be general so they are going to be limited. (perhaps irrelevant the pdfs I was working with are linearizedsee the ed referenceswhich made studying the in the pdf and mapping to the layout on the screen super simple I didn study an non-linearized files because i didn have to but if it makes things harder there a ton of code out there to linearize a pdf but not a lot out there that can go the otherway)
How can I add code (JavaScript, C#, and Python) into a PDF file or an image?
What exactly do you mean to add code to a PDF or Image? Do you have a bunch code only to display when someone opens the editor and paste your code there.
How do I extract text and images from PDF files using Python and convert it into a PDF?
import PyPDF2 pdf_file = open('') read_pdf = (pdf_file) number_of_pages = () page = () page_content = () print page_content Use these import if above code not work import ract = (path)