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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing docker registry


How critical is it having private docker registry rather than Dockerhub?
Disclaimer I work for Docker. But I'm trying to give an unbiased answer. italic First let's consider a private registry and then we should also think about which private registry. In general a private registry if done right could give you the following benefits (ordered by the strength of the arguments)n Better latency especially if you're in Asia. Better integration with your corporate AD and SSO. And with that better fine-grained access control of the images since the private registry could understand your AD You can get very specific about who can pull what. PCIpliance etc. Better availability depending on how you run your private registry. Docker Hub had a bad reputation on availability. It has improved significantly in the last 9 months. But it's not at 5 nines yet. Better security with some strong assumptions about your corporate security. But for most people this is questionable. For example some cloud providers have better security track record than mostpanies. And Docker has a really strong security team.n Lower cost assuming that your time and resources are free. The Docker Hub pricing plan boils down to ~ $1 per repo per month. I think cost shouldn't be a consideration at that amount. nThen there is a question on which private registry. That choice depends on why you'd want a private registry in the first place. Docker has an open source registry that doesn't provide authorization. Everyone who can access the registry has full access. But if you're in Asia and don't care about teams and authorization it would be a good choice. Docker also has a mercially supported registry ( Docker Trusted Registry s ) which gives you all of the above. If you're willing to pay other vendors have their private registry offering.
Can I use Kubernetes without having a Docker registry?
It is indeed possible to use Kubernetes with out Docker. The Kubernetesmunity has long recognized the problem with being tied to Docker quasi-proprietary (and somewhat arbitrarily developed) container runtime. Early on there was support for an alternative runtime called rkt (pronounced like rocket). However going down the path of creating separate solutions for any and every new container runtime that might get developed would be a lot of work and a bit like reinventing the wheel for each runtime. To break free of the Docker runtime constraint the CRI (Container Runtime Interface) that allows you to use other container runtimes (e.g. ContainerD CRI-O etc.). The CRI plugin is a shim sits between the Kubernetes kubelet and container runtime and acts as a universal translator. The runtime does need to be able to bepatible with the CRI but that task is on the runtime developers. The image above is from this post on the Kubernetes blog and worth a read as it gives a nice clear overview of the why and how of the CRI Introducing Container Runtime Interface (CRI) in Kubernetes s
Is there a good UI manager for a self hosted private Docker Registry?
Portus for open-source solution. You get a GUI for managing Docker Registry s and aplete authorization system so you can manage who can do what with the container images you host.
How do you set up a Private Docker registry for free?
You can create your own Private Docker registry on local machine. I think it much easier. If you want to make the docker registry accessible from outside then you must first secure it using TLS. Theplete instruction is given in the following docker . Deploy a registry server s If you are planning to create a cluster with using K8s then also the private registry can be deployed in one pod. Using a private Docker Registry with Kubernetes 3 cloudhelix s In doing so you may need to mention the private registry so that during the deployment the -private-registry
What is the best way to secure a Docker Registry?
The following has brief details about to secure a Docker Registry. Deploy a registry server s