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What's up everybody its Travis here from Travis dot media so about a year ago I decided to look into this thing called docker at that time I just wasn't ready for pulled up the documentation there were images there were containers there were volumes there was docker compose I tried to make sense of it but I just couldn't I just wasn't there yet in my journey I even did like a docker pool and pull down a couple of images and then I was like where's my image I can't find my image and then finally I ran the command to show my images but it's like what I do with these images so it's so I ditched it then a couple months later I started a job that use docker and I had to learn so over the past year I've been using docker especially in the current job that I'm in we use a daily so I thought now would be a good time to revisit me a year ago so here's my intentions with this video I want to give you a quick overview of docker like what is a container what is an image high-level overview of the definitions as if you were me a year ago like just confused on all of these things I want to give you a high-level overview and then I want to take those definitions in turn practical in build some images with you to show you exactly how it goes down so I'm gonna take this react app and I'm gonna docker eyes it we're gonna take a wordpress theme we're gonna docker eyes it using docker compose and by the end of this video you're gonna feel at least better about docker than you did starting the video I find that when first learning something new it's good to get a high level overview and not all of this in-depth stuff that you can learn later so that's my intentions in this video so let's get started all right so before we get started as always if you're into web development coding if you're learning to code you want to land that new job or you just want some tips on conquering life in general consider hitting that subscribe button below lots of great videos are on the way for 2020 so as I stated at the beginning part 1 of this video is it's going to be a quick rundown of definitions that's what I'm getting into now and then we'll get to the practical later so here we go docker simply put is container management software so you have containers you have images you have volumes how do you manage it all well that's what Dockers for what is an image an image I like to think of it as a blueprint of your container so it's the instructions for building your container I can take that image hand that image.