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What is the best Python OCR library?
I came to rmend pytesseract as well (which others already did rmend) it super cool. Often though it depends on your domain so it might be worth doing it in house. If sticking to python it pretty straight forward to use the label # threshold_otsu # (Histogram of Gradients) to feed a Chars74k classifier. In some domains the available OCR libs don fit too well since in some OCR cases there are specific features in your data set that are a bit niche to your domain (skewed street signs from dash cams anime translation with low p-frame value duringpression or interlacing from DVD clone jpeg artifacts in pdf scans etc). I heard OCRopus might be worth looking into as well (haven used it personally) since it uses tesseract-ocr but adds layout analysis. s
How do you extract text from a scanned PDF (Python, OCR)?
Yes OCR The best choice to extract from PDF s . The best rmendation is Bitwar Text Scanner s which is the best and most efficient OCR software on the Internet. It supports s 624 723
What is Tesseract OCR Python?
Hi There italic Tesseract s(software) is the open-source OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool by Google. which can be used to extract the from the images. Tesseract can provide the output in different formats like Text HTML TSV and it also supports multiple languages like English French Italian German Spanish Brazilian Portuguese Dutch Hindi etc. Pytesseract s is the Python wrapper for the Tesseract to use it through Python. For a detailed explanation you can check out Tesseract An OCR engine by Google s Thanks! italic
How can I improve the accuracy of Tesseract OCR?
- Training (on clean samples meaning removing the useless areas before scan).n- Supplying fonts (even if handwritten supplying a font from Script Handwritten fonts can help).n- Preprocessing (contrast brightness... it tends to work best when there is just black & white i.e. no greyscale).