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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to convert pdf to word on mac using automator
Instructions and Help about how to convert pdf to word on mac using automator

Hello everyone this is Anson from Anson Alex calm and in this video I'm going to show you how you can convert the text in a PDF to actual text format and reserve the formatting so bold italics the font all of that sort of thing on a Mac computer running OS 10 now there's actually a built-in application on Mac called Automator and we can build our own little app which really isn't that complicated that will allow us to extract the text from a PDF document and then we can paste that text into Microsoft Word or pages or whatever word processing program that we're going to use now I do want to mention that this will not extract images from your PDF files if you want to extract images you're going to have to use a different application and before I actually show you how to use automated I just want to show you real quick two of the options you have for fully converting PDFs including text and images there's a free program online that you can use and it's here let me pull it up it's actually called zamzar zamzar however you want to pronounce that and all you have to do is upload your file choose the format that you want to convert it to and then enter your email address and it will send you a link to download your converted file now I have a resume on my desktop here it's an old resume from 2013 and I actually tried using the zamzar app with this resume it does convert all the text and it brings in the images but all the formatting is messed up in fact on the top part of the page here all the text is not there but all of these lines and images and areas to put texture here and then only on the second page do you start to see the text so honestly in my opinion it didn't work it almost made it more of a hassle than it was to begin with but you can try that out if you have a document a PDF that's only text doesn't have much formatting and images zamzar might work for you the other application that you might want to try is actually a professional application it cost money it's called solid documents you can buy it from Mac os10 and it does a really good job of converting PDFs into Pages format or word format in keeping all of that formatting and all the images within the document but let's take a look at how we can use automated just to get that formatted text from a PDF so again I have this PDF here on my desktop that's the one that we're going to convert into a document so to get started we need to open up Automator on our Mac computer I'm going to do that just by searching spotlight.