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In your opinion, what is the best OCR API to use in a Laravel app, and why?
I suggest to start with the free OCR API( Best Free OCR API Online OCR Searchable PDF s ) from . It is very easy to use and has a high accuracy. And there is already a package for Laravel jfuentestgn - Packagist s
What is the best free OCR API to extract plain text from PDF files?
There are two kinds of PDF has been generally used in the market. Text PDF- you are able to copy and paste the content. For this kind of PDFs use the below API. ordered-list Apache PDFBox 2.. API s 2. Image PDF- The document was scanned and stored in a PDF. For this document use Tesseract API.
What are the best OCRs for invoices with APIs/SDKs and multiple languages?
Have a look at Datamolino API s it specialises on invoice and purchase bills data capture using abination of technology and human operators to get the best results. It is a cloud based service that has an API that is easy to implement. It is possible to use the Datamolino API with the Datamolino web-app. In this way you do not have to develop a separate data validation interface users can review the data capture results easily in web browser and import through API when ready. Key features supports English and also EU languages - all necessary invoice data captured Line item data capture on good quality scans digital PDFs import through email web or API no user interaction required when setting up the automation of data capture (all is handled by Datamolino staff) usable from day 1 fast setup possibility to extract custom fields not included in the general data capture package support for automated PDF splitting (no need for separators Datamolino can automatically split multi-page scans into distinct invoices. For example a 5 page scan includes 35 invoices) export through JSON API or csv xls xml files web application to review the documents
Is there an API from Google that provides OCR?
Yes the Google Vision API Vision API - Image Content Analysis | Google Cloud Platform s
Which is the best opensource library for text detect detection from images?
I think you are looking for Optical character recognition s . Listing the best ones out there. Also I suggest you to go with OCR APIs keeping your app pretty light weight. Tesseract s(software) seems to be a pretty good choice one of the best OCR engines. Fork from github here s . It has a python wrapper pyocr s Best Free OCR API & Online OCR Service s . Using API would be a pretty good choice as all the heavy lifting would be done by an external service. OCR Software from ABBYY. s This one is pretty good. They have an OCR engine and not library. Vision API - Image Content Analysis s by Google Cloud Platform I loved this one. Here aparison of of available OCR libraries Comparison of optical character recognition software s
What is the best OCR software for mathematical symbols and expressions?
As I know Docs Matter can help you recognize mathematical symbols. It is a professional optical character recognition (OCR) document scanning applications. I am also using it. Its main feature is to scan the document you have and use the built-in OCR engine to retrieve from document after scanning. You can modify and save recognition results after the OCR engine finished its for the expressions I have no idea becauseI did not tried before. I just used it to scan my documents and find it useful. nMaybe you can go to the website to get more information you can search Docs Matter on google play.