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How can I get OCR Korean in PDF?
You will need a OCR tool that support recognizing Korean there are online and offline options. Online options Convertio-OCR PDF and s in Korean and other languages; Offline options Cisdem PDF Converter OCR-OCR PDF and images to searchable PDF Word Excel PowerPoint ePub Keynote Pages HTML TXT and so on support recognizing 2+ languages including Korean Chinese Japanese; Readiris 17-OCR PDF and scans to editable Microsoft Office formats support recognizing 1+ languages including Korean Arabic Russian etc.
Are there any apps that translate kanji or other graphical languages in photos/images?
As I don't speak Korean this answer will only be about Japanese. One of the problems of being a native English speaker who either speaks or is learning Japanese is that most programs available that solve problems with the Japanese language are in Japanese. The number of English speakers who use them is statistically minuscule so they don't localize them for English speakers. There are OCR programs in which you can select a part of a screen and use the OCR on a small portion of it (like words within a word balloon). I use Yomitori Kakumei (u8aadu53d6u9769u547d) Light when I need to use an OCR program because I use a Mac. Light doesn't allow for choosing sections but the Windows-based main program does. But like any OCR program the written Japanese thates out of it only as good as the quality of scan that goes into it and you need high quality scans to get the correct kanji out of some of the ink blobs I sometimes get as originals. And as I indicated in the first paragraph Yomitori Kakumei onlyes in a Japanese version. If you don't know Japanese it won't be easy to use it. Finally OCR programs aren't perfect. They often mistake one kanji for another and they will try to interpret other lines on the page as characters (so you need as clean a scan of the characters only as possible). There are only two methods I know of to get Japanese off of a manga page without doing it yourself OCR and hiring a transliterator (someone who inputs into a file). Both have their drawbacks.
Is it very complex to integrate a tesseract OCR into an Android app?
The short answer to your question is yes it is very easy to integrate Tesseract with android app; any developer with average skills should be able to integrate it. We had worked on Tessaract integration some time ago and we very quickly realized that a big part of extraction of that you app has captured is skewed or shaky then the extraction results are pretty bad. Compared with othermercial OCRs Tessaract's extraction results are average at best. Some of the other OCR engines do a much better job. While you are working on integrating OCR capabilities into your app you also need to worry about two more things Extraction Rules OCR softwares usually dump the in your document into a free form field. This works great if you are scanning a page from a book or a doc. But in case you need to separate the line items from the document then you also need to apply lot of rules around it. That can take a lot more time than integrating the OCR engine For business apps there are situations where the OCR engine is pretty confident of the extracted data but the does not add up in the con of all the other data around it. This is where classic OCR engines fails. We have been able to get around this problem by building strong algorithms based on machine learning which can plug the gap in the OCR engine's readability. Here are some solutions where we have used it successfully horizontal-rule 1. Mobile Based Receipt Scanning & Data Extraction System 2. Identity Fraud Detection Solution & Platform Hope this helps.
What problems could text recognition (OCR) solve?
OCR technology enables scanned documents and s or the photos yo captured and retrieve s from them. You can edit the recognition results and save them. Wherever you are you can search for the documents you need with entering few keywords. nThe recognition accuracy reaches 99% and it supports English Simplified nChinese Traditional Chinese French Spanish German Italian Portuguese Dutch Danish Swedish and Finnish. It is free.
If this place makes sense, where is it?
Sue Murphy answer has got to be right. It looks like an OCR (optical character recognition) program did a lousy job on Chungnam Taean. Chungnam is short for Chungcheongnam-do. In Korean that ucda9uccaduba8ub3c4 uddcuc548uad7
Is there any developers who develop Android application that is related to OCR?
Yunmai Technology is also a professional developer of (Optical Character Recognition) OCR software. It has been one of the best mobile OCR technology and application developers in the industry. For example Docs Matter a document mobile scanner developed by Yunmai Technology is really nice.
Natural Language Processing: What are the state-of-art sentence boundary detection and tokenization packages for cleaning full text data obtained from imperfect OCR?
Basis Technology's natural language processing platform Rosette has a module called Base Linguistics which does sentence boundary detection and tokenization. You didn't say if you were only dealing with English. Rosette handles multiple languages for these two functions including European Middle Eastern and Asian (such as Chinese Japanese Korean).
Can any one suggest me the best open source OCR Services?
There are a lot of online free OCR services and free standalone OCR software s each has its own pros and cons I think the one meets your needs is the best you can refer to following list #1 Capture2Text for Windows Support OCR 98 languages; Save recognized to clipboard; Allow revising s; Translate; Convert to speech; #2 PDF OCR X Community Edition for macOS OCR PDF and ; Spell check Save as Word or TXT; #4 FreeOCR for Windows OCR scans PDF and image; Export as Text Word and RTF; Recognize 11 languages; Save file as JPG;
How powerful is China, North Korea and Russia combined against the United States?
Russia is almost 8% powerful to US and China if we say 7%. Then they 2 arebined 15% i.e 5 % more powerful than USA. Add madness of Nuclear Capable North Korea on top of that. Enough to scare USA. But the trio front will never succeed as US is not fool to fight alone. NATO will be the one trio will be fighting. They definitely are stronger than trio. For in my view NATO nations other than US are much more dangerousmilitarily capable than they show to the world. India will have to play a bigger role to prevent this situation if it is prevented better for the world. If not modern day warfare in case of a war like this ( almost equivalent to world war ) has potential to destroyplete mankind. PS I am not expert just this is what I think on this topic. Experts can add more to my point.