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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to scan from hp printer to mac


How do I fix an HP printer printing and scanning errors on a Mac OS X?
You could check the HP website for the latest printer drivers and update them first. This should automatically sort out the issue. Note you must be signed into Mac as an administrator or must know the admin username and password when the helper asks for it during installation. If it does not work or there are no driver updates available from the manufacturer then try uninstalling the default printer by going into system preferences then printers & scanners and selecting the printer then clicking the - sign. Try adding the printer again after that using the + sign. Again Admin login will be required. Some older models of HP are no longer supported by Apple by default via Apple Software Update since October 216 but luckily there is a way to have the newer Mac recognise them too. So ideally when you try to add an older HP printer like say HP Laserjet 12 it will not show up in the list but if you see 122 listed it works just as well. If you are not seeing older models listed on your Mac when clicking the + sign then you need to first visit b and download the package 5.1 from there. There is a listing of the models supported check if your HP printer model is in it. Hope the above helps.