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Why does Windows still need Drivers when Mac and Linux don’t?
All operating systems require drivers to add a layer of abstraction between the OS and the hardware. Linux and macOS require drivers every bit as much as Windows does. So why the impression that they don? In the case of macOS the hardware platform is defined entirely by Apple. Theputer consists solely ofponents selected by them plus whatever you plug into the USB Thunderbolt ports. As such they provide with the OS drivers for all of the possible hardware found in Macputers. With regard to USB devices Apple adheres VERY strictly to the USB standards and their USB drivers will handle anything that conforms to USB standards in a standardspliant way (which covers 99% of USB devices). If you attach something not well addressed by the standard then a driver (kext) for macOS might be required. By contrast Microsoft doesn control the hardware platform at all. Other than some basic requirements on the instruction set of the processor and the memory architecture it doesn make any assumptions. All hardware needs drivers generally provided by vendors (though over the years MS has gotten better about supplying drivers for mostmon hardware). In the case of Linux The kerneles with hundreds of drivers contributed by either the hardware vendors or by hackers that write drivers for hardware that they have access to. Most hardware driver development is started in Linux today because it is simpler to write drivers and test them in Linux. Linux also has a driver model that support the notion of generalized drivers for classes of device similar to the mac handing of USB devices. If the hardware can be identified as the appropriate class it can function properly even if every feature is not enables. Vendors or hackers can then add tweaks for specific hardware and incorporate them back into the kernel. Linux has more drivers supporting more hardware than any operating system it just most of them are included in the kernel package and auto-loaded if the hardware is detected. A person standing up a Linux system often doesn know what drivers are loaded.
What are some existing technology monopolies?
I prefer the term wide moat i.e.panies with pricing power. For the same reasons Peter Thiel (businessman) topic tid 6116 mentioned I don't want the government filing anti-trust claims againstpanies whose stocks I am long. ) Additional Disclosure I am long or may otherwise transact in the securities (buy orders) in some or all of thepanies below. Anyway pricing power means apany can charge high prices relative to their costs so the margins are very high. Some wide moat techpanies Google - Hangouts underrated yet virtually every founder I speak with assumes our video chats will be done via Hangouts. No one elsees close. Google Keep can really hurt Evernote in some cases (esp. w Evernote's reported security issues). Google Now is amazing. Real-time voice translatoring. Etc. Amazon - AWS dominance still underestimated by many. Google the NY Times piece on AWS. Crazy. Apple - iBeacons underrated incredible margins. The new Mac Pro is beautiful. Heavy expensive but I bet sales will be pretty good. Intel - laptop microprocessors and incredible work on the Internet of Things. They did a really good job at 214 CES. Quam - mobile device semiconductors Oracle (duopoly) - enterprise software incl. fulfillment database management HP - printers. I have a printer I basically never use. But when need a printer (or fax or scanner) I really need it. Same with most folks that don't need a printer. IBM - enterprise services Watson Microsoft - Excel Kinect Word (track changes for legal docs) and PowerPoint. Shared dominance with Google in search. Shared dominance in operating systems with Apple and Google. Excellent enterprise penetration. Samsung - tablet and phablet market share.
What are the main reasons why people don't switch from Windows PCs to Mac?
I work in IT. Specifically I manage Apple iPads for a large cities Fire Department and the corresponding ambulances that go with I got here there was no management system in place. Actually there was a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Suite but it wouldn work. I tore it all down and rebuilt everything from the ground up in the process I learned a few things. First and foremost you don ever actually really own an Apple device. You only rent them. Apple will tell you what you can and can do with them. Want to make a change to all the devices? That has to go through Apple (APNS). Want to put an application on them? That has to go through Apple (VPP). Mypany never wanted to partner up with Apple. But if you use an iPad Apple in your business whether you want them there or not. And my all time favorite So you deployed an iPad and that person left thepany and locked it to his personal AppleID? Too freaking bad for you. There no way the Apple geniuses can do anything about it unless you have the Proof of Purchase available. Mypany has changed hands twice since Ive been here. That info is long gone and we are now the proud owner of about 5 very stylish black bricks. Here another one. Using Apple Configurator 2 I was able to reimage multiple iPads at once. I thought that was awesome. Then I changed the password to the AppleID for the Macbook I was using and suddenly couldn connect any iPads to it anymore. Back in the day Apple was used by Digital Content Creators because they were very fast for that. That because the used Reduced Instruction Set Chips (RISC). But Apple switched to Intel hardware years ago. There goes that advantage. Whenever someone insists on bringing a Mac to work that person is usually an unbearable hipster. For instance Excel does not work the same. There are things that you can do in the Windows version that the Mac can do. And the file s have to be converted. But the hipsters will INSIST on me shoehorning their toyputer that was made for 16 year old girls on Tumblr into the Enterprise whether it fits or not. And then there the most damning thing in my eyes. Theyre tax cheats. When the iPhone first came out they did a tax inversion. They rented out an office in Ireland with two or three people in it made a sweetheart deal with the local Irish government and moved their corporate office there in order to avoid US taxes. Screw that Irishpany
Which operating system is the most efficient?
Most efficient at what? Most operating systems are either POSIX s -certified or mostly POSIXpliant. Windows has a POSIX subsystem and that makes them all very efficient when they work together. That because the POSIX standard forces them all to behave in similar ways. And while Windows itself is not an UNIX-like system I do expect Windows to adapt even more to the POSIX standard in the future and perhaps be fully POSIXpliant. But were talking about efficiency here and POSIX is important as it allows for efficientmunication between different operating systems but also makes them all behave in a predictable way as it has all been standardized. Implementations might differ but they all handle various situations in the same way. So you can easily switch between POSIX systems making those very efficient. Even though there are dozens of POSIX operating systems. It is very efficient for software developers to use though. Now for graphics the Mac used to be the most powerful tool as Apple spends a lot of attention to proper display and high-quality graphics. The Apple systems have a history of being extremely popular for desktop publishing and publishers as it has excellent tools for designingplete books from scratch. It is also popular in the movie industry and you can often see Appleputers being used in older movies and TV series because those were generally the props they had available. For servers in general one of the many UNIX flavors will do. Linux is quite popular for this purpose but there are many other options and it generally depends on the total costs the hardware for the server and the personal preference of people who are going to use it. Linux is popular because it basically free. FreeBSD and NetBSD are good alternatives though. Still Linux is preferred because it has two layers. And the Linux kernel is what most people like. On top of that is the distribution and here you have various good ones and bad ones. For gaming you would be better of with Windows or a game console. Sony playStations for example. Or the XBox or those Nintendo consoles. For genericputing the Windows platform tends to be the most efficient one as a lot of software had been developed for it andpanies like it because of the various Office tools that are available for it. (And manypanies are allergic to the GPL as it restrictive.) But it all depends on what you want to do. Each operating system is made for specific tasks so you just pick the tool that works best
Why would you buy Apple instead of Windows?
Back in 215 I decided that I wanted a rock-solid Unix-based desktop operating system and my requirement was that it be capable of running Google Chrome Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. That left Mac as my only option. Soon after I realized that I really LOVED having a retina display and the deep integration with my iPhone came in super handy as I can do all my SMS Facetime calls on either my Mac or iPhone. A couple of months after that my wife asked me to take a look at her Windows HP laptop. It took nearly 1 minutes to boot up (quite a feat since it had an i7 processor) and I realized the issue was that she NEVER run defrag file cleaner or any of the rmended utilities on it. So I got my wife a MacBook Pro - refurbished - and she loves it. Fast forward a few more months and my mother has her Windows PC back in the shop with more viruses & system issues and has spent nearly what she paid for the original machine in maintenance costs. I try to avoid working on it because her solution to the viruses has been running MULTIPLE virus scanners on it simultaneously which slow her machine down to a crawl while miraculously failing to stop the viruses. That being said I still have a Windows laptop at home for that one app that requires Windows but other than that I have neither the time energy nor inclination to play with Microsoft products anymore. So WHY should you buy Apple instead of Windows? Well if you spend all day on aputer shouldn you get something fast reliable intuitive and user-friendly? If youre only a casual user checking email I actually rmend a cheap Chromebook - but if youre going to spend any significant amount of time on your desktopputer Mac has advanced beyond Windows.