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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing hp easy scan software download windows 10


How can one get an HP LaserJet Pro–MFP M180 printer to scan and print photos at 1200 DPI?
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M18nw How to s Virtual Agent s How to scan a photo to yourputer using HP applications Load the photo as directed in your product documentation. Use the markings on the printer to ge you. If there are multiple printers on your network make sure that the printer shown at the top of the screen or in the Scanner drop-down menu is the correct printer. Under Scan Pre-set or Scan Shortcuts select Photo Save as JPG or Photos Graphics Etc .n Tip In HP Scan the . Compression A higherpression value reduces the file size but it also degrades the quality of the image. Choose Low for best quality or choose High for smallest file size.n Note Depending on your software some settings may not be available. HP Easy Scan Click Scan . Whenplete click Send and then click Folder . Click Where to specify the location of the scanned file. Select TIFF as the format and then click Save . ordered-list
Which is the best antivirus software for Windows 10?
Which is the best antivirus software for Windows 1? italic With the sudden increase in the number of malicious attacks onputers these days it has be extremely important to have an anti-virus installed on Windows. When I heard about a ransomware breakthrough a while back I made all kinds of changes in my Windows 1 PC as well to keep it safe. Installing an anti-virus was the first thing in my mind too. If you do a Google search you would see that there are so many anti-virus software out there. But installing an anti-virus is only half the job. There are numerous other things that you need to consider to keep your system safe. Before you proceed make sure that yourputer is notpromised or corrupted with so many malicious threats. It is always rmended to take a backup of your data in advance. Keep your Windows up to date with all the essential security patches. Read more How to Delete Delete Malwares from Your Computer Windows Defender italic Consider Defender as the native firewall and anti-virus application in Windows 1. A lot of people underestimate how powerful Defender can be. Just open the application first and make sure it is up to date. From here you can turn on the real-time scanning feature of Defender for a safe browsing experience. Third-party Anti-malware Tools italic Apart from Windows Defender you can also consider some of these anti-virus tools that work well on Windows 1. McAfee Antivirus Protection italic It is one of the oldest and most reliable anti-virus applications out there. It oftenes pre-installed on Windows and would only cost $15 per year. Norton 36 Standard Protection italic For home users I would rmend the Standard version of Norton 36. If you want you can take its family pack and connect it with other applications of Norton as well. Bitdefender Total Protection italic This is by far the most advanced anti-virus tool that I have used and it would monitor your internet activity as well. The only problem is that I found my Windows operating slower after it since it was consuming so much memory in the background. Kaspersky Total Security italic This is a lightweight anti-virus and is mostly rmended for home users who do basic activities like internet browsing on theirputers. Add-on Data Recovery Tools italic Besides having an anti-virus I would also rmend installing a data recovery application on Windows 1. For instance if a virus has corrupted your storage and made some files inaccessible then you would need a recovery tool. A lot of times users format their drive to remove any malware from it. In this case also a data recovery application (like Recoverit) would help you. Best.
Should I change to Windows 10 from dos?
As others here have pointed out you haven't stated how old your hardware is. If it is too old it may not be upgrade-able. Answers can be found here ( When is your Windows PC too old and when is it time to buy another? ) and here ( How long can aputer last before it gets too old? ). But to my mind if theputer is not too old and if you are flexible enough to think this way consider instead to install Linux. Why Linux? Windows products have a tendency to demand the latest-and-greatest hardware. The only three versions of Windows that are available -- and still supported -- are Windows 8 8.1 and 1. Now having just scanned Google (Google Is Your Friend ) I found this ( Download Windows 7 Disc Images (ISO Files) from this site How to Download Windows 7... the Legal Way ). Of course the problem there is if you don't have a Windows 7 key you can't upgrade so you have to go online and buy a license from Microsoft. Before you go leaping off trying to download it -- and your DOS box won't handle this believe me so you'll have to find someone with a Windows Linux or Mac OSXputer and who trusts you to do a download without messing up their system. You have to make sure your system meets the minimum standards for Windows 7 which can be found here ( Windows 7 system requirements - Windows Help ). If you can't even meet those standards forget about upgrading to Windows. Windows 1 is free to upgrade if you have Windows 7 8 or 8.1 You canpare the Win7 system requirements to these for Ubuntu 15.4 here ( WilyWerewolf - Ubuntu Wiki ). And although the system requirements are similar you'll note that Ubuntu requires significantly less hard drive real estate. Ubuntu 13.4 LTS (LTS = long-term support) is still supported and will be until April 218. It is significantly less demanding on system requirements to wit ( System Requirements for Ubuntu Linux 13.4 versioin ) 1 GHz Pentium 4 Processor 512 MB of RAM 5 GB HDD Space (Minimum) DVD Drive or Combo Drive. As you can see that's quite a significant differencepared to what Windows *SEVEN* requires and Win7 isn't supported whereas Ubuntu 13.4 LTS still is. And since you are very used to using themand line in DOS Linux's BASH shellmand line interface will be very easy to learn. But the GUI is VERY accessible especially in Ubuntu 13.4 running GNOME fallback. Some big selling points about Linux vs Windows are (1) Linux software is usually free to download and install (2) Linux can be infected by fewer than 5 viruses or malware whereas Windows can be infected by over 1.5 million (the counts vary but for Windows systems they're astronomical ( The malware numbers game how many viruses are out there? | ZDNet )) (3) Linux is vastly more stable than Windows (4) Opinion To mess up a Linux box you need to work at it; to mess up your Windows box you just need to work on it writes SecurityFocus columnist Scott Granneman. italic ( Linux vs. Windows Viruses ) Instructions for installing either OS can be found here ( John Weintraub's answer to I have installed Ubuntu on C drive. Now I want to remove it and install Windows on the same drive. What should I do? answer aid 18858723 ) and here ( John Weintraub's answer to How do you install windows 8.1 on a ubuntu machine? answer aid 1863857 ). The instructions aren't perfectly suited to help you install either Windows or Linux but can be a helpful ge. I'd suggest that if you install Linux on a thumb-drive as I ex above you may want to boot your oldputer from the thumb-drive. (Instructions for doing so can be found here ( John Weintraub's answer to How do I boot from USB on a Windows 1 hp? answer aid 18912768 )). If yourputer does not support USB-boot-support you may have to install Linux (one ISO per disk -- no options on that) on a CD or DVD disk. Then once you have successfully booted the LiveCD select try without installing just to see if Linux runs on yourputer. If not go buy a new machine. Enough said; best of luck. Thanks for the A2A
Which is the best free antivirus for my laptop?
Your brain. Intelligent and considerate web surfing is the best free anti-virus for anyputer. I know this because although I run anti-virus software on myputer it never gets tripped and I alwayse up clean during my checks. After years of use. I apply this policy across multipleputers and I am infection free... determined by software other than just the AV suite. Professionally people pay me to clean theirputers. More than once... and I mean many times people have called a few hours after they bring theirputer home to about how it is still infected. They bring it back... and we discover that while the machine was clean and functioning perfectly when it left they proceeded to use theputer EXACTLY as they had before. They prove their own irresponsibility though by doing EXACTLY the same things they did before they had theirputer cleaned. If these people had any sense of responsibility they would realize that they caused the machine to get infected because they did not change the behavior that got them infected in the first place. Anti-virus software is not a shield of invulnerability. It is a bullet-proof vest. That means that you can still get shot in the arms legs or even head. Anti-virus is really supposed to enable you to not lose your stuff and keep limping until you can get the system cleaned. Having an anti-virus doesn't mean you can go anywhere click anything and install everything that looks good to you. Your anti-virus isn't responsible for making the internet a safe place. You are responsible for surfing safely. Anti-virus is there to try make it safer italic (there is a massive difference between safe and safer) but it is really a warning system. So depending on your usage the best anti-virus for your laptop might be dumping Windows and installing Linux. Or... you might not need anti-virus at all (if you never did anything other than read internal work emails and memos and an occasional Wikipedia search). If you need a brand name... use Avira. Malware is going to be your biggest issue at any rate. What you should REALLY do is get used to storing your sensitive data off yourputer. That way when the machine is infected and unusable you can just nuke it back to the stone age (aka perform a factory recovery or a Windows Reset).
How do I update my HP drivers in Windows 10?
Due to the extensive array of divergentponents used in a dizzying wasteland of PC hardware this isn really a thing. There Windows Update which will install a range of updates provided by Microsoft and a handful of hardware drivers for various genericponents most driver updates are handled by the PC manufacturer. Dell HP Alienware ASUS Acer Lenovo and others have utilities that scan detect download and install driver updates as they are issued for your system. Except when they don. Laptops are the prime candidate for this treatment since their hardware configurations are generally static though most consumer desktop PCs are frequently updated in the same manner. So long story short while it might happen on a rare occasion the vast majority of the time youll just update your drivers when new patches are released.
Which laptop would be best for gaming and coding?
BEST LAPTOP FOR PROGRAMMING & GAMING OF 217 The best laptops for programming need abination of power performance execution and ability to be mobile. There are a significant number of awesome programming notebooks on the off chance that you don attempt to have it all. Be that as it may on the off chance that you require execution and transportability 3 well finding the best one won be simple particularly in case youre on a budget. Do scroll down to find out the stuff you need to consider the things you need in your laptop. You Extremely Need SSD or 1 TB of Capacity SSDs have definitely shaken up the notebook market. Unless youre searching for a shabby Chromebook for you presumably can manage the cost of 1 TB HDD or 256 GB SSD. Despite that there a really terrible gorge in the event that you need the best budget laptop. Therere a couple of approaches to take care of this issue. You can simply get yourself a 5 or 1 GB SSD or 2 drives which means an SSD for OS or programming or coding while leaving gaming or downloads or watching movies on a different HDD. In case youre not certain get a 15.6 to 17 inch notebook that has numerous SATA or mSATA or M.2 connections permitting you to include more storage. In the event that you have enough cash you could go for SSD through PCIe or M.2 in the best performance laptop. You Really Need a Modern processor Nowadays you needn bother with a top of the line CPU to do programming. Whether you require a top notch CPU depends totally on what youre going to deal with like whether you have develop apps a website or perhaps you need best the best laptop for photo editing. Clearly in the event that youll have to manage heavy programming works all the time or you take a shot at video a processor is likely the most vital part for your work. So low-end processors are strongly not rmended for coding. You Somehow Need a Dedicated Graphic Card Fortunately for every one of us integrated graphics illustrations are showing signs of improvement with each era. On the off chance that youll work with game development or do 3D jobs having a dedicated mobile cards in the best laptop for gaming ought to be a need. What more on the off chance that youll need it your work environment no doubt will give you a first rate machine which would destroy anything a laptop could offer. The exact opposite thing to note youll unquestionably require a dedicated graphic chip in the event that youll be playing demanding new games. You Perhaps Need a Long Battery Life Perhaps? Yes. Because it depends on you lifestyle and work demand. On the off chance that you need a desktop substitution and you don see yourself utilizing it outside then battery life is not a priority. On the opposite side of the range you might be a person who needs a day-long battery life and perhaps the best lightweight laptop to hop between places. Relatively few portable workstations cane to this particularly on the off chance that you don extravagant dropping screen shine to its base. For this situation youll have to open your wallet in the event that you need to have a top of the line segment. Furthermore in case youre in a temperament of making bargains just search for 5 to 6 hours of battery existence with Wi-Fi. You Possibly Need IPS Panel IPS boards are better than TN boards in each significant way. That is the reason much the same as SSD drives they have turned into the business standard and you unmistakably ought to get the one similar to let say the best laptop for graphic design or game development. However this option can be skipped if you are truly restricted by your financial plan and would rather spend each penny on CPU GPU or RAM. 1. Best ASUS Laptop for Programming K51UX with Core i7 s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=2be8da2d9d7662c2c64c6b1b6dee8389 Best ASUS Laptop for Programming K51UX with Core i7ASUS K51UX is thin and light yet solid with most of the portable PC being made out of aluminum with the main substantial bit of plastic being on the base of the base of it and additionally the keys on the keyboard. The format is fully estimated with a 1-key area. However it is scrunched fantastically near the customary keys. The 15.6 inches Matte FHD display with 192 by 18 resolution under NVIDIA GeForce GTX 95M gaming graphic card and Windows 1 Operation System makes everything is fresh and clear. Textual styles in Microsoft Word are extraordinary and additionally photographs and representation in Photoshop. The pivot for the screen and cover is moderately firm and will probably take two hands to open. Rest guaranteed in any case that it won fly open in your sack or flounder about as you move around in your seat. The execution of this tablet is extremely prevalent particularly while considering its cost. A fresh out of the box new sixth era 6th generation Intel Core i7 with turbo up to 3Skylake. The 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD Storage makes storing reading and writing make it exceptionally smart in any undertaking you toss at it. Battery execution is a portion of the best I have seen for a full highlighted notebook. It can last upwards of eight hours with those working conditions ASUS K51UX Gaming Laptop (Intel Core i7 Processor NVIDIA GTX 95M 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Hard Drive Windows 1 (64 bit)) FOR BUY CLICK HERE s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=cd8a43ed8222f74f8cd27d7d46cbc2 2. Apple Best Laptop for Programming MacBook Pro MJLQ2LL s=as_li_ss_tl?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=148638369&sr=1-2&keywords=Apple+Macbook+Pro+MJLQ2LL+15-inch+Laptop+(2.2+GHz+Intel+Core+i7+Processor+16GB+RAM+256+GB+SSD+Mac+OS+X)&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=c328e4c27a31df3e456e35f91173b7a Apple Best Laptop for Programming MacBook Pro MJLQ2LL software engineer who purchases Apple MacBook Pro is totally excited with the 15.6 Inch Retina display controlled by Intel Iris Pro Graphics in a screen resolution of 288 by 18. Furthermore getting you an quad-core Intel Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 16GB 16MHz memory and 256GB PCIe-based flash storage implies that you have a supposed fresher era of processor and graphics to do intense programming work. This makes everything feels quick including boot up times application startup running applications tearing music CDs and other demanding work. The previous era model feels quick as well and the vast majority won see any distinction in rate upgrades with this most current model in typical ordinary use. Also the 8 GB DDR3L GB Solid-State Drive that Apple claims as quickly as the SSD in the earlier year model. Nonetheless in ordinary utilization software engineers don notice much contrast with SSD in a year model SSD which is pretty dang quick. This means that this model and brand is durable and reliable. And finally the long battery life. Having an asserted 9 hours of unplugged work will definitely give you portability. Apple Macbook Pro MJLQ2LL 15-inch Laptop (2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor 16GB RAM 256 GB SSD Mac OS X) FOR BUY CLICK HERE s=as_li_ss_tl?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=148638369&sr=1-2&keywords=Apple+Macbook+Pro+MJLQ2LL+15-inch+Laptop+(2.2+GHz+Intel+Core+i7+Processor+16GB+RAM+256+GB+SSD+Mac+OS+X)&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=c328e4c27a31df3e456e35f91173b7a 3. Apple Laptop Programming MJVE2LL MacBook 13.3 Inch s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=e7f5a2fae65c721ca7ba4d254545c3e Apple Laptop Programming MJVE2LL MacBook 13.3 InchThis model of MacBook Aire with 1.6 GHz dual core Intel Core i5 boosted up to 2.7 GHz with 3 MB shared L3 cache plus 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB PCIe-based flash storage. This means you will have a joyful and lagged free moment of altering photographs in Photoshop or developing apps with no issue. So watching movies and scanning Reddit at the same time will also still make everything functions admirably. I don feel any stammering or slack. For the normal use this thing is bounty quick. As for the screen all things considered it is decent to have diagonal an LED-backlit and glossy widescreen Display with 144 by 9 resolutions. The Intel HD Graphics 6 makes it brilliant and creates great color. At a lower determination versus the opposition you profit by less draw on the battery. Not all that matters cherry blooms and cats however the screen might give sort of a free feeling contrasted with a MacBook Pro. So far it hasn been an issue. The last but not least especially if you are he kind of programmer who often hop to places having a laptop with up to 12 hours of battery life will definitely provide mobility ease. Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LL 13-inch Laptop ( Core i54GB RAM128GB SSD) FOR BUY CLICK HERE s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=92f5c8e64edbe79d9228e82e134d17c 4. Dell Laptop Programming Inspiron i7559-763BLK FHD s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=537c5e4186d2452fb5dba2294e1dc Dell Laptop Programming Inspiron i7559-763BLK FHDConstruct quality appears to be great to me. The unit is all delicate plastic that is pleasant to the touch. The unit does not feel unstable and appears to be genuinely solid. The Intel i5-63HQ 2.3 GHz Quad-Core with 6M Cache helped by the turbo up to 3.2 GHz and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 96M 4GB GDDR5 makes boot time is fairly quick. You won aplish this in portable PCs without the 8 GB DDR3L 256 GB SSD hard drive. The SSD is important. It makes read and write speed is genuinely solid. Memory is pre-introduced 8GB of DDR3 introduced in 1 of 2 accessible spaces as indicated by CPUZ. This leaves save space open for future extension. Battery life is obscure right now but Dell claims that the 6-cell 74Whr battery provides more than 1 hours of life. The keyboard is agreeable to utilize even with vast hands. The 1-key cushion is somewhat undersized; however this keeps the essential keyboard range pleasant and spacious. The FHD IPS screen thates with wide angle and anti glare will give you pleasant viewing experience. So if you looking for a tablet for regular utilize that could likewise handle heavier works for example multi-tasking with numerous program windows open music playing programming this model is convenient. Dell Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-63HQ Processor up to 8GB DDR3 256GB SSD Nvidia GeForce GTX 96M Windows 1) FOR BUY CLICK HERE s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=652673e9a79bb8dac8e87f75a8cb75eb 5. Acer Aspire E5-573G Laptop for Programming s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=225b3e4f183facd1e3111f64e5b564e Acer Aspire E5-573G Laptop for ProgrammingThis is great programming laptop. With an nVidia 94 with 2 GB vRam it packs a punch. It additionally creates the impression that the nonappearance of an optical drive leaves space for capacity development or for sure an optical drive. It must be said in any case that with this machine goes simply with a flash drive and Internet access. Its a full HD 18p screen powered by Nvidia GeForce GPU as it gives astounding showcase awesome perspective points great brilliant great hues no scowl by any means extraordinary for programming and at the cost is an impeccable board. Consummately coordinate CPU and GPU at this cost Intel Core i5-52U 2.2 GHz with 3 MB Cache Windows 1 8 GB DDR3L SDRAM and 1 TB 54 rpm Hard Drive. Awesome battery existence of this with this 4-cell lithium ion batteries get you around 4-5 hours with medium burden. Not really disappointing to go around with to meet your client. Finally this really thin laptop would leave any programmers adore it. Acer Aspire E5-573G Gaming Laptop (Intel Core i5-52U 8 GB RAM 1 TB Hard Drive Windows 1 Home) Black FOR BUY CLICK HERE s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=518fea56ccab3324dbcd6d8c7c266c 6. Best HP X36 Touchscreen Convertible for Programming s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=c2ae116881c132331c5bac52428324 Best HP X36 Touchscreen Convertible for ProgrammingThe processing performance is most attractive for your new programmers in this small easy to handle interface with 6th Generation Intel Skylate Dual-Core i5-62U Processor with 2.3 GHz up to 2.8 GHz and Intel HD Graphics 52 Turbo Frequency Intel HD 55 Graphics i5 cores and not so shy 8 GB RAM. 1 TB Hard disk is magnificent to store your stuff in doing programming. You will love the style layout and quality of this 3.8 pounds laptop that has 12.9 by 8.9 by .9 inches dimension. The battery life is good for normal use as it survives for typically about 5-6 hours for continuous use longer up to 7 hours if it is not continuous of course. Let say that you use a free CAD for a few hours working to design you will find no issue with speed and response of the machine to the software. Touchscreen has been very responsive and works well in both laptop or tablet Mode. With Windows 1 64-bit Operating System you do not have to hassle on the installation. Finally your viewing experience will be indulged with the 1366 by 768 resolutions HD LED IPS of this touchscreen with 1-finger multi-touch support. HP Pavilion x36 2-in-1 Convertible 216 Newest Edition HD LED IPS Touchscreen Laptop | Intel Core i5-62U | 8GB Memory | 1TB HDD | HDMI | Bluetooth | Webcam | Windows 1 (Silver) FOR BUY CLICK HERE s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=8489edbdde316131ab83f37752c9b2a 7. Microsoft Surface Book for Programming with Core i7 s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=762ec988ce2a61963f67bdea9ad3e4 Microsoft Surface Book for Programming with Core i7When youre really utilizing the Surface Book equipment the thing is awesome. In laptop mode it agreeable and genuinely light. The key separating is flawless with the goal that I had no issue changing in accordance with this keyboard like I have had others. In solitary tablet mode you get a decent measure of battery enough to circle for 6 minutes or something like that and afterward dock again later as Microsoft claims that the battery could survive to 1 hours. Alone the 13.5 inch PixelSense touchscreen display 3 by 2 resolution tablet is shockingly light. The fabricate quality is iparable not a cut corner anyplace. You can charge the tablet part autonomously off the dock. With everything taken into account on the equipment front the Surface Book exceeds expectations in verging on each way. As for programming the Nvidia GeForce GPU somehow gives a pleasant experience. Not to mention the 2.6 GHz Core M Family is a kind of novice but with normal use it would be fine because you have16 GB RAM with you and a 512 GB SSD. Microsoft Surface Book (512 GB 16 GB RAM Intel Core i7 NVIDIA GeForce graphics) FOR BUY CLICK HERE s=as_li_ss_tl?&Code=ll1&tag=cheapprodue2-2&Id=32878d95fe224f4b4a6bbe2619abf14