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What are some good, fast, and heavy-duty PDF to Excel converters for Windows that are similar to ABBYY FineReader, Nitro PDF, and Adobe Acrobat DC?
Readiris 16 for Windows is the most popular OCR software to convert any PDF s 488 861
What is the best feature extraction method for OCR on printed English text?
I will give you a consultant answer - you may not like it but here goes - It depends. The best method depends on the con of what you are trying to extract. If you are trying to extract each letter then Daoxian Zhang user 176638171 answer lays out a pretty good extraction approach. But my guess is that you are not talking about the OCR process itself but rather how to extract features out of that OCR spits out. There are two broad approaches for extraction depending on whether you know the kind of data you are dealing with (invoices tax docs grocery labels etc) or you do not Domain based extraction - This approach helps when you know beforehand what kind of data extraction you are after. Let say you were trying to extract features of wines from a set of wine ratings and notes that you have OCR-ed. Before you can do the feature extraction you may consider running topic modeling algorithms on large collection of existing wine notes to figure out trends and topics. Once you build a learning model out of that you can deploy it on top of OCR extracted data. This will not only help you extract features but also help in automatically fixing the OCR output - that is read incorrectly by the OCR engine. A lot ofpanies are using machine learning in innovative ways to solve OCR challenges for enterprises. But this is the basis of most feature extraction algorithms. Hope this helps have fun!
Is it safe to use online OCR services?
Most of these services are fairly well secured but depending on the information on your documents they may not be the best options. For instance if the documents contained medical or personal information this isn't something you should trust to an online service. If security is a concern of yours I would rmend downloading the trial of ABBYY FineReader which is an extremely powerful OCR tool that can provide you with a number of output options (i.e. Word Excel PDF etc.)
Which is the best OCR tool for extracting texts?
For lower volume OCR on just a few pages at a time the answer to which product you use is determined upon a few questions. Does the OCR product offer the language support you need? How well does it do running a sample document. First download a trial of the product. ordered-list There are free trials of most products available including ABBYY FineReader. Just search for that on the web. If you are looking for automated or higher volume OCR then the answer will be different. Some products like ABBYY FineReader Corporate support things like a watched folder where it can pick up documents but there are page limits. If you need a higher volume product I can suggest something else.
Is there a way to take a picture of a text and extract the text?
Yes. People do it every day. The important part is that the resolution of the camera must be good enough so you can see most of the clearly. Then you need to use (or study how) OCR Optical Character Recognition is done. For most there are a small number of fonts you need to understand; the typical fonts are Times New Roman Arial and Courier New and you will find that almost all other fonts in use are very slight changes in these fundamental fonts. There are a fairly large number ofmercially-available OCR programs; if you Google nocr software the first hit is the 2 best OCR programs around. If all you want to do is render from images these are the places to look at. If you are trying to build a system you can sell these pieces of software set the bar of how good you have to be topete. In addition if none of these are quite right there is a lot of open source ocr software out there Google for ocr open source and you will get tons of information. And can you ex why Quora users don understand how to use Google?