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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing tesseract ocr android


Is it very complex to integrate a tesseract OCR into an Android app?
The short answer to your question is yes it is very easy to integrate Tesseract with android app; any developer with average skills should be able to integrate it. We had worked on Tessaract integration some time ago and we very quickly realized that a big part of extraction of that you app has captured is skewed or shaky then the extraction results are pretty bad. Compared with othermercial OCRs Tessaract's extraction results are average at best. Some of the other OCR engines do a much better job. While you are working on integrating OCR capabilities into your app you also need to worry about two more things Extraction Rules OCR softwares usually dump the in your document into a free form field. This works great if you are scanning a page from a book or a doc. But in case you need to separate the line items from the document then you also need to apply lot of rules around it. That can take a lot more time than integrating the OCR engine For business apps there are situations where the OCR engine is pretty confident of the extracted data but the does not add up in the con of all the other data around it. This is where classic OCR engines fails. We have been able to get around this problem by building strong algorithms based on machine learning which can plug the gap in the OCR engine's readability. Here are some solutions where we have used it successfully horizontal-rule 1. Mobile Based Receipt Scanning & Data Extraction System 2. Identity Fraud Detection Solution & Platform Hope this helps.
I need help in making an Android app that uses OCR technology. What is the best OCR technology (in terms of accuracy): ABBYY Mobile OCR or Tesseract OCR engine?
ABBYY is an industry leader and is known for being the best OCR engine you can get. ABBYY Mobile OCR is going to give you sample projects and access to the support you need to build a successful application. It may be worth contacting Abbyy about your project specifically to make sure the product they have can meet all of your needs. ABBYY Mobile OCR may cost you money up front and even royalties but if your goal is to produce an application that is quality then I would stick withmercially supported SDK and tool kits when you can unless you happen to already be an expert with OCR technologies and can fix any bugs you may find in Tesseract or have the luxury of waiting for fixes or enhancements of an opensource project. ABBYYS Mobile OCR features are here ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine s Tesseract FAQ is here tesseract-ocr s You might do some research and make sure both or either one can actually fit your application requirements.
How do I build an OCR Android app using Tesseract in Android Studio?
Folllow the instructions on tesseract-ocr s