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How do I extract text and images from PDF files using Python and convert it into a PDF?
import PyPDF2 pdf_file = open('') read_pdf = (pdf_file) number_of_pages = () page = () page_content = () print page_content Use these import if above code not work import ract = (path)
Is there an easy to use Python library to read a PDF file and extract its text?
the answer is pdfminer as others have said but if the libraries aren working for you it likely because you are expecting too much from them. You need to understand how the pdf file format works as opposed to how format works. Specifically we all expect to be able to use a library to parse some file format for and be able to iterate through the line by line but what if the has no line characters? How would the library know what constitutes a line? Most libraries won try to guess at that and honestly we wouldn want them to because if the line isn represented by a line character then the concept of line isn really part of the (is it?) and we are using the library to extract **. In pdf is laid out meaning that a particular object get displayed at a particular xy position on the page. So what you might think of as 3 lines would actually be 3 objects displayed at (xy) (x y-2) (x y-4) so a extraction library would just pull out the but you have no line data. (IRRC pdfminer hands you String as output just a big String not a (line) iterable it was because PDFMiner didn work for me that I had to study up and learn a bit about pdf to get what I wanted out of the files). The upside is this You finally get a chance to roll your own. Fortunately extracting the out of a pdf is very well defined and simple goal. And fortuanately PDF is a very well documented and very well understood file format so google is going to be very helpful. If pushes to shove the rendering part of the spec is less than 2 pages but you won need to go there. Start here Introduction to PDF s Then read the wikipedia article which is super well written. Then you will have to open the file in editor and study it which won be hard if you are interested only in . Use this as a tool to understand the stream writing operators Adobe Portable Document Format The accepted answer to the following SO tells you what you need to investigate to understand how is encoded within the pdf Programatically rip from a PDF File (by hand) - Missing some Google anything you wish to understand and you will be brought to cool sites like planetpdf where they have great articles. It should take you a day or two to hand write your parser and you will learn a lot in the process about something prettymon. The libraries have to be general so they are going to be limited. (perhaps irrelevant the pdfs I was working with are linearizedsee the ed referenceswhich made studying the in the pdf and mapping to the layout on the screen super simple I didn study an non-linearized files because i didn have to but if it makes things harder there a ton of code out there to linearize a pdf but not a lot out there that can go the otherway)
Is there a tool (say Python library or so) for image processing techniques to scrape PDF documents for information such as shapes, objects and text?
I think there's a couple of options albeit I'm not really sure what you're looking fornIf you want the from the PDF check out the PyPDF2 library s . It could alse be worth looking into getting the shape information in this way. If that PyPDF2 for some reason doesn't cut it you could try running an OCR program on the document (Optical Character Recognition) like Tesseract s . You might need to convert your document to TIFF or PNG which can be done with Ghostscript 3 some Python packages calims to be able to do it but AFAIK they all rely on Ghostscript so just go with Ghostscript and the subprocess sh or envoy modules 's also some Python packages s avaiable for interacting with Tesseract but I doesn't have any experience using them so I would probably just go formunicating with Tesseract through the subprocess sh or evnoy modules. Hope it helps )
What is a good PDF rendering library for Django/Python?
Django Tools Django easy PDF s is the best library for creating PDF documents. It is actually an app which you need to install in your django project. It can render documents form HTML and CSS. Using s object coordinates metadata from PDF files is easy to do with pdf miner. It supports python 2.4+ but python 3 is not yet supported (Duh!!) Code2pdf s is another interesting library that converts your source code into pdf file with syntax highlighting line numbers etc. WeasyPrint is quite good although it can't be installed in a virtualenv as it depends on a good deal of GNOME code (GDK cairo gobject etc) Another drawback is that jpegs don't appear to render properly and everything must be converted to PNG before being included in a PDF generated with Weasyprint. But it is being actively maintained and issues can be resolved. PyPDF2 s Active development. Split merge crop creating watermarks etc. of PDF files. Pure Python. Includes sample code andmand line interface good documentation. Python 2 and 3 support. The above list is pretty much what I have used up till now for various projects. There are other tools which your can check out on this page s for your particular requirements. Most of these libraries have overlapping capabilities. I prefer to use django easy pdf for my websites. Pdfminer for extraction and Pypdf2 for manipulating pdf files.
I need to parse some data from pdf files. Can this be done using Javascript and/or Node modules or would Python be better suited for this task?
I will answer from Python perspective because that is what I accustomed with but right of the but I can tell you it is not pretty and I guarantee because of huge opensourcemunity supporting both Python and Javascript both have some tools for dealing with PDFs but they are far from perfect. Hopefully they will prove good enough for your purposes. No matter the language this task may prove challenging depending on PDF file provided and what you are trying to extract from it. For general data extraction from PDF you will want to grab s (a port of original pdfminer to Python 3). If you just want to get and in case of PDFs (or any other of source file) which are just bunch of images stitched together have them OCRed automatically there is ract italic s . italic If you are mostly interested in tabular data then checkout pdftabextract s API is not the nicest but seems most beprehensive tool for this task out there. I must admit that between PyPDF2 pdftabextract Python tools for PDF processing seem quite archaic (their API at least). ract being nice exception. Thus if PDF processing capabilities are what is supposed to push you to switch from to Python then I wouldn do it as at very least if tools in javascript space won prove to be better they will have a more friendly API.
What are some interesting projects which can be done by using Python?
ThanksA2A Here is a list of interesting projects which can be done by using Python- italic Web crawlers Python project idea -Analytics is the new cool. Wen Masters Bloggers & Tech Entrepreneurs are crazy about analytic tools because it is something that drives their business. You need to master the art of tracking API & creating a crawl based on HTML that allows you create a web crawler tool that leverage Tech Entrepreneurs with the power to make their business consumer oriented. Dice Rolling simulator using Python -It is a simple game where we create a dice simulator & write the numbers on dice. It is a very basic application you can try to check your skills. Poker hands simulation in Python- Poker hands simulation in Python is the best option to check your skills. Patient information system -A detailed system that maintains records of every patients. This projects require Python help but no matter of worrying we are here to help. Attendance Management System- A system for colleges & schools that ensure proper accountability of kids who all are absent & present. Ticket Reservation System -Building a ticket reservation system in Python will help you fetch more marks &e across as someone very intellectual. Alarm clock using Python - If you want to develop a small App then Alarm is the best Python project idea for beginners. Instagram photo downloader python project idea- Instagram has no feature of saving photos. You can use your development skills based on Python for building a tool that will help you and the world to download pictures from Instagram Plagiarism Checker Python project ideas -If you have mastered the art of creating we crawlers you can easily build your personal plagiarism checker with great ease. Gym Management System - A gym management system is always going to be handy & helpful for keeping a tab on the people enrolling. It will help you to understand the real workings of Python. Digital display application using Python- You can create a digital display application and use this idea to create many more application like Digital clock no. of display board calculators etc. Tic Toc game Python Project idea- If you are a game lover then you can develop a Python game as your first app. So you can create a good UI and implement the concept of Tic Toc Toi. You can also refer my previous answer- italic What is the current trend in python libraries? answer aid 137377 What packages should I study in Python that would be helpful forpetitive programming? I am a beginner in Python. s Hope you like it. Please UPVOTE!! Follow my account Rinu Gour user 5872684 to read my regular answers on Python and Data Science.
How do I convert scanned documents to editable word documents?
Well converting scanned documents to editable word documents is not that easy. Furthermore it depends whether your document is PDF or s. For the PDF's I nevere to try OCR's as I had integrated it with my Python code where I was using PyPDF2 u232 which is a python library built as a PDF toolkit. It is capable of Extracting document information (title author ...) Merging documents page by page Merging multiple pages into a single page Also there are more ways to parse PDF's using Python. So keep exploring! With the s) Google Cloud's VisionAPI (it offers powerful pre-trained machine learning models through REST and RPC APIs assigns labels to catalogue) and tesseract (Tesseract is an OCR engine for various operating systems. It is free software released under the Apache License Version 2. and development has been sponsored by Google since 26). Mathpix OCR was okay it has Python integration. For slight details it works fine. Google Cloud's Vision API worked best but since I did not find a better way to integrate it with Python and also it was billable so I left it. For Tesseract in the windows I had to install Tesseract then I integrated it with my Python code using the pytesseract library of Python and it worked great. At least it did not ask for billing unlike Google Cloud's Vision API. So now you have the s of s to editable word documents where you just have to upload your scanned documents on their sites and they will convert them to word documents and then you can download them. However they are not 1% accurate. Also there are privacy issues when using the online OCR's. If you find it useful like it. Also please help me inments if youe across better OCR's or ways to convert scanned documents to editable word documents and if you get a way to use Google Cloud's VisionAPI without enabling billable.
Which will be the best tutorial to learn python?
There are a lot of fantastic tutorials out there to learn Python; The best one Im afraid will be the one that fits your learning needs and learning style best. In what follows Ill list some tutorials that you can check out and Ill try to add indications on what learning style they fulfill Learn by Doing CodeAcademy - Python s free interactive in-browser coding ideal for when you don have any prior programming experience and youre looking to get a general intro to Python. No certificate but you can show future employers yourpleted courses if you need to provide proof. DataCamp - Learn Python for Data Science - Online Course s Free interactive in-browser coding challenges that give you personalized feedback. The course also has videos. Perfect for beginners that learn by doing and that want to learn Python for data science. Certificate uponpletion. Note that there are also a lot of sites available which allow you to practice the skills that you have learned such as CodeCombat Learn to Code by Playing a Game s HackerEarth - Programming challenges and Developer jobs s HackerRank s and Codewars Train your coding skills s . Learn by Reading Google - Python Introduction | Python Educationn | Google Developers s classic static intro to Python tutorial. Ideal for those who have already had contact with some programming language. No certificate. Learn Python - Free Interactive Python Tutorial theory is written out but they do offer the option to solve interactive coding challenges with personalized feedback. No certificate. Note that there are also some great (e-)books out there Learn Python the Hard Way s Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner 3rd Edition Michael Dawson 8612556445 Books s . Learn by Watching Coursera - An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1) - Rice University | Coursera s free general introduction to Python with videos and readings. Great for beginners and you can get a certificate when you pay for the course. Udemy - Learn Python The Complete Python Programming Course s paid general course to learn Python with videos and an article. You get a certificate ofpletion. Don forget to check out YouTube which offers videos such as s
Which link would you recommend to learn Python to its fullest?
There are plenty online s and courses available in internet. I can suggest you the Best Python Online Courses below.. Python is probably the most important language to learn because of its rich ecosystem. Python's major advantage is its breadth. - Being a very high level language Python reads like English which takes a lot of syntax-learning stress off coding beginners. ... However with big data bing more and more important Python has be a skill that is more in demand than ever especially it can be integrated into web applications. Best Python Online Courses Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey s Everything You Need to Program in Python s choose the first course.. from this course you may learn about We will cover a lot of topics in this course! Including Basic Python Data Types such as numbers variables lists dictionaries tuples sets and more. Key Control Flow - This is the logic that helps run your code such as if elif and else statements. Loops - We'll show you how to be an expert user of for loops and while loops so you can effectively program. Functions - You will learn how to create clean reusable functions that help automate tasks that you repeat. Oriented Programming (OOP) - We will ex OOP in a clear and steady way helping you master one of Python's most powerful features. Web Scraping - Learn to use the BeautifulSoup and Requests libraries to perform web scraping. CSV Files - You'll be able to use Python's built in csv library to work with csv data with Python. PDF Files - Learn about the PyPDF2 library that allows you to read PDF files pro grammatically. Zip Files - See how Python can zip files and extract information from alreadypressed zip files. OS Module - Discover how to perform operating system levelmands with Python's os module. Images - You will learn how to edit and resize s with Python. Learn how to create functions with Python. Use Oriented Programming with Python. Send and receive emails automatically with Python. Decryption Encryption and Hashing with Python. Plot geographical points on Google Maps with Python. Read files and apply regular expressions with Python. Scrape websites for information using Python. Additional resources Python GUI From A-to-Z With 2 Final Projects s