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With zero industry experience, if now at the age of 32 I start a career in software testing and quality engineering, will it be a correct step?
No Its not If you are asking from me then I will suggest the following Pick a language e.g. Python or GoLang or Java Pick Deployment Platform Stuff e.g Kubernetes Docker Helm Script Rest APIs ordered-list Now Develop Few Microservices ? You want me to ge you ? Okay you do Login and Logout every day? correct - so develop Account Microservice (Only after the study of above) Spend Six Months in a very very disciplined manner e.g. spend every moment on above. Do not only learn it but go with like to understand the actual intent of each technology also learn further concepts e.g. What is Microservice Why Github is used Why REST APIs etc Your age would be giving you value because now you are more mature so if you are 32 years you have now more life experiences Be a Self-Manager Self-Ger that will help you shorten your time. After the above you would be a backend developer prepare your resume and job will be after you and you would be hundred times confident because you did everything by yourself. Sure In between visit 5+panies websites where backend developer in demand. Above I shared you on example you may choose to be Frontend Developer or anything else but choose something which will help you on the long term do not pick something which looks easy. Refer following post A Golang + ReactJS Application s@madhanganesh How to Build a Simple Web App with React Graphql and Go s@chrischuck35