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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing docker install


Can a Docker image created using Docker installed on a Linux machine be run using Docker installed on a Windows machine?
Yes. Docker implementations running on Windows either have a lightweight Linux virtual machine that provides the kernel and a minimal userspace (the tools) or use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) topic tid 188358 . Introducing the Docker Desktop WSL 2 Backend - Docker Blog s
Is Docker installation on a virtual desktop possible?
When you say virtual desktop I believe it inaccurate. A virtual desktop is where you have multiple desktops that you can move between on your display It like having a bigger workspace without needing to add more displays. I THINK you mean can you install Docker on a desktop(meaning a graphical environment rather than a headless -only server) in a virtual machine. And the answer is yes you can as long as you have root privileges required to do so. Unless it a Windows guest VM as I believe Docker on Windows requires a virtual Linux system to run.
Can I run a Docker container on a bare Debian machine without Docker installed?
Docker runs on the docker service on the host machine. When you run a container using docker run the docker service is supposed to be running. So without installing docker on debian you cannot run docker container.
How can I install MS SQL server on my MacBook? I already have a docker installed.
This may help you Get started with SQL Server 217 on Docker s In this quickstart you use Docker to pull and run the SQL Server 217 container consists of SQL Server running on Linux based on Ubuntu 16.4. It can be used with the Docker Engine 1.8+ on Linux or on Docker for Mac
What open source tools can be used to launch and manage multiple Docker installations of Wordpress on a server?
Docker Compose Docker Swarm (rmended) or Kubernetes will do this for you. nDocker Compose is not rmended for production Swarm is and similar (but not the same as) to Docker Compose and production is overkill for this situation but will worknPick the one you know or learn Swarm.