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What are some good, fast, and heavy-duty PDF to Excel converters for Windows that are similar to ABBYY FineReader, Nitro PDF, and Adobe Acrobat DC?
Readiris 16 for Windows is the most popular OCR software to convert any PDF s 488 861
Which is the best OCR tool for extracting texts?
For lower volume OCR on just a few pages at a time the answer to which product you use is determined upon a few questions. Does the OCR product offer the language support you need? How well does it do running a sample document. First download a trial of the product. ordered-list There are free trials of most products available including ABBYY FineReader. Just search for that on the web. If you are looking for automated or higher volume OCR then the answer will be different. Some products like ABBYY FineReader Corporate support things like a watched folder where it can pick up documents but there are page limits. If you need a higher volume product I can suggest something else.
Is there a way to take a picture of a text and extract the text?
Yes. People do it every day. The important part is that the resolution of the camera must be good enough so you can see most of the clearly. Then you need to use (or study how) OCR Optical Character Recognition is done. For most there are a small number of fonts you need to understand; the typical fonts are Times New Roman Arial and Courier New and you will find that almost all other fonts in use are very slight changes in these fundamental fonts. There are a fairly large number ofmercially-available OCR programs; if you Google nocr software the first hit is the 2 best OCR programs around. If all you want to do is render from images these are the places to look at. If you are trying to build a system you can sell these pieces of software set the bar of how good you have to be topete. In addition if none of these are quite right there is a lot of open source ocr software out there Google for ocr open source and you will get tons of information. And can you ex why Quora users don understand how to use Google?
What are all apocryphal Plato’s books?
Apocrypha by Plato (u3au3bbu3acu3c4u3c9u3bd); Lucius Apuleius s It is not generally agreed whether Plato was the author of any of these books. I. Hippias Major (or Greater Hippias) II. Second Alcibiades (or On Praying) III. Theages IV. The Rivals (or Rival Lovers) V. Hipparchus VI. Minos VII. Clitopho (or Clitophon) VIII. The Epistles (13 Letters) IX. Epinomis (or The Philosopher) X. Axiochus (or On Death) XI. On Virtue XII. On Justice XIII. Sisyphus (or Upon Taking Counsel) XIV. Demodocus XV. Definitions XVI. Timaeus Locrus (or The Treatise of Timaeus the Locrian On the Soul of the World and Nature)- They are for free listening and download. IF I give more details Quara will ban it as spam and advertising. LibriVox | free public domain audiobooks s s s M4B Audiobook part 1 (222MB) s n M4B Audiobook part 2 (26MB) s ordered-list External_metadata_update 219-3-1T132439Z Identifier apocrypha_165_librivox Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11. Ppi 6 Run time 153129 LibriVox italic audiobooks are read by volunteers from all over the world. ... LibriVox italic audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to on theirputers iPods or other ...
How do you turn a picture into an editable text?
Hi Ram. Thanks for asking me how to turn a picture into editable . I assume you mean a picture of not a pretty girl. To do what you want you need to perform an optical character recognition (OCR) scan. I will also assume you have a file in JPEG scanned PDF or some other file of some existing you want to edit. Now with the assumptions out of the way here are some options. If this is a recurring need or if you need to convert a large document you might want to invest in a license formercial OCR software. ABBYY FineReader would be an excellent choice. You can download a free trial copy of this software that you can use for 3 days with some other limitations. If you only have occasional short files to convert you can do so on any of several websites that let you do limited scans for free. Be careful with these websites however. Click in the wrong place and you might very well download some malware . One website I have used safely with some degree of success in the past is this one convert PDF to Word or Image to s . Also there are probably free plug-ins available for use in your browser.