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Where can I find the full version of ABBYY FineReader 14 full version?
Go to OCR PDF Text Scanning Software & Automation Solutions - ABBYY and purchase it. And if you want pirated then it is not legal and you could end up in jail.
What are the best open-source OCR programs?
Online OnlineOCR is free Vivek Nath'sblogpostn n Examples of proprietary software The most popular OCR software are ABBYY FineReader Omnipage Readiris and Presto OCR but they're pretty expensive (starting at $1). A decent solution to perform OCR on a document is Microsoft Office Document Imaging included in Microsoft Office XP Microsoft Office OneNote 27 also lets you OCR imported images. A free online alternative is Scanr a site that lets you digitize documents by sending a mobile phone photo by email. source
What skills, other than the language, should I learn to become a successful translator?
Jonathan Roberts has provided an excellent start. All of the skills he mentions will help you. I especially endorse hisments about now to run a business including marketing networking accounting cash flow and investing in software reference materials and training. Assuming that you really know a subject matter well enough to translate it and that there is demand for translations of such documents you will make more money by specializing and bing proficient (and fast) in that field rather than trying to acquire expertise in lots of different fields. I would also emphasize the importance ofputer tools u222 Your work mighte to you in several different file formats. u222u222 Many of us receive documents in Microsoft Word format or other s such as PowerPoint Excel HTML etc. Most of those can be handled inside a translation memory (TM) program such as SDL Trados MemoQ Due9jue Vu Wordfast etc. u222u222 Some clients may send documents in the form of translation memory (TM) projects either in Trados format or some other one. u222u222 Especially with Word documents you might need to pre-edit the Word file to produce the best results. For that advanced Word skills can be handy especially formattingmands. You may also use macros written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for repetitive tasks. u222u222 You might have to deal with other formats such as PDF files (either scanned or created directly from an app such as Word PowerPoint InDesign etc.). Most of the time the best way to handle them is by using a powerful PDF conversion program such as Abbyy FineReader or Nuance OmniPage. Each of thesepanies offers other programs that cost less and do less. I rmend that you avoid those other products whether from thosepanies or others. u222u222 For some s of source files other programs can do a better job. I use and rmend the Adobe PDF conversion service available for about USD 27 per year. Or you might also use the full-featured program Adobe Acrobat. There are translators who will insist Im not aputer operator. Im a translator! Yes that . If youre working for an agency they will usually handle tasks such as file conversion. But other clients may ask you to do this including direct clients. It simpler for them to deal with just one person not manage several people working on the same document. At this point in history the technology that you need to master includesputer skills.
Is there an easy way to convert InDesign to Keynote?
Actually it is quite easy to get very good results automatically. There are at least six tools that can be used n Generate a PDF document in InDesign then open it in the free PDF to Keynote ~oneill app and youll get a simple Keynote presentation where each page of the PDF will be on a separate slide. That's the fastest way but it won allow you to edit the contents of the slides (because each slide just contains a closed PDF). Again generate a PDF in InDesign. Then use the fantastic PDF2Office for iWork app from Recosoft (#) which will turn multi-page PDFs into full-blown Keynote presentations. It similar to the AI2key mentioned before but more robust it handles multi-page documents has a number of conversion options. You end up with a fully-editable Keynote document. If you convert your to paths in InDesign they youll get Bezier paths editable in Keynote and if you leave your as then you'll get boxes with editable in Keynote. Adobe Acrobat XI has a built-in ability to save PDF documents as PowerPoint .pptx presentations. It does a rather good job in fact converting into editable objects. However it rasterizes all vector graphics into bitmaps. Keynote has the ability to open .pptx presentations. Caveat Keynote cannot open .pptx presentations saved from Acrobat. You need to open the Acrobat-created .pptx presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint (211 or the new 216 which is available as a free preview) and just save it again. Then Keynote will open it. Ive been using all six solutions inbination. Sometimes PDF to Keynote is fastest if your PDF is very graphic-related. PDF2Office for iWork is great if you want to recreate both the editable and editable Bezier shapes but sometimes the conversion stutters. On occasion AI2key gave me better results than PDF2Office for iWork. Finally I have alsobined PDF2Office for iWork and ID2Office and with Acrobat XI. Basically use ID2Office from within InDesign and save as Keynote there then make a PDF in InDesign and use PDF2Office for iWork to make a Keynote file and then use Acrobat XI to export the PDF to .pptx (resave in PowerPoint and open in Keynote). Thenpare the results. Sometimes I use a few slides from one version and other slides from another version. Also note that the developer of AI2key also has a free svg2keynotemandline tool. While InDesign does not create SVGs Illustrator does. There aremandline tools such as pdftk that allow you to split a multipage document into single-page PDFs and tools such as pdf2svg which then turn the PDFs into SVGs. Then with svg2keynote you can convert them into Keynote. That path requires some knowledge aboutmandline tools and various graphics conversions and is potentially most flexible. But the options I listed above are quite easy really. In my experience all the conversion paths I described above were pretty much always a better option that recreating everything from scratch. For what it worth Ill also mention Recosoft PDF2ID tool which can convert PDFs into editable InDesign documents. Again the quality varies but the results are usually quite good. Ive been a very happy user of the Recosoft products. Theyre not perfect but IMO far better than anything else thepetition offers.
I'm looking for a document management system that allows me to quickly scan, OCR and store paperwork, any recommendations?
There are many ways to get from A to B. You can walk ride a bicycle take a bus drive an efficient car or call a Limo. Each has its benefits and experiences. In my professional paperless office consulting and software setup experience I like to separate tasks into logical stages that your documents and your users have to go through. Then each stage can be optimized and automated separately to your needs and liking. Capture. Massive amounts means the need for efficiency in hardware and processes. One centralized location means more powerful production-grade fast scanner with good at least 5-page document feeder. Multiple locations means smaller scanners but an automated behind-the-scenes routing of scanned s scanned or received from elsewhere software needs to be used to unlock content for your business needs. n If you need searchable full content then OCR technology is needed. If your volume will be many thousands of pages then an automated OCR is rmended such as ABBYY Recognition Server (). Smaller volumes or de-centralized OCR can be performed with ABBYY FineReader desktop software. If you need indexing and fields extraction (which you mentioned you need) then Data Capture technology can be used to automate that such as ABBYY FlexiCapture (). IT will use templates and search and extract predefined data fields. nThese are your internal software which you can loosely integrate into your API and your own software processes. You can run them in automated mode or you can have them in semi-automated mode where operators can verify accuracy of each page. If you are more interested in a SaaS or a hosted external API for OCR and data capture without any internal licensing then consider one of Web-based OCR APIs such as OCR-IT OCR Cloud 2. API (). Your system can send requests and receive processed documents. nNo up-front costs and easy integration and pay for what you process only. Storage and Retrieval. It sounds like you already have something in place. If so then you only need to marry the processing software with your backed system to output into tightly (direct output) or loosely (output to file then pickup from file). But in case you are looking for storage and document management system let me mention a few popular options I havee across most often.n Managed folders structure. This is a tree of folders and sub-folders with strict naming control. Any processing software should provide this to you out of box. A typical Desktop Search can be used to retrieve folder names or even content within documents. SharePoint. A powerful content management platform. Can do wonderful things if it is shaped and implemented and controlled properly. Most processing software can output directly to SharePoint. SEarch and indexing is built-in. Dedicated DMS (Document Management System). These are specialized platforms to manage document libraries such as DocuWare. Powerful search and retrieval tools are built in. nI have helped build hundreds of such systems and each one usually uses generic building blocks laid out into a custom structure maybe with some custom cement mix in between blocks. Great high-qualityponents are available these days but they need to be 'put together' properly and efficiently. Let us know what you'll decide to do in the end of your search. Ilya Evdokimov