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What are the best institutes to study a big data course in Chennai and Bangalore?
Hello Everyone I like to share my own experience about how I havepleted my big data course in Chennai. s I am currently working as a Data Scientist in a MNC in Chennai my career starts from Java developer. When I was working as a Core Java developer and I was seriously looking for a way to choose my career and to be successful engineer in the IT field. There are also many recessions at that time so I have planned to start to change my career in a technology which has good career growth. I was searching an counseling from a experienced person who can ge in choosing my career When doing so I came to know about Credo Systemz by one of my senior Jone Sathya user 24586369 . He suggested me to attend a free counseling session at Credo Systemz s Hence I booked a schedule for me and visited them The counseling team there looks very professional and all are well experienced in the technology. They suggested me a lot of things and showed me the report of the latest trending technologies and asked me to choose Big Data Hadoop development certification course and from there I can be a Data Analyst and at the end to be a Data Scientist..! I really had a wonderful training there One who handled Hadoop is also well experienced and he handled many topics with real time projects from his own experience which you cant get anywhere. Especially they handled many tools such as HDFS HBase MapReduce Hive Pig Sqoop Kafka OOZIE Spark s it helps me in my office projects. I highly rmend you to book and attend a free demo session at Credo Systemz to know more. All the Best.!
What is your opinion on the revised curriculum of the Chartered Accountancy (CA) course?
Disclaimer At the end of the day ICAI is the boss. I am happy that finally there is a change and I have decided to stay happy by not thinking about possibilities beyond that since at the end of the day The change was long awaited and over due as well. It has been a decade since the last major change in syllabus. In a Profession like Chartered Accountants this is like trying to file Returns for FY 214315 in FY 217318. On the contrary Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of India (ICMAI) has already resolved to bring New syllabus every four years. This is not just a resolution but also very smoothly implemented plan as ICMAI shifted from Syllabus 28 to Syllabus 212 and now Syllabus 216 trying to keep its syllabus up to date with the trends. Before someone confuses New Syllabus with Devil curse let me ex why changing syllabus is for the benefit of all with no hardship involved. As I have exed in the past New Syllabus will be applicable only to students who register for CPT IPCC or Final after 3th June. For Students who have already registered or will have already registered by 3th June for any particular level - New Syllabus will applicable to them for the next level. For existing IPCC students Final will be under new syllabus similarly for exisiting CPT students Intermediate & Final will be under new syllabus. The syllabus is not dependent on your exam attempt but your course registration date. So please understand there is no impact on the efforts that you have already made books that you have bought or classes that you have joined. Changing course syllabus keeps the students up to date with the trends in the profession which directly affects their employability. Elsepanies would have to invest heavily in training of such Chartered Accountants and they might start considering alternatives. Besides even ISCA subject has been dropped IT subject has been streamlined. So if any of the above reasons doesn seem acceptable atleast this would be. On one hand students cry for not getting well paid jobs and then they also curse ICAI for making any change in the syllabus. Chit bhi meri patt bhi meri (Heads is mine tails too) will not work in your benefit. italic So it is highly important to keep changing the Syllabus as per trends. horizontal-rule For beginners refer New Syllabus citation target title index 1 unique_id knmOd & Old Syllabus citation target title index 2 unique_id syZuD citation target title index 3 unique_id neaCA through footnote s. CPC BECOMES FOUNDATION More Accounts Nightmare for Science Stream Students - Good move. italic Earlier Accounts was for 6 marks now 1 marks. The increase in marks is coupled with some IPCC topics like Average Due Date Accounting from Iplete Records & Financial Statements of Non Profit Organization being introduced at Foundation level. This further strengthens the base for Accounting and for students joining from Science stream this could be a nightmare. italic No restriction on other medium students but learn English before you join CA course - Highly appreciative move. italic This is what the second paper structure says Law for 6 marks with 4 marks General English. Limited Liability Partnership Act & Introduction to Companies Act has been added to the Foundation level. General English covers Articles Reports Emails Formal Letters Grammar Comprehension Anonymns Synonyms etc. Basically the 1th 12th standard English subjectpressed into a zip file. Another good move. One reason why many CA students lacked good English skills because there was no restriction on which medium school or college youe from. There is still no restriction but ICAI has closed that loophole by introducing English. So Non-English medium students will now have to learn English properly and in-depth before entering CA course. italic More Mathematics to keep students out of CA course - Good move italic Mathematics & Statistics has been expanded into a full 1 marks subject rather than the 5 marks zip version. Now this subject is value for study as earlier too many topics were for too less marks. There is also a 2 marks logical reasoning included. While Mathematics & Statistics may not be extensively useful in CA profession the knowledge of the same ensures strong reasoning & logical thinking capacity which is highly important while auditing. This subject will also ensure students do not pass CA foundation in bulk quantity as before but a check on the same can be maintained. italic Improved Understanding of Business - Requesting practical questions italic Economics is same as before with 1 additional marks and Business Cycles as additional topic. Business & Commercial Knowledge is a wonderful subject added only if the questions are more practical. The best part of this subject syllabus is the following part - Students are expected to read atleast one financial newspaper and one business magazine. Wow! This line says a lot. So question paper may contain some practical questions about ongoing issues. If this is then it would be a really great move. italic No more MCQs in Accounting Law & English. Negative marking for Economics Statistics & Mathematics - Great move italic Accounting Law & English are some important subjects which test the writing skills of the students. While Mathematics Statistics Economics & Commercial Knowledge is merely objective. Usually all subjects are tested at the same standard however ICAI took the brave decision of distinguishing the standard of evaluation for different subjects at the same level. This will definitely improve thepetitiveness of the Chartered Accountants. Negative marking is same as before. It keeps answering merely by guess i.e. randomness of answering under check. italic IPCC BECOMES INTERMEDIATE Shifting of Accounting Topics - Nothing special here italic Some topics of Accounting have been shifted to Foundation while some topics have been borrowed from Advanced Accounting. Good thing is including all Accounting Standards in Accounting & Advanced Accounting subjects leaving behind only advanced issues for Final level. This will help students during articleship. italic Inclusion of useful topics at early stage in Law - Good move italic Topics like interpretation of statutes drafting deeds & documents etc. have been included at Intermediate level itself. Consumer laws & brief introductions to labour laws has also been included. This ensures that the student is notpletely blank about interpretations & legal documents. With this knowledge student can further build on with the practical knowledge he obtains. Certainly Intermediate level has been designed keeping Articleship in mind and this is certainly a change for good. italic Learn the entire Costing all at once - Eat with two spoons now italic There one extra subject at Intermediate level as Costing and Financial Management have been split into two 1 marks paper. The earlier Costing syllabus was certainly not enough for 1 marks paper so now entire Costing i.e. the Costing at IPCC and Costing at Final level both have been aodated in one subject. I am doubtful how good this move would be. Students have faced difficulties in Costing even at Final level because of multiple methods that can be used. Introducing such difficulty at Intermediate level is a big burden on students. All of this to insert one additional subject at Final level. Keep reading. italic Tax Subject is same as before. - italic Too much for too less. italic I still feel and this is with respect to all three ICAI ICSI and ICMAI - either select certain chapters of tax laws or make them two different subjects. This is too much to read for so less marks especially Direct Taxes which is a vast subject. Since ICAI motive is to aodate more & more subjects in the syllabus this is a move that they have made. As we know at the end of the day italic Advanced Accounting looks like dead end of Accounting - Not sure italic ICAI has included Gance notes in Advanced Accounting. There are only 5 other topics in Advanced Accounting which means each Gance Note will now be tested in much deeper sense. In my opinion it is too early to introduce Gance notes. The syllabus of Foundation or Group 1 Accounts could have been spread over and shared with Group II Accounts but ICAI seems to have decided something. I am adding an attention flag it doesn seem appropriate. italic Audit subject seems quite improved in content - Very Good Move. italic The Auditing subject under the old course was too simple & pointless. Now the subject has been divided into topics as we have in Audit Plans. This is a significant improvement from the old syllabus as now it seems to include more practical subjects. We will only know how much they have improved the subject when the books are published but as of now looking at the topics it looks convincing. italic Business Economics seems repetitive - Not so good move italic Financial Management is same as before and now it feels like the only subject which is value for marks. There is no cramming of topics in this subject and 6 marks is appropriate. However the balance 4 marks Business Economics is like History of Finance & India Economy which is good stuff but these topics are already covered in Class 11th & 12th. Students already get the basic knowledge of Economics before CA course so Business Economics seems repetitive. Again this would be a purely theoretical subject from the syllabus a big question mark here. italic IT subject streamlined SM same as before - That awesome! italic In original draft syllabus ICAI had kept Information Technology subject in tact but they have now streamlined the subject. As you can see the name is now Business Information Systems thus certain topics from ISCA will be introduced in IT subject. Only topics which are really very relevant have been retained. Strategic Management has been kept in tact. I wish there are more Case Laws in both IT and SM it would have made subject more relevant. In CMA course there are case laws from industry mentioned in Study Material for students to understand concepts practically which are not asked in exams. I hope ICAI either now or later introduces such case laws. italic FINAL STAYS FINAL Financial Reporting has fewer topics means more difficult- Not sure italic The syllabus of Financial Reporting stays same except for exclusion of certain topics and shifting them to Intermediate level. Now although looking at syllabus a student may think of it as a scoring subject I feel the Financial Reporting subject will get more tougher because the topics which have been eliminated were the easier ones. This seems like a Lion den to me. Accident prone zone. Gance Notes are going to bring in tough questions. italic Financial Management now looks interesting - Very Good move italic The old syllabus didn cover valuation in depth. Now there is an entirely new chapter on valuations. Besides introduction of Islamic Finance is a great move. It would be an interesting topic to read not sure about exam questions as they would probably be theoretical. Interest rate risk management has been added considering the need of hour. The syllabus seems better but I expect inclusion of Practical case studies like ICMAI modules which helps in understanding the practical aspects which students cannot learn in articleship. italic Advanced Auditing subject seems same - Requesting Case Studies italic Advanced Auditing subject has only been consolidated in a better manner. The subject under old syllabus lacked case studies and I feel the same would happen in new course as well. The way we learn Auditing and the way we apply in real world is different and this gap can only be filled in by Case Studies. Dear ICAI Auditing is our key subject. Please include Case Studies here make it more difficult but more practical so that it ges in real life situations as well. italic Allied Laws is like Yeh bhi padhlo woh bhi padhlo - Worst move italic Either increase the weightage of Allied Laws or reduce the number of laws. ICAI did neither of them but only included more laws without improving the weightage. This subject looks so crammed up. It was already so crammed up and now they further added more laws to it. Now there are 17 Laws for 3 marks! I won say a word further about this since you know at the end of the day italic Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation Copy cats! This war between ICMAI & ICAI is getting hotter - Great move italic This is an open war with ICMAI. In Cost & Management Accountant course you have exactly the same subject at Final level with same name and same topics. This subject is certainly introduced to keeppetition with ICMAI in check. This is great subject in my opinion. It was the biggest difference between CA and CMA course which has now been eliminated. This subject might be partially practical and partially theory. Quantitative techniques have been reduced to four topics which is a good move. I wonder would ICAI and ICMAI merge in future? They are eating each other scope crossing the lines & raiding territories. When will this ware to an end! italic ISCA teachers go Jobless; Faith in ICAI restored - Legendary move! italic In draft curriculum ISCA was retained with some relevant topics only. However in Final Draft they have removed the entire subject and introduced concept of Elective Paper. This is an absolutely wee move. The choices in elective paper are nice. In future we may have more elective papers being introduced as per need. Now ISCA is covered in Advanced ICITSS course where ISCA would be an Online OMR exam with multiple choice questions. ISCA wasn entirely relevant hence they move the important topics to IT subject in Intermediate and some parts to the ICITSS course where I believe it won be too difficult. Now we will have Chartered Accountants with one specialization area. This is the future we were talking about. Hatsoff to ICAI people inmittee who stood for this suggestion. italic Direct Taxes is now more Comprehensive - Good move italic There is now a separate section for International Taxation which is actually very important. The 7 marks syllabus for Direct Taxes is same as before however I expect now questions would be more advanced and related to Assessment procedures as the Basic part has been covered in Intermediate level. Direct Taxes subject will require more practical knowledge case laws would be important. Simple calculation questions won be asked. italic GST is the New Subject - Not ICAI it Ex-FM Jaitley good move! italic The credit for this subject cannot be given to ICAI. It truly belongs to Arun Jaitley thoughtfulness and approach. GST is going to be effective soon and the new syllabus will include GST. There is nothing to worry about as one GST law for 7 marks means many simple questions will also be asked. I am pretty sure the first few attempts will see many simple papers. Subject will be easier to pass & score than the other subjects especially because the syllabus isn vast and nor difficult. The Law is new and therefore there aren as manyplications as in case of Excise. Further very few case laws would be applicable for first few years almost negligible. italic OTHER CHANGES ISCA exists but in a different manner - Good move italic There has been a lot of confusion over ISCA subject but the above picture will ge you. ISCA is not a theoretical subject anymore nor it is part of CA Final. It is now a part of AICITSS course as a MCQ pattern paper. This exam will be similar to the old ITT exams however with a significant change in the syllabus. You can switch to New Course at any time - As expected italic As mentioned in above FAQ 41 you are allowed to switch over to new course at any point of time if you wish to. Probably the option would exist in the Examination Form that you fill up. Pass any Group of Articleship - A move for benefit of students. italic You can pass any Group of Intermediateplete ICITSS training and start Articleship i.e. even after passing Group II you can start Articleship. Combining IT Training & GMCS - Good move. italic ITT Orientation & GMCS have beenbined to form ICITSS and Advanced ICITSS. The first one has to be done prior to Articleship while the other one in last two years of articleship. Final exam 2.5 years rule retained same as before - Good decision italic In Draft rules it was mentioned final exams can be given only afterpleting entire 3 years training. However ICAI has after re-thinking restored the rule to same as before i.e. after 2.5 years you can give your final exams. Alert! Irrespective of your Registration ITT will be under New ICITSS course only - owing to administrative reasons italic Even if you are registered under old course and you have notpleted your GMCS or Orientation & ITT course by 3th June you will be required to pursue ICITSS course instead of existing courses. horizontal-rule Conclusion Almost all remarks are appreciative. See why I am happy. There is change and the change is good. This is something that everyone will accept. The only problem here is we are human beings. italic We have a lot of expectations. Our expectations have no boundaries and therefore the more we think the more we will be discontent. I feel happy that atleast some appropriate changes have been done. There can be so many more changes that we could imagine but the Expertmittee does consist of Experts who would have considered everything. No point in pondering over what could have been done or what should have been done since at the end of the day italic Friends who feel there could have been more changes or better changes - Yes maybe you are right. However let first appreciate the changes that havee after waiting for a decade and stay happy with what happening instead of bothering over something that is not happening or not going to happen atleast in next few years. italic Edit 1 The answer has been updated to reflect changes between draft curriculum & final curriculum. Feel free to ask queries about New curriculum inments. If queries are personal visit my profile for contact details. Related queries 1 In the CA final paper 6 which subject will have better career options? answer aid 46482895 2 What is the most significant change in new curriculum of the CA course? answer aid 46475643 3 Who will be most adversely affected by the new curriculum of CA course? answer aid 4647213
How can I prepare for the SSC CGL exam 2018?
Before asking for strategy first ask a few questions with yourself- Are you ready to makemitment with yourself that the strategy you follow you will stick to it? Do you have courage and belief in yourself that you will easily crack it? Are you ready to keep yourself from distractions and work hard with consistency and perseverance? If yes then follow this step wise. First go through all the posts which are under ssc cgl check their work profile and all others things and target the post you want. Read the syllabus of each topic and go through some previous year papers to get aware with the examination pattern and of questions asked. Sort out the best study material for each subject and start exam is conducted on 4 tiers but primarily you have to focus on tier 1 and tier 2 so the study map according to me should be like this- You have to give around 5 hrs daily for this exam. In morning take 1 and a half hour for English. ( Half hour for vocab half for reading skills half for grammar) I am telling you to take English in morning as it needs learning and the wee hours of morning are the best hours to learn and also I have divided equal time to each pillar of English as each pillar is dependent on other and English as a subject requires understanding. Coming to gs-. Its a vast subject with unending syllabus but if learned accordingly its scoring too. As gs is asked only in prelims and consists only of 5 marks you have to give 1 hour daily to it till prelims. you will get 8 topi in your gs syllabus which have to this I will suggest you to prepare topic wisenot the topics fully but only the prominent headings from which ssc usually asks questions. Reasoning- In ssc reasoning is not a hard nut to crack .you can easily cram it through practise. For some topics like syllogism clock calendar you have to learn basics but that you can easily do and also can score better in can give it 233 hours in a week and focus more on practising it. Quantitative aptitude- for some this subject may sound tough but believe me if you cram this subject it will sail you through at least 2 hours to it on daily basis till your it topic wisepractise it like hell and learn tricks to save time. Well ssc cgl is an examination which is 4% base d on learning and 6% on your practise. Afterpleting your 435% syllabus get a good mock test series start practising it in online mode as the examination is conducted. That's all ALL The Best.
What secrets are you hiding from your parents?
I would like to remain anonymous because id like to keep my life private however I need to vent and get this off my chest. I am a 14 year old female. I don't know who my biological parents are they are mentally disabled and I was taken away by the state after a domestic violence incident. The people who I called my parents (I recently found out they were distant relatives and not my biological parents) aren't any better. They put me up for adoption and my grandmother (distant relative not my actual grandmother) adopted me. None if them know about the things I have done my older brother (not biological) helped me through some of these. When I was in 6th grade I started taking drugs. I stole money and bought pills from other kids to help cope with the harsh environment my parents put me through (beatings being undressed and fingered molested yelled at neglected etc.) I bought Adderal Xanax and Oxycodone. I triedmitting suicide twice in 6th grade. My parents neglected my younger siblings and the responsibility fell on me. I tried overdosing on abination of the above mentioned pills and alcohol. I was unsuccessful the first time. The second time I was successful and overdosed. My brother found me and took me to the hospital and I was saved. I would cut myself with a razor 6th to 8th grade when drugs and alcohol weren't available to me. I had to stop because I got caught and was given a discipline referral at school for suicide violence. 4 or 5 months after I turned 13 I had sex with my then boyfriend. I didn't want to nor did I like it. He pressured and guilt tripped me. We went to the mall together and he pulled me into the changing room stalls in one of the stalls. He undress me and had sex with me without my consent. It would last an hour and he was too rough to thr point where I was in pain and started to bleed. He did this 3 times. He also performed cunnilingus on me 4 times I didn't want him to nor did I like it. Normally this would be rape but at the time I was too scared to say no or to stop. I eventually told my grandmother but not my parents. We never contacted or told his parents about it and by now its too late because he moved to Texas. He would also occasionally hit me. I broke it off with him after he cheated on me. I skipped school on many occasions. I have given my current boyfriend a blowjob many times (he made sure I was okay with it). ordered-list So far my life would still be a living hell maybe even worse. However I have cleaned up my act thanks to my boyfriend who helped me so much in quitting drugs and alcohol. I am now in a healthy relationship and he taught me many things that helped me get through my hardships easier and helped me see the world differently and take reality seriously. Thanks to him he helped me start and maintain a healthy relationship with my grandmother and my older siblings. I refuse to associate myself to both my parents and my biological parents because they have done nothing to better my life. Thanks for reading. Edit In case some of you were wondering I haven't touched any drugs in 4 months and I am clean as of this writing. I have also been sober for 3 months and I refuse to touch any alcohol.