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How can one get an HP LaserJet Pro–MFP M180 printer to scan and print photos at 1200 DPI?
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M18nw How to s Virtual Agent s How to scan a photo to yourputer using HP applications Load the photo as directed in your product documentation. Use the markings on the printer to ge you. If there are multiple printers on your network make sure that the printer shown at the top of the screen or in the Scanner drop-down menu is the correct printer. Under Scan Pre-set or Scan Shortcuts select Photo Save as JPG or Photos Graphics Etc .n Tip In HP Scan the . Compression A higherpression value reduces the file size but it also degrades the quality of the image. Choose Low for best quality or choose High for smallest file size.n Note Depending on your software some settings may not be available. HP Easy Scan Click Scan . Whenplete click Send and then click Folder . Click Where to specify the location of the scanned file. Select TIFF as the format and then click Save . ordered-list
How do I set up an HP printer and install a driver?
Check requirements and delete any previous installed printer versions from Windows to prepare for the USB connection setup and driver installation. Confirm the following requirements and items before you beginThe printer is turned on and in a ready a USB cable less than 3 m (9 ft 1 in) in is an available USB port on yourputer If you connect through a USB hub or docking station the printer might not receive enough power to properly you connected the USB cable to theputer before installing the HP driver continue with these steps to remove the printer from the installed devices to help ensure a successful setup. Otherwise skip to the next step to install the driver. Search Windows for 'devices' and then click the Devices and Printers control panel setting in the results. Close the Devices and Printers window and then continue to the next step. Go to HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads enter your printer model if prompted and then confirm the operating system version is correct. If you need to change the operating system click Change select your version and then click Change. When prompted by the installer to choose a printer connection option select USB to continue with andplete the setup.
How can I convert my 800 page book into a PDF?
Before I rmend book scanner to you let me briefly introduce scanners available in the market. Generally there are 4 s of scanners. 1. Flatbed Scanner This is the mostmon scanner you may find in the market. Advantage High accuracy via CCD scanning Disadvantage Slow speed with black line on central seam Price range Dozens of dollars to several thousands of dollars Brands Canon HP EPSON and etc. 2. Zero Margins Scanner An advanced version of flatbed scanner. Advantage High accuracy via CCD scanning. Scanning results are not affected by book binding. No black line on central seam Disadvantage Still slow speed. Price range Dozens of dollars to several thousands of dollars Brands Ditto. 3. Sheet-Fed Scanner Scanner with high speed. Advantage Add sheets aromatically. Some advanced version device can operate two sides simultaneously. Free of manual operations. Scan speed can reach 3 pages Disadvantage Need to unbind which means to damage books. If scanning pages in different formats thickness ure it may cause paper jam. Price range Several hundreds to several thousands of dollars Brands Ditto. 4. Book Scanner Tailored for book and document scanning. Advantage CMOS scanning. Easy to operate. Turn page and scan. And fast. Disadvantage Pretty expensive and cumbersome. Price range Several thousands of dollars (even up to tens of thousands of dollars) Brands BOOKEYE ZEUTSCHEL Atiz and etc. In short affordable scanners can be difficult to use but practical ones are extremely expensive. If an individual wants to scan a book quickly what the best choice? Ill rmend CZUR Smart Book Scanner . (PS Im interest-related) CZUR Book & Document Scanner with Smart OCR for Mac and Windows Electronics s=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=154182444&sr=1-1&keywords=czur It a smart book scanner. Fast and affordable. Find some key features here The World s First Flattening Curve - No need to unbind Fast Scanning Speed - Scan a 3-page book in 7 min OCR - Convert s 788 1376 master_ s zoomable s 3456 5184 master_ s zoomable s 422 8 master_ s zoomable processing mode( based on what youre going to scan) 5. Turn the page and Scan! When scanning you may check the preview s 66 1269 master_ s zoomable s in to editable files. So you may choose to form Word Searchable PDF(can search copy and paste in PDF files). Done!
What is some free good software to download on your laptop? My specifications are: Win7 & 32bit OS AMD processor HP laptop.
Here are some of the open-source and free software that I use 1) Libre Office - To take care of all your Microsoft Office suite s s 2) Mozilla Thunderbird - You can use it to replace Microsoft Outlook. It's a email newsgroup newsfeed and chat client which can help you manage multiple mailgroups and newsgroups with the added functinality of keeping a number of identities in a single email s s 3) Daum Pot Player - It's a video player with a much better looking interface than VLC and it can easily take care of all s of video and audio file formats. There's also a number of keyboard shortcuts as an added 4) Music Bee - An open source music player that has an interface that resembles itunes and has great playlist 5) Mini Lyrics - A free software which displays lyrics of the song that you are currently playing which works well with VLC and Music Bee. The lyrics can be saved in your hard disk I will add the download s to all these software later and would keep on adding more. And please try to donate to the developers of these software if you love their work. This will help them in developing more such awesome softwares. Cheers! Editn6) Notepad++ It is a free source editor for all your coding needs which supports various programming languages including C C++ Java XML HTML PHP etc. It provides a clean interface with great added 7) Audacity It is a free and very easy to use audio editor and recorder. You can use it to record live audio or convert tapes and records to a digital format or create mix
Which is the best free antivirus for my laptop?
Your brain. Intelligent and considerate web surfing is the best free anti-virus for anyputer. I know this because although I run anti-virus software on myputer it never gets tripped and I alwayse up clean during my checks. After years of use. I apply this policy across multipleputers and I am infection free... determined by software other than just the AV suite. Professionally people pay me to clean theirputers. More than once... and I mean many times people have called a few hours after they bring theirputer home to about how it is still infected. They bring it back... and we discover that while the machine was clean and functioning perfectly when it left they proceeded to use theputer EXACTLY as they had before. They prove their own irresponsibility though by doing EXACTLY the same things they did before they had theirputer cleaned. If these people had any sense of responsibility they would realize that they caused the machine to get infected because they did not change the behavior that got them infected in the first place. Anti-virus software is not a shield of invulnerability. It is a bullet-proof vest. That means that you can still get shot in the arms legs or even head. Anti-virus is really supposed to enable you to not lose your stuff and keep limping until you can get the system cleaned. Having an anti-virus doesn't mean you can go anywhere click anything and install everything that looks good to you. Your anti-virus isn't responsible for making the internet a safe place. You are responsible for surfing safely. Anti-virus is there to try make it safer italic (there is a massive difference between safe and safer) but it is really a warning system. So depending on your usage the best anti-virus for your laptop might be dumping Windows and installing Linux. Or... you might not need anti-virus at all (if you never did anything other than read internal work emails and memos and an occasional Wikipedia search). If you need a brand name... use Avira. Malware is going to be your biggest issue at any rate. What you should REALLY do is get used to storing your sensitive data off yourputer. That way when the machine is infected and unusable you can just nuke it back to the stone age (aka perform a factory recovery or a Windows Reset).