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What are the differences between Blue Prism and UiPath?
UiPath and Blue Prism are both leading RPA vendors. But there are differences as follows Blue Prism founded in 21 headquartered in United Kingdom has strong presence in the market with lot of clients using their robotic software solutions. UiPath was founded in 25 but they received seed funding in 215 and in 218 they are valued at 1.1 billion after round of funding from known investors Accel CapitalG and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. UiPath has freemunity edition while Blue Prism doesn have theirmunity edition for students and small scalepany UiPath offers free foundation diploma which will get you to the speed of automation while Blue Prism doesn have one at this point of time. UiPath provides strong activities ge which is lacking in Blue Prism for public. UiPath has a strong activemunity forum to answer your specific tech questions relating to software but blue prism doesn have their own forum at this point of time. UiPath follows ReFrameWork while Blueprism follows ROM Architect. UiPath explorer is not as robust as Blue Prism application modeller but over the period of time you will find UiPath is easier to work due to direct edit on target scripts The UiPath based on Microsoft workflow foundation which lets process designer to automate task quickly while Blue Prism requires objects to be developed for any new changes If you have applications hosted in citrix then UiPath is a better tool to use because UiPath incorporate AI on theirputer vision where the elements are identified much precisely then Blue Prism Blue Prism provides ability to reuse modular software objects which could be configured by the developer with very little effort which lead to increase in productivity of bot development within the firm. UiPath hase up with UiPathGo where you could find different workflows code snippets connectors ML Components etc built by different minds across the globe. All theseponents are reviewed and approved by UiPath. Blue Prism version 6 has advanced its spying capabilities but UiPath approach seems to be more intuitive on a given problematic applications or platforms. UiPath development provides integration to an external Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools like Microsoft team foundation server while blue prism integrates with vendor supplied VBO. Image recognition and OCR in UiPath is much better then Blue Prism. However blue prism 6 has started to bring inputer vision technology to strengthen surface automation programs. Speed of implementation and development in UiPath is 2X thenpared to Blue Prism due to lack of recording capabilities in Blue Prism. Recorder helps if the business process is monotonous and doesn require too many decision capabilities. If there is a pop up in your process then each pop window requires objects to be built in Blue Prism before using them while it easy to incorporate changes in UiPath quickly The UiPath technical architecture is more modern then Blue Prism this you will know when working with both the tools The UiPath uses web based orchestrator to manage the bots while in Blue Prism the studio and the control are bundled within the same client software. Blue prism has custom calendar as an input for scheduling bots while UiPath lacks this feature In Blue Prism controller processes needs to be overridden to previous version in order to achieve the roll backs while UiPath supports multiple versions of same process and easier to roll back. If there is a situation where you need multiple versions to co-exist then UiPath orchestrator can handle such situations unlike blue prism controller. Blue prism is forward in terms of Robot credential maintenance. The Blue prism provides change password process and login agents where bots credentials can be changed at a specific time period without the knowledge of humans. To achieve this in UiPath you have to use CyberArk a paid service. UiPath orchestrator reporting is more modern which uses single page application (SPA) and very responsive with drill down capabilities. Blue prism provides custom dashboard but there are limitation with data collection and visualization & navigation is not very user friendly UiPath is based on .Net 4.6 released by Microsoft in 215 while Blue Prism version 5 based on .Net 4. released by Microsoft in 21 Both these tools are moving towards cognitive analytics. UiPath offers Google Text Analysis IBM Watson Text Analysis and Microsoft Text Analysis. Expert System Partners with Blue Prism to Extend RPA Reach with Cognitive Computing. Both tools have good set of partners who can help you setup and succeed for your automation needs. ordered-list Hope that gives you a perspective about these two tools and their capabilities. Note I am not representing any of the RPA tools mentioned above. All the differences are solely based on my experience and understanding of the tools. s s
How were RPA tools such as UiPath originally developed? From which Windows libraries did they extract the text (e.g. based on Win32 API or MS UI automation or pure OCR).
Well it abination of different Microsoft libraries. For instance Blue Prism can automate Browser Java Windows and Mainframe applications. A browser application can be automated using Active Accessibility UIA (UI Automation) HTML Window and Region modes. To be able to use these modes Blue Prism product has the packaged dll files in it Blue Prism automate folder. Similarly Blue Prism uses ehllapi hllapi dll to automate IBM mainframes. The list goes on and on. If your question is pertaining to the underlying technology of either Blue Prism or UIPath they were originally built using either WPF or Winform. The queue system most likely message queues and themunications managed using WCF. I hope this helps.
What is the new generation of RPA-powered customer service?
For any of the RPA activity there will be 3 stages Input Actual Process and the Output. Earlier RPA was limited to structured data inputsing either from excel database word digital PDF or email formats and had limitations for Citrix automation. The new generation of RPA has concentrated much on adapting to various forms of inputs like images and other unstructured data ( in PDF also) which was made possible with the powerful OCR (Abbyy) integration with tools like Blueprism with accuracy more than 97%. Also the Citrix automation has be most reliable with the latest advancements from tools like UiPath. Machine Learning features for processing bulk volume of invoices of both structured and unstructured formats are easily feasible from IQ bots of Automation Anywhere. Many Artificial Intelligence skills has been integrated with Blueprism as futuristic technology assests like Microsoft vision and analytics Google vision and translator IBM Watson and lots more which enhances the productivity and expands the boundaries of RPA. RPA control room to monitor and deploy bots has be handy with mobile apps from UiPath and Automation Anywhere which has made life easier. RPA tools hadpatability issues with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which is not the case with latest versions. With numerous evolution of features now RPA can amodate various s of inputs to give the desired outputs with minimal exceptions even if the applications are hosted in Citrix along with customizable dashboards for analytical purposes. Further you may refer to few of the mentioned features exploration on my YouTube channel along with RPA-Python incorporation. Vishal Raghav s (Click on the hyper)