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What is the best way to read a PDF document and extract text and preserve layout and formatting in C#?
Using for .NET s library you can extract and preserve layout and formatting. Sample code PdfDocument doc = new PdfDocument(); code (@); code code StringBuilder buffer = new StringBuilder(); code code foreach (PdfPageBase page in ) code code (()); code code code (); code String fileName = ; code (fileName ()); code The library also has the ability to extract from a given area see this article for more information Extract Text from a Specific Rectangular Area in PDF using C# s
What are the best OCR programs for Mac?
ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac ordered-list It can precisely recognize and retain layout with a support of more than 18 languages. You can export scanned documents to TXT XSLX EPBU HTML PDF etc. Even in the process of converting editor will enable you to improving the quality by correcting brightness reducing ISO noise etc to improve the OCR accuracy. Price$ 2. Cisdem PDF OCR Converter It is an enhanced PDF OCR software to convert any PDF and s 696 933
What is the best OCR software for PDF to ePub conversion right now?
If you do not mind paying for dedicated software I would go for Readiris Pro 16 it offer prettyprehensive package and have really powerful OCR engine. It also support PDF-ePub output
How do you convert a PDF to a Word file in high quality to give you the same output as the PDF?
Use professional programs. For Mac users-Cisdem PDF Converter OCR It is a mac program allowing users to convert both native and scanned PDF into Word and other 15 file formats in batch with original file quality well retained. s For Windows users-Foxit PDF A PDF editor with a converter allowing users to export PDF as editable Word format also to other Microsoft Office formats with original layout formatting well preserved. s Also you can use Adobe or online free tools to convert PDF to Word s .
How can I convert a scanned PDF into Microsoft Word?
You will need to do OCR on PDF s or put it simply you need to use an OCR program to recognize the scanned and export as Word or other editable formats. If you are Adobe Acrobat user you can open the scanned PDF with Adobe it will automatically do OCR on the scanned PDF then go to ToolsExport PDF and choose Word as the output. If you require high on OCR results you can try professional OCR programs such as Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac ABBYY FineReader for Windows they are both easy to use just import the files and choose output then convert. If you are not working on highly private files you can try online free OCR service such as online2pdf freeocr onlineocr just Google and pick one.
What are the best GIF-to-text file converters?
I would suggest you go with the mini GIF to TXT OCR Converter- Choose mini GIF to TXT OCR Converter? mini GIF to TXT OCR Converter is an easy to use OCR application for creating editable and searchable files from scanned documents PDF files and digital camera PDFs mini GIF to TXT OCR Converter is the choice. mini GIF to TXT OCR Converter supports following conversion options 1. Original layout without boxes (Best) 2. Text only (No Images) 3. Original layout with boxes (Fastest) 4. Flow with boxes 5. Exact layout with boxes 6. Flow without boxes 7. Continuous without boxes 8. OCR PDF file (Language English) 9. OCR PDF file (Language French) 1. OCR PDF file (Language German) 11. OCR PDF file (Language Italian) 12. OCR PDF file (Language Spanish) 13. OCR PDF file (Language Portuguese) mini GIF to TXT OCR Converter features Able to convert scanned PDF files scanned Image files and non-scanned PDF files to editable Word documents. Convert PDF to Word and preserve the original layout of your PDF in an editable Word document. Several PDF to Word conversion options are available. Convert PDF to Rich Text Format (RTF) or Word Format the PDF to RTF feature allows users to convert large PDF documents faster than the PDF to Word option. The PDF to Word conversion is processed at a very high speed. Convert entire document or only a specific page range. GIF to TXT OCR Converter supports most Windows and Office platforms - 98 both 32bit and 64bit systems. Convert PDF files into Microsoft Word and RTF formats. Support conversion from encrypted PDF files and password protected documents. Convert PDF documents to word formats Fast Accurate Free Trial. Retain original page layout. Batch conversion of multiple PDF documents to word files. Support drag and drop of files. Create full layout Word document and only Word document. Character recognition accuracy is more than 98% in the OCR engine. Page layout reconstruction accuracy is good enough. OCR engine is support English French German Italian Spanish Portuguese languages. miniPDF Document Imaging (Scan and Edit Documents) application includes lots of powerful s are displayed and can be saved as a single or multipage TIFF file or in many othermon graphics formats including JPEG GIF PNG and BMP etc. miniPDF Document Imaging is a perfectpanion to our GIF to TXT OCR Converter software. Free Download Link- GIF to TXT OCR Converter does convert GIF files to TXT files
How can I convert a PDF to a Nook-readable file without the PDF's line separations creating new paragraphs in the Nook's file?
I would like to add this newer information which I have learned since I wrote the answer below I now use the Calibre ( download Calibre s ) program for converting PDF files into EPUBs. When you do the conversion you can choose things like paragraph separations etc. Older information If you are using Microsoft Windows If the PDF file consists of s and formatting ideally preserved. Once these files have been converted you can use Microsoft Word (or one of the other free word processors such as Apache OpenOffice ( ) to convert it to an epub e-book. If you would like to try converting it online you could use ConvertFiles free online file converter or Zamzar - Free online file conversion PDF to EPUB.