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What are all apocryphal Plato’s books?
Apocrypha by Plato (u3au3bbu3acu3c4u3c9u3bd); Lucius Apuleius s It is not generally agreed whether Plato was the author of any of these books. I. Hippias Major (or Greater Hippias) II. Second Alcibiades (or On Praying) III. Theages IV. The Rivals (or Rival Lovers) V. Hipparchus VI. Minos VII. Clitopho (or Clitophon) VIII. The Epistles (13 Letters) IX. Epinomis (or The Philosopher) X. Axiochus (or On Death) XI. On Virtue XII. On Justice XIII. Sisyphus (or Upon Taking Counsel) XIV. Demodocus XV. Definitions XVI. Timaeus Locrus (or The Treatise of Timaeus the Locrian On the Soul of the World and Nature)- They are for free listening and download. IF I give more details Quara will ban it as spam and advertising. LibriVox | free public domain audiobooks s s s M4B Audiobook part 1 (222MB) s n M4B Audiobook part 2 (26MB) s ordered-list External_metadata_update 219-3-1T132439Z Identifier apocrypha_165_librivox Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11. Ppi 6 Run time 153129 LibriVox italic audiobooks are read by volunteers from all over the world. ... LibriVox italic audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to on theirputers iPods or other ...