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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing docker build -f flag


How can I generate a bootable iso from a Docker image?
What a fun challenge let ignore boring questions such why would you want to do that and try to do it. My first intuition is that we can use the docker into an initramfs file. 2.- Create some sort of init program. 3.- Get some sort of kernel. 4.- Get some sort of bootloader. all together into an iso. Before starting let spend a couple minutes doing some tooling setup. I will try to usemon tools on any linux but I will need some weird programs Docker version cpio version syslinux version 6.4 (and consequently mtools version ). git version . If youre going to follow alongside with me make sure you have them installed. Convert the save initramfs code First wemitted the last ran container into an into a tar file. Now $ tar xf code $ ls code a9af2d699eb71f4a3c158ff39ed4cd7ced36a5cbfa383aacc931f455a395 code code code code 39c8a893588d75c746ab712c53edf61149745bca52dcc8d2e8e4385499ed166a code repositories code $ cat repositories code initramfslatesta9af2d699eb71f4a3c158ff39ed4cd7ced36a5cbfa383aacc931f455a395 code Those two folders are the layers of the . Now let add a file in the root folder named init with the following content #! code code code mount -t proc none code mount -t sysfs none code code code cat <