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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing docker-compose up


What does Docker compose up do?
Docker Compose is a function provided by Docker which allows multiple containers to be made active such that a web application server for instance can be installed with other Docker containers for services it relies on; MYSQL a Proxy etc. It requires the creation of a file which provides the specifications of all the containers necessary. Overview of Docker Compose s
Does Docker compose up pull images?
Only if it needs to. That part of why it so useful you can just run your bundle without worrying about manually installing anything other than docker dockerpose.
When I use "docker-compose up" command I get "client and server don't have same version (client: 1.14, server: 1.12)" error but the client and server both have the same version 1.12. What can I do?
This is an issue of docker API version used by dockerpose being higher than that that of docker daemon listening to way to fix is this to use an older version of is my example but with different version mismatchn$ dockerpose upnclient and server don't have same version (client server )nTo fix it install a lower version of dockerpose(1.2 version instead of latest 1.3 version) using followingmandnc -L s s uname -s-uname -m +x can find different version of dockerpose at dockerpose s nBased on your server version you need to try different lower versioned dockerpose until one works.