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This is a quick screencast to show you how PDF OCR ex can be used to convert images and scanned PDFs into either something searchable or something editable so I have this PDF it is produced by a scan so it's actually just an image you can't select any text here if I try to do a find let's see I'll try to do a find for facsimile and it doesn't find anything no results found that's because there's no actual text in this PDF document it's just an image that was produced by a scan so I'm gonna use PDF OCR X to make this searchable so I'll drag this onto the PDF OCR X and it's gonna ask me for my conversion options I can either choose plain text or searchable PDF I'm gonna use Church searchable PDF for now language is English it's only one page so I'm going to do them all and I'm gonna click convert and because there's no output folder selected yet it's gonna make me choose an output folder I'm gonna save it to my desktop and this should just take a second it's doing the conversion and what it's done it's going to open the result in preview so you can see I can now select text I'd be able to copy and paste that out and I can also do a search search for a facsimile and there it is found four instances of it so this is now a searchable PDF and you can see I'm gonna close this it was saved on my desktop with this scan zipped searchable PDF I could have had an overwrite the original but I just had it to append the extension there I can also convert to plain text oops cancel that and I'm gonna convert this notice how I just dragged it on top of the PDF OCR window it gives me the conversion settings and I'm gonna choose plain text this time and convert it's using the output folder that I chose last time which is the desktop and here's my plain text version you'll see that there's a couple of strings that are a couple words that didn't get properly this is OCR after all but all in all I'd say it did a pretty good job I can now edit this text and remove I can copy and paste this into Microsoft Word or do what I want with it thank you for watching this screencast for more information about PDF OCR x visit us at our website at solutions web-like see a slash PDF OCR x thank you.