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Why do people buy a Windows PC instead of a Mac, especially when not burdened by cost and platform limitations?
For my vote a non-Apple PC is infinitely better than an Apple PC. The reason can be summarised by the warrior poet Mel Gibson as FREEEEDOM!! However before I get to this argument I recognise that this question is tap-dancing on hallowed ground and that I risk awakening Apple disciples. I would therefore like to begin with a clear statement. I DO italic understand why some people prefer Apple. Apple products work well are reliable seamless and don't have the same hassles as Windows based PCs. I can understand that A LOT of people just want theirputer to work. They want theirputer to aplish some task - to get them from A to B. I understand why these people prefer the ease of an Apple. Everything is produced by the samepany and works well together. If you plug an Apple product into another Apple product then it works. I GET IT. HOWEVER ... and warm up your typing fingers fanboys ... to me there's a taint of ineptitude about this argument. It sounds like an admission of personal failure. This person's criticism of non-Apple PCs boils down to them being unable to use them properly. It's Microsoft's fault every time they do something stupid on Windows. My thoughts when confronted by these arguments are always the same ... Well just stop doing stupid things on Windows! People who know how to useputers italic don't do that italic . For example Apples don't get viruses italic . Well my Windowsputers don't get viruses either. You don't have to pay inflated prices to Apple to avoid viruses - just STOP DOWNLOADING THEM. If you don't want a virus then you don't need to donate your life savings to Apple - just have a firewall in place don't click on suspicious s in your email and don't download programs from the internet unless you're sure what they are. Hey presto! No viruses. I don't get them ... because I don't do the stupid things that you do. The argument for the ease of an Apple Mac is akin to someone arguing that catching limosines everywhere is better than owning a car because every time this person drives a car they crash it. Now there is nothing wrong with using limosines for transportation if you're happy to pay for the luxury and conveinience. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to drive. However your inability to crash in a limosine doesn't make them a particularly great car. In fact they're not. They're focused on providing a smooth ride - they don't have much acceleration or speed - and the driver enjoying themself isn't a priority. The other particularly irritating argument byputer illiterate people who switch to Mac is how much faster their $27 Mac is than the $3 Windows terminal at work that is clogged with antivirus software and locked by an Administrator. Now again it's OK to not want to know anything aboutputers other than that you want them to do their job but please understand thatparing a new Mac to a PC that is slower cheaper and filled with viruses and unnecessary programs is not a fairparison. It isparing your limosine with a rickshaw. You're failing to appreciate the alternatives available to you. Now there are alternatives other than crashing your own car driving a rickshaw or using limosines. You could purchase a better car than a limosine for a lot less money and learn how to drive it properly. If you don't want to learn how to drive then that's OK. It's fine to catch limosines. However please stop arguing that the ease and safety of your limosine is evidence for it being the best car in the world. If you are not particularly interested inputers and love your Mac because of how easy it is to use then that's great. But perhaps you could be less vocal in debating whichputers are better than others? Macs are not better than PCs. They are better FOR YOU because you have little interest inputers. Arguing that Macs are better than PCs because they're easier and safer forputer-illiterate people to use is like arguing a Prius is superior to a Formula One car because it's easier to drive. It may be better for you because of your personal limitations but it's still an inferior product. Now why are non-Apple PCs betterputers? In fact before we get to that why am I using the term non-Apple PC instead of Windows PC? Because a normalputer - unbranded with a fruit logo - allows you the FREEEEEDOM to install whatever operating system you want. It doesn't have to be Windows if you don't like it. You could install Linux if you desire a UNIX based operating system or even with some research Mac OS X . You can even install two operating systems and pick the one that matches your mood on the day. I've tried all of these options but right now I'm running Windows 7 because it currently does what I want ... but more on that in a second. However the real power of a non-Apple PC isn't the ability to choose your Operating System but your ability to CHOOSE EVERYTHING!! italic For this to make sense people need to understand that buying aputer is NOT a choice between purchasing a Mac from an Apple store or buying a non-Appleputer from a non-Appleputer store. You don't have to choose a PC that is already assembled and sitting on a store shelf. Unlike cars you're not limited to the currently available makes and models. You can pick the engine from one car the wheels from another and stick them into apletely different chassis. You should also understand that there's nothing unique about the engines and wheels in your Mac. There's no Apple dust inside a Mac that makes it special. They use a lot of the sameponents available to any PC builder. For example inside the latest iMac with 5K retinal display the CPU is made by Intel ( quad-core 469 i5) it's graphics card is a 2GB AMD Radeon R9 M29X it's RAM is made by Hynix and it's hard drive by Seagate . Anyone can purchaseputerponents made by these manufacturers. And if you buyputer parts from almost anyputerpany other than Apple (or Dell!!) then you are allowed to put these pieces together by yourself!?! Can you believe it! Apany will sell you their product and actually let you do what you want with it! You're allowed to use a screwdriver all by yourself - at home and everything!! Now I know what you're thinking. You'd much prefer to pay money to some entitled geek at Apple to relieve you of the headache of working aplicated screwdriver. However before you leap to this conclusion you need to understand that assemblingputer parts is ridiculously easy!! What I'm suggesting isn't similar to rmending you take out your own gallbladder at home. It's pointing out that rather than eat at McDonalds every day it is possible to buy ingredients from a supermarket and cook better meals at home. I've been building my ownputers for over twenty years - more than half my life. I have no formal training inputer repair electronics programming or anythingputer related. I simply found some instructions in a PC magazine when I was 18 years old and was dumbfounded by how easy it is. If you can work Lego - even if you're one of those people italic who use the instructions - then you can build your ownputer. It is literally clicking some plastic parts together and tightening a few screws. After snapping your lego together and pressing the power button you need to put a DVD into the DVD drive cup holder and let it do its thing. The only hard part of building your ownputer is deciding which parts you want to use. And the reason this is so hard is because unlike Apple products there is an almost infinite choice!! You can choose EXACTLY what you want for yourputer how much it costs; how powerful it is; whether you want it to be good for gaming video editing or just garden variety porn surfing. You can chooseponents to ensure it is good at what you want it do and more importantly NOT be forced to pay for hardware you don't need or slow it down with programs you don't want. In fact having total control of what programs are installed on aputer and what they can and cannot do is one of life's pleasures. Remember that feeling of having a fresh exercise book at the beginning of a new school year? That's the feeling of having a freshly installed operating system running just the programs you've chosen. By purchasing a Windows installation disk - rather than letting aputer store install the operating system and useful programs of their own choosing - you can be a dictator regarding what yourputer does and does not do. Waiting for iTunes to load and update before you can access the photos on your phone is infuriating to anyone who is used to a quick PC. It's like driving the same rickshaw that you do at work but then on the trip home racing past your limosine in a Ferrari. And the Ferrari is cheaper than your limosine and is within the reach of anyone. It's only a Google search on 'How to build a PC' and an operating system installation disk away. To demonstrate the possibilities and priceparison of Macs versus non-Apple PCs I'm going to resort to an example ... although this is largely to boast. I've just built myself twoputers. And yes I needed two. Even an amazing Mac wouldn't have handled the different tasks I need them to do. The firstputer needed to be very basic. It needed to run a single very simple program but I also wanted to use thisputer for most day to day tasks. Emails internet and arguing with people on Quora. I'm typing on it now. In reality I cobbled thisputer together from old parts left over from 2 years of PC building - which is one of the benefits to using non-Apple parts - but forparison's sake let's pretend I didn't get it for free and instead built it from scratch. Here's the parts list and prices that I would have paid for this PC (in Australian dollars) $99. Motherboard and CPU ASRock Q19B-ITX Intel Quad Core J19 Mini-ITX n $47. RAM Kingston ValueRAM 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory n $85. Hard Drive Samsung 84 EVO 12GB 2.5 SATA III SSD MZ-7TE12BW22n $85. Case and Powersupply Silverstone SG6 Black Cube Mini-ITX Case with 3W Power n $175 Monitor LG 23M45VQ-B 23 2ms HDMI Full HD LED Gaming Monitor Total cost = $491 Now if I'm looking for a Mac just to run simple programs and access the internet via a browser then I've got one of two options. I could choose the most basic iMac that I can find for $1549 or I could go for the Mac mini $699 . The Mac minies without a monitor keyboard or mouse. My monitor was $175 so let's assume Applepatible monitors are similarly priced - giving us a total cost of $874 . Let's ignore the mice and keyboards. Now I haven't even looked at the specs of these Appleputers. I'm sure they must be light years ahead of the one I built. But that's the point! If I want a basic PC without all the bells and whistles to just run the internet and the equivalent of a word processor then I can build one for under $5. Apple demands I must italic pay for the bells and whistles for at least $383 extra. And that's without having to visit the Apple store so a salesman can convince me to pay extra for some other unnecessary extravagance. Now my secondputer was the opposite. I wanted a gaming PC. If you aren't awareputer games suck power. You need a Ferrari. I didn't need to pay for top of the range but I needed it to be reasonably capable. I started with the decision that I'd build this PC around the Intel i5 469K Quad Core processor. It's a good CPU. It's not the best you can buy but it's good enough that Apple use it in their high end iMacs. But unfortunately I cannot obtain this processing speed in a normal iMac. They only go to . So I'm forced to invest in the iMac with Retina 5K display . Now I'm not sure and can't work out from the Apple website whether the is standard in this PC or if it's an additional extra but let's just assume it's standard at the rmended retail price of $2799 . Now this is a beautiful machine. If you've got one then I'm sure it's great. I'm sure you could use it to launch a Space Shuttle and render the next Pixar movie at the same time. Unfortunately I don't want it to do either of these things. I just want of CPU power to run aputer game. And again the problem is that to get theputing power I want I'm being forced to pay for things I don't want. I don't want a 5K Retinal Display. Why on earth not!?! italic I hear you scream! Why would anyone not want such a beautiful monitor? italic . Well the problem is that I want three monitors. Can I get a processer and three lesser quality monitors for $2799 please Apple? No? Well I can have three monitors and the graphics card to handle them if I choose to purchase somewhere other than the Apple Store. $575 = 3 x $175 Monitors. LG 23M45VQ-B 23 2ms HDMI Full HD LED Gaming Monitor.n $199 Graphics Card. ASUS AMD Radeon R9 27X DirectCU II TOP Overclocked 2GB Video Card Also I don't want a 3TB Hard Drive. Why not? Because I already have my important files and pictures uploaded to Google Drive AND italic stored on an external hard drive. I only want the hard drive of this particularputer to store the Operating System and aputer game. That's it. Can I get a small hard drive with a discount please Apple? No? Well I can if I purchase elsewhere ...n n $85 Hard Disk. Samsung 84 EVO 12GB 2.5 SATA III SSD Add this to the cost of my CPU Motherboard and RAM ... $315 CPU . Intel Core i5 469K Quad Core LGA 115 Unlocked CPU Processorn $239 Motherboard . ASUS Maximus VII Ranger Intel Z97 LGA 115 ATX Motherboardn $9 RAM Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 16MHz Memory Throw in a power supply upgraded CPU fan and case (and thanks for offering but I don't need an aluminum machined piece of art ... I'll be looking at the monitors rather than theputer case!!) ... $15 Power Supply . Corsair CS75M 75W 8+ Gold Modular Power Supplyn $5 Case . Deepcool Tesseract SW Mid Tower Casen $3 CPU Cooler . Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO CPU Cooler And don't forget to throw in an original Windows installation disk so we don't end up with aputer loaded with unnecessary bloatware slowing down ourputer. $129 Operating System. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 OEM 64-Bit Grand total = $1862. This is a saving of $937 pared with the Apple product running a similar processor. Yes the iMac has extra stuff that mine doesn't and maybe all that extra stuff is worth an extra $1. However this is the FREEDOM that I was talking about. I don't want those extra things. I'm being forced to pay extra for stuff I don't want. Even more annoyingly the Appleputer CANNOT do what I want it to - run a triple monitor gaming machine - and Apple won't let me adjust theponents of the Mac so that it DOES DO what I want. To get the processing power that I need Apple forces me to pay $937 extra for features that I don't need without the ability to alter the specifications so it will do what I want. This phenomenon results in two things. Firstly Apple products force you to pay more for features that you don't need. You can save a lot of money building a PC that does what you want it to without paying for features you don't want. Secondly a PC gives you a lot of extra money to spend on the features that you do want - thereby ending up with a far superior PC for the same money. Here's how I spent the extra $937 that was been saved on Apple stuff that I didn't need. And by the way all of the following photos were taken on my non-Apple smartphone plugged into myputer via a simple USB cord and accessed as though it was a USB disk. No iTunes or other unnecessary bloatware required. Here we have a triple monitor 2 degrees of motion car racing simulator. All for less than the price of a 3.5 Ghz iMac. The simple $491puter is responsible for loading my browser with Quora and Pornhub. However it also runs a simple (free and Windows only ) program that directs two electric motors ($ 22 s for both) powered by LED power supply units ($ 75 for both) on how to coordinate the movement in the game. This coordination occurs via USB inputs to Poloku 12v12 motor controllers ( $226 s for both) which in turn controls the direction and speed of the motors to match the game dynamics. In summary the seat moves in coordination with the game. It s to my gaming PC via LAN because this gives a better result than running both the game and the motor controller program on one PC. The Gaming PC has no Pornhub work to do. It is tasked with running theputer game ( free # if you purchase your Intel CPU without Apple aluminium wrapping) controlled by Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Pedals and Shifter ( $24 s ) as well as producing audio from the motherboard's output via Logitech Z56 surround sound speakers (on sale now ended for $6 s ). Again I have no electronics orputer experience. This is achievable by following Lego instructions available on the internet. It's not very hard. Now all those extra bits required to power this racing simulator works out as an additional $821 . Still $116 cheaper than the iMac. If I want twoputers required to run this setup optimally then we're at least $5 better off going with non-Appleponents. Could I build this setup with Apple hardware? Probably. BUT THEY WON'T LET ME!! They won't sell me parts to build what I need. Apple tells us what we must have whether we want it or not. The fact is if you know what you want yourputer to do and you can work Lego then you can have a better product for much less money. Your refusal to snap Lego together your inability to work a screwdriver and your inability to not download viruses DOES NOT MAKE APPLE A BETTER PRODUCT!!