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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing poppler python


How can I fix 'Installing Poppler for PDF text extraction' in Python?
Check this for procedure Convert PDF pages to with python s The poppler utilities must be installed in your operating system in order to use the Python module pdfto.
How can I install a pdftotext module in Python?
Debian Ubuntu and friends sudo apt-get install build-essential libpoppler-cpp-dev pkg-config python-dev code Fedora Red Hat and friends sudo yum install gcc-c++ pkgconfig poppler-cpp-devel python-devel redhat-rpm-config code macOS brew install pkg-config poppler code Conda users may also need libgcc code conda install -c anaconda libgcc code Windows Currently tested only when using conda Install the Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools Install poppler through conda conda install -c conda-forge poppler code Install pip install pdfto code
What are some real "free" software gems? I don't mean trial ware, but actual free software that you've found super useful that might not be well known.
Just to name a few I currently use daily or have used extensively in the past probably not well known outside the Linux scientific amateur videography and software developmentmunities. GNU operating system and programming environment FreeBSD operating system LibreOffice office productivity Write Word processor Calc Spreadsheet Impress. Presentation The GIMP editor and format converter Xsane image scanning tool Thunderbird IMAP POP3 email client Calibre e-book reader and librarian KmyMoney personal finance manager RCS simple local revision control system GIt network revision control system
What algorithmic libraries are there in C++ aside from Boost?
BDE s - The BDE Development Environment from Bloomberg L.P. (Apache License) Dlib - networking threads graphical interfaces data structures linear algebra machine learning XML and parsing numerical optimization Bayesian nets and numerous other tasks (Boost License) JUCE - An extensive mature cross-platform C++ toolkit (GPL License) Loki - design patterns Reason - xml xpath regex threads sockets sql date-time streams encoding and decoding filesystempression (GPL License) Yomm11 - Open multi-methods for C++11 (Boost License) Folly s - Facebook Open-source LibrarY. Library of C++11ponents designed with practicality and efficiency in mind. cxxomfort - Backports of C++ features (C++11 to C++3 and C++1y proposals to C++11++3). libsourcey - Cross-platform C++11 library for high speed networking and media encoding. HTTP WebSockets TURN STUN Symple and more... Neu - C++11 framework for AI networking and distributed objects simulation and modeling languages andpiler construction concurrency and more. Navajo s - light and powerful server for web application development (LGPL License) OnPosix - C++ library providing several abstractions (e.g. threading networking logging IPC etc.) on POSIX platforms. Ultimate++ - Cross-platform rapid application development framework Communication C++ RESTful framework s - C++ micro-framework designed to be into a wide range of applications. C++ REST SDK - asynchronous HTTP client and listener asynchronous Stream URI JSON cpp-netlib - cpp-netlib The C++ Network Library - asynchronous and synchronous networking timers serial I POCO - networking encryption HTTP; Zip files ACE ~schmidt - asynchronous networking event demultiplexing messaging CORBA wvstreams gsoap Unm - asynchronous networking high-level TCPmunication framework restful_mapper s - ORM for consuming RESTful JSON APIs in C++ zeromq - fast message queue cpp s - C++ wrapper for CURL library Apache Thrift s - The Apache Thrift software framework for scalable cross-language services developmentbines a software stack with a code generation engine to build services that work efficiently and seamlessly between C++ Java Python PHP Ruby Erlang Perl Haskell C# Cocoa JavaScript Smalltalk OCaml and Delphi and other languages. libas s - asynchronous HTTP client library Graphic user interface FLTK nana WxWidgets src doc OWLNext - Modern update to OWL for writing GUI applications in standard C++ on Windows GTK+ glibmm gtkmm goocanvasmm libglademm libgnomecanvasmm webkitgtk flowcanvas evince Qt Qt src doc qwtplot3d qwt5 libdbusmenu-qt s General Multimedia SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library) SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) Cinder Graphics cairomm nux pangomm gegl stb s Plotting plotutils Formats libraw openexr qmagick djvulibre poppler SVG++ Audio soundtouch Fingerprinting chromaprint libofa libmusicbrainz Formats audiofile flac Tagging id3lib taglib ~wheeler CD libpactdisc Video crystalhd mjpegtools libmatroska libVLC gstreamermm 3D Graphics Ogre3D OpenGL GLEW OpenGL function loading GLFW OpenGL window manager GLM Header only C++ mathematics library for rendering assimp 3D model loading VTK Magnum C++11 and OpenGL graphics engine Irrlicht Horde3D Game Engine Architecture EntityX s Anax s Internationalization IBM ICU get Math alglib GNU MP bignum C++ interface #C_2b_2b-Class-Interface Functions and Statistical Distributions Linear algebra Eigen Armadillo Blitz++ IT++ Dlib - linear algebra tools Graph theory LEMON OGDF - Open Graph Drawing Framework Class Library for Numbers cln Machine Learning liblinear ~cjlin Dlib - machine learning tools MLPACK - machine learning package Shogun - large scale machine learning toolbox Computational geometry CGAL - Computational geometry algorithms library Wykobi - Computational geometry library Concurrency Intel TBB OpenMP Thrust STL-like algorithms and data-structures for CUDA ViennaCL Linear algebra and algorithms with OpenMP CUDA and OpenCL backends VexCL s C++ expression templates library for OpenCL and CUDA s (unofficial) STL-like algorithms and data-structures for OpenCL libopenmpi libsimdpp s HPX s A general purpose C++ runtime system for parallel and distributed applications of any scale Containers
What's the best way of copying data from a PDF into a spreadsheet?
If the PDF contains formatted data that can be characterized in rows and columns the best way would be to convert it to with a tool like the Poppler utilities pdftomand then parse the data into cells or rows and write it out as a spreadsheet using the Excel spreadsheet writer module for the programming language you work in. This not trivial but it is effective for processing PDF forms where the data layout in the conversion is predictable and consistent. I wrote one many years ago in Perl mapping the flow onto a Finite State Machine parser graph. To add data analyses I Excel formulae in the output which simplified my program and allowed the user to modify the parameters in the spreadsheet instead of having static data. Python also has an Excel spreadsheet module and Im sure some other languages do too. Writing directly in .xls or .xlsx format is the best because you can formulae as well as data and the output will load directly into the spreadsheet. The second best and simplest way to do this would be to skip importing and learning to program with the spreadsheet module and just write out the parsed data as a. CSV Character Separated Value file. CSV files can be easily imported into any spreadsheet but contain only data in row layout. Ive written programs that do that too for use with end user programs other than Excel. Once 3 years ago I wrote an inference engine in LISP that wrote out a file formatted for input into a dBASE database.