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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing docker-compose build


Does Docker compose build?
Builds (re)creates starts and attaches to containers for a service. Unless they are already running thismand also starts any ed services. The docker - pose upmand aggregates the output of each container (essentially running docker - pose logs -f )
What is the difference between a docker-compose build and a docker build?
Docker allows applications to be run in a virtual container isolated from other applications but still sharingmon functionality provided by the underlying operating system. Dockerpose allows you to run multiple Docker containers together on a single machine in a software-defined network. See Overview of Docker Compose s for more details.
Is Kubernetes viable for local development, or is it better to keep going with docker-compose and build an IMG when the time comes?
It has recently became even easier to develop locally using kubernetes Docker has recently integrated kubernetes into docker-for-mac Deploy to Kubernetes s Currently only available on the mac `edge` version of docker it allows you to easily run k8s locally! after installing docker click `Preferences`- `Kubernetes` - `Enable Kubernetes` and it should be ready for development in a couple of minutes
Why would or wouldn't you build your development environment with Docker Compose?
First of all Compose is just a flavor of Docker like any others ones. Before you decide to use it you must take the pros and cons analysis As the debate still going on the Paas vs Docker personally Paas was and still efficient as i used Pivotal Cloud Foundry for some projects on Springboot but i think all developers will end up choosing containers to create and load apps. For instance when using a container management program to deploy your app you can code in any language and use anyponent you like whereas PaaS solutions typically limited you to a few languages andponents. Ok see Docker has its own downsides important to notice if you're considering migrating to Compose Docker. But let me be clear this is my own points even if i think Compose is a great platform. Some container products don't work with other ones usually due topetition between thepanies that back them Its clear that Containers better than virtual machines and less overhead but they're are still slow Anyway Compose is good for Multi-container descriptor Fast development environment setup Easy ing of containers and configs Simple yaml configuration so easy to make services config Easy setup and scalable good to run several instances of one container Use Standard Docker API Open source for sure Go from template to application in minutes Kubernetes integration
What is containerization and how can I build container images using Docker and Docker Compose?
The concept of application containerization requires isolating application instances on the same operating system. It is different from virtual machines as applications share the operating system (OS) kernel. Containers run across different operating systems and diverse infrastructure such as bare-metal virtual private server (VPS) and cloud platforms. A container has files an environment plugins and libraries that enable an isolated software instance to run. Collectively theseponents constitute an s and use a reliable consistent method of creating s. Further you may want to containerize multiple heterogeneous containers. This tutorial s gives you a walkthrough of the basics of containerization building Docker images from Dockerfiles and container networking.