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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing best docker tutorial


What is the best Docker tutorial for a developer?
I found the following really useful Learn Docker & Containers using Interactive Browser-Based Labs | Katacoda s Get Started Part 1 Orientation and setup s Docker for Beginners - Linux
What are the best free resources to learn Docker?
Docker's rising popularity has left its name buzzing around the tech world for the last couple of years. So our team at Scalable Path s decided to create an easy and accessible resource for people looking to get started with Docker on windows. Before you get started it important to understand the basics. In order to fullyprehend what Docker is and how it functions you also need to understand containers. So let's start with that. What are containers? Containers perform operating system level virtualization (also known as containerization). Containers are an abstraction at the application layer that packages code and dependencies together. Multiple containers can run on the same machine and operating system sharing the kernel with other containers each running as isolated processes in the user space. In simpler terms containers are a way to help developers deploy applications quickly and reliably from differentputing environments. I.e. from a personalputer to the code testing environment. Containers are bing increasingly more popular due to these benefits Containers are faster and lighter to ship as they house the minimum requirements to run your application. Containers can be versioned shared and archived. Build configurations are managed with declarative code. Containers can be built and extended on top of pre-existing containers. Containers are instantly started as they carry a much smaller blueprint than Virtual Machines. What is Docker? With the rise of the container trend came Docker. In 213 Docker creator Solomon Hykes released the first version of the tool. Since then Docker has grown enormously in popularity because it is such a simple and intuitive tool. Docker has surpassed all other containerization tools by a landslide. Docker enables you to spend less time on configuration and more time on building software. It allows you to build up independent containers that will interact with each other seamlessly with accuracy and speed. It is a fast and consistent way to accelerate and automate the shipping of software. And it saves developers from having to set up and configure multiple development environments each time they test or deploy. Simply put Docker makes it easier to create deploy and run applications using containers. It is bing increasingly more popular because it allows independence between applications environments infrastructure and developers. How can you get started? You can use Scalable Path resource for free. It is a step-by-step ge through the process of setting up a container environment. We demo all of this in a Windows environment using an Official Microsoft Site Core application and a Redis container. Don worry though many of the concepts we go through in this article apply equally to non-Windows developers such as must-know Dockermands running your first containerposing containers and Orchestration tools. The examples serve to illustrate concepts that are valid across platforms. You can find the ge here s . I hope my answer was helpful and good luck with getting started with Docker!
What is the best tutorial for Docker, Chef, & DevOps?
First one which docker rmends Play with docker classroom which is inspired by the Docker Playground where you can create five instance to play around docker and docker swarm for four hours all for $ cost. Credits to Docker Captain 3 Marcos Nils & Jonathan Leibuisky for building this amazing tool for Docker Community. You can start with the beginner level andplete the advanced level to get the good glimpse of docker and how you can think of using it for your infrastructure using these interactive tutorials. There is best paid training and consultation on the Docker Kubernetes Advanced Linux Linux Kernel etc. technologies by CloudYouga Trainings . I have done a course from them and it is amazing withplete in-depth details of the concept. And they are planning to add more course in their portfolio related to DevOps. For introductory course in devops Intro to DevOps s by Udacity to understand the terminology and architecuter to address the problems. Another one is Introduction to DevOps s on edX which is part of the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Front-End Web Development italic . This Udemy course Docker Technologies for DevOps and Developers - Udemy s is good to understand the docker terminology and Devops skills to apply the right workflow and better deployment. Other course Docker for Professionals The Practical Ge - Udemy s Learn new technologies right in your browser by Katacoda - Interactive Learning Platform for Software Engineers s is one of the best interactive tutorial for docker and its related technologies. This is personally my favorite because I could test my deployment and then go and catch for the pros and cons of the system. Wonderful idea. And the best part is you could write your own interactive tutorial using Katacoda s which they called scenario using this platform. Ship your Apps with Confidence by Codeship s is a Continuous Integration Platform in the cloud. They have tag line Building for the builders which states everything and this is one of the best platform for CI and parallel deployment. Stay up to date with everything about docker by another Docker captain Ajeet Singh Raina Docker Captain Blog s which teach you about docker on raspberry pi IoT devices LinuxKit InfraKit docker on aws azure digital ocean etc. etc. Collabnix is conglomerate of open collaboration & LINUX. Lot of enthusiasm and energy tips and tricks and perfect ge to IT infrastructure system management integration and automation etc. For Chef Learn Chef Rally s# is from Chef to Continuous Automation to DevOps 3 satisfy your hankerin to learn more. Some other course or tutorials for docker devops chef are Docker curriculum - Docker for Beginners s#table-of-contents Docker Tutorials and Labs docker s Lot of paid training at DevOps training s IBM developerWorks DevOps Learn s Automating Processes with Chef s ordered-list These are best resource I have known. If I miss something please let me know so I can update the answer with P.S. Hope this will help. Thanks for asking. P.S. Awesome Docker at veggiemonk s
Which are the best startup video tutorials for Docker?
This is an era of online learning so why go for the boring classroom training? Let me get you through some best free online resources which will help you learn Docker in a simple way! So let get started! First let me get you through the basic concepts of Docker. Q What is Docker? Docker is a tool which is used to automate the deployment of applications in lightweight containers so that applications can work efficiently in different environments In case you want a basic video on Docker watch the below video s or if you wanna know in depth concepts of Docker watch the below one s Q What is Docker container? Docker Container is an executable package of application and its dependencies together. s Q What is Docker swarm? Docker Swarm is a service for containers which allows IT administrators and developers to create and manage a cluster of swarm nodes within the Docker platform. In case you want an advanced video on Docker swarm watch the below video s Q What is Dockerpose? Docker Compose is used for running multiple containers as a single service. Happy learning!!
Where can I find the best tutorials for Azure container services and dockers and beginner levels?
I recon the online decoumentation is pretty well written and practice-oriented ( Azure Container Service Documentation - Tutorials API Reference s ). So I would start my journey there. You can find hands on labs related to these Azure services here ( Microsoft s ). As containers are now part of the 73533 (Implementing Azure infrastructure solutions) exam all practice materials contain information on the subject such as Microsoft Azure Solutions (Exam 7-533) 3 9 Course Bundle s and MicrosoftLearning s or Deploying Dockerized Apps to the Azure Container Service s . There is a ton of tutorial videos on Youtube too such as this s
Where can I learn Docker?
Docker provides this same capability without the overhead of a virtual machine. It lets you put your environment and configuration into code and deploy it. The same Docker configuration can also be used in a variety of environments. This decouples infrastructure requirements from the application environment. Learn docker here Learn Docker - Best Docker Tutorials | s
Are there good YouTube channels that teach programming languages?
There are excellent YouTube channels focused on programming languages and other development tools. Here are 12 of the most popular ones #1 MIT OpenCourseWare s MIT has a great YouTube channel with tons of lectures on a wide variety of programming languages and technologies. #2 The New Boston s A popular channel that offers screencast tutorials on Java C JavaScript and other languages. If you like long video tutorials this is a good place to start. #3 Computerphile s One of my favorite channels Computerphile covers a wide range of technology concepts such as databases and information security. #4 DevTips s Travis Neilson channel focuses mainly on front end development and has some excellent CSS tutorials. Also he recently got a job at Google and documents their interview process in detail. #5 Engineered Truth s s Matthew Tran is a recent engineering graduate who focuses on helping engineers learn to code. He interviewed a lot of developers including Travis Nelson and myself. #6 s This channel has a lot of video tutorials on JavaScript technologies such as React and Redux. #7 Codecourse s This channel covers PHP and MySQL with practical examples like how to build an emerce site. #8 LevelUpTuts s This is a great resource for tutorials on PHP and WordPress. #9 funfunfunction s Fellow Quora contributor Mattias Petter Johansson user 312265 has a YouTube channel that focuses on JavaScript and functional programming. #1 Coding Tutorials 36 s This channel has screencast walkthroughs of how toplete coding challenges on sites like Free Code Camp and Code Combat. #11 Coding Rainbow s Daniel Shiffman channel covers Python and data visualization in depth and is pretty fun to watch. #12 Free Code Camp There are tons of 2-minute whiteboard explanations of various software engineering tools and concepts on Free Code Camp YouTube channel. It tempting to dive in and binge-watch these channels. Instead I rmend you following them then gradually watch their videos gradually over time. Watching videos can trick you into feeling like youre making progress with your programming skills but it a supplement - not a substitute - for actually spending time programming. I only write about programming and technology. If you italic follow me italic I won waste your time. italic