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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing docker tutorial point


Are there good YouTube channels that teach programming languages?
There are excellent YouTube channels focused on programming languages and other development tools. Here are 12 of the most popular ones #1 MIT OpenCourseWare s MIT has a great YouTube channel with tons of lectures on a wide variety of programming languages and technologies. #2 The New Boston s A popular channel that offers screencast tutorials on Java C JavaScript and other languages. If you like long video tutorials this is a good place to start. #3 Computerphile s One of my favorite channels Computerphile covers a wide range of technology concepts such as databases and information security. #4 DevTips s Travis Neilson channel focuses mainly on front end development and has some excellent CSS tutorials. Also he recently got a job at Google and documents their interview process in detail. #5 Engineered Truth s s Matthew Tran is a recent engineering graduate who focuses on helping engineers learn to code. He interviewed a lot of developers including Travis Nelson and myself. #6 s This channel has a lot of video tutorials on JavaScript technologies such as React and Redux. #7 Codecourse s This channel covers PHP and MySQL with practical examples like how to build an emerce site. #8 LevelUpTuts s This is a great resource for tutorials on PHP and WordPress. #9 funfunfunction s Fellow Quora contributor Mattias Petter Johansson user 312265 has a YouTube channel that focuses on JavaScript and functional programming. #1 Coding Tutorials 36 s This channel has screencast walkthroughs of how toplete coding challenges on sites like Free Code Camp and Code Combat. #11 Coding Rainbow s Daniel Shiffman channel covers Python and data visualization in depth and is pretty fun to watch. #12 Free Code Camp There are tons of 2-minute whiteboard explanations of various software engineering tools and concepts on Free Code Camp YouTube channel. It tempting to dive in and binge-watch these channels. Instead I rmend you following them then gradually watch their videos gradually over time. Watching videos can trick you into feeling like youre making progress with your programming skills but it a supplement - not a substitute - for actually spending time programming. I only write about programming and technology. If you italic follow me italic I won waste your time. italic
How is Docker's development moving so fast?
Docker development has grown this quick because of what it has in the offering. Because it can be adopted by almost anypany. AND if there arepanies which are not able to adopt it right now then its just a short wait for them. Because every now and then there is a new version and each version is much more useful than the previous one. So a lot of folks who have not given enough appreciation for Docker have changed their opinion. But enough with this sales pitch let me ex technology-wise why Docker is the goto containerization & deployment tool. Docker can containerize just about anything in the DevOps lifecycle. Before I ex what it can containerize let me tell you why anything is containerized. Because containerization makes the software application Light-weight . Less processing on the servers. Faster. Response time for boot-up is very less. Scalability . Onemand for increasing decreasing the no. of instances. Reliability . Consistent environment results in lesser production probs. Shipping . Easily transportable. If your not able to relate to any of these points check out this video I recorded. s Also you can read this blog Docker Tutorial | Introduction To Docker & Containerization | Edureka s . Getting back to what can Docker containerize? It can just about containerize anything and everything. Can Dockerize all top IT technologies. Like Splunk Jenkins and a 1 more ordered-list I rest my case here. You canment any disagreements doubts. Happy learning )
What are the common use cases of Docker?
The secret is out on howpanies can ship software often On average teams that use Docker containers ship software seven times more often than their counterparts. That good news but it begs the question How do organizations use containers. We turned to John Willis Technical Evangelist at Docker to find out. Here he shares his experiences working with businesses adopting this new technology. Ann What are some of the mostmon ways organizations are using Docker containers today? John I think amon use case is the use case I fell in love with when I first learned about Docker containers. I had been looking for the ability to run integration tests at scale. The original Docker container success story was around apany continuous integration testing. They would test a database at the same table state about a thousand times. Using traditional virtualization this kind of testing was taking days. Since containers can substantiate in milliseconds they could now run their thousand state tests in less than 5 minutes. The other aspect of this is that before Docker doing something like this with containers was veryplex. Gluing together all the things needed to get containers working properly was quite hard. Docker has made all of that work very simple. Now you can just download the Docker binary and have Docker containers running in minutes and be able to jump right into some of these exotic integration tests. And with things like IBM Urban Code Deploy people can make use of containers in ways no one ever dreamed of. For example in integration testing there is this concept of rebasing. The idea is you get to a state test and then you rebase back to the original state. With Docker containers you have the ability to change those states in less than a second enabling testing in ways that could never be done before. The second use case is around an immutable delivery model meaning that developers on their laptop can create applications as part of a service and when theymit that code theymit it in a binary format a Docker image. And at that point if it goes green through the pipeline to production the developer knows that the same binaries that they ran and tested on their laptop are the same binaries that went into production. This is an extension of accelerating the test pipeline shipping to production exactly what you built and tested. You are starting to see a lot ofpanies adopting this approach. The thirdmon use case is container as service either on premises or in the cloud. With the Docker Trusted Registry customers can build up a collection of pre-built binaries that organizations can share almost like an app store for data. One of the best scenarios Ive seen so far is at a large financial institution that has about 12 data scientists. It always been difficult for their data scientists to figure out what is the right tool for a certain of data. In some cases data might work well with Hadoop in other cases it might be Spark or R; there new technologiesing out everyday. So what this organization has done is set up containers as a service sandbox for data scientists. So the scientists can pull 3 or 4 different Docker containers and run different tools against the same set of data very easily. This not only accelerates the speed at which these scientists can experiment with data but also widens the breadth of experimentation they can do. In the past it might take weeks to set up one run with a particular tool; with containers as a service scientists can now run multiple experiments in a single day. In summary the speed efficiency and lightweight nature of containers are helping to expose incredible opportunities for people to be innovative in new ways. Ann What is the best way for organizations to get started implementing their container strategy? John I think the first thing is to start playing with the technology and learn from our online Docker training and Getting Started tutorial. Kick the tires on your laptop. IBM offersmercially supported Docker solutions hosted Docker based container services as well as professional services to help organizations understand bigger architecture and process implications. Ann What are some of the mostmon mistakes organizations make when implementing their container strategy? John I think this is very similar to when we first saw people go to cloud. You have to be careful not to try to forklift legacy applications into new technology. With cloud we saw people try to port legacy applications as is to the cloud and the results were best case ugly worse case disastrous. With some of these new technologies where you get the benefit is in thinking differently with regards to how you want to implement and manage things. So the first mistake might be taking legacy thinking andbining it with a new technology and assuming that going to be a win. A better approach is to understand the techn s More Docker Tutorials for Beginners Introduction to Docker Container - tetratutorials s Docker Tutorial for Beginners What is Docker Container? - Part 1 s ordered-list
Which sites are good for learning Java?
From my experience avoid Youtube and other websites like Newboston tutorial points official docs. Instead take some course on Udemy. If you dont want to pay the price then the same content will be available in freetutorialus (torrent files) but may take time downlaoding. But Java Brains (youtube channel) is an exception. Its a must for JEE Spring Boot Microservices (no core Java tought here). I myself learned from Newboston youtube videos tutorialspoint javapoint and many others. But later understood that most are outdated and unorganized. You may get stuck somewhere after each learning. Summary Core java any Udemy course or OCJP by Kathy Sierra Spring and Hybernate (Java framework and ORM respectively) Java Brains Points 1 and 2 (2 will take 3 months to learn) will fetch a decent job(1k salary off campus for avg fresher). Points 3 and 4 will take 3 months to learn and fetch a better job(1312k). These are for no-prog-knowledge. I had Android knowledge so took only 3.5 months to learn points 234. To get exceptional jobs(334k begining 531lakh rs in 132 yrs) you will have to learn Data Structures and Algorithms (CTCI + Geekforgeeks) Java in depth (Katherine Sierra OCJP book is what I studied) These will take 132 years to learn and practice I believe Update on 27 Dec 218 I am now 1 months into professional software engineering. Backend Developer Job (in order) Core Java Advanced Java Junit Git Maven Hybernate Spring Microservices Devops Job (= Automation+Configuration Mgmt+Virtualisation+Containerisation+Orchestration+Cloud) (in order) Linux + Git Maven Jenkins Ansible Nagios Vagrant Docker Kubernetes AWS Developer Certification Data Scientist ML DL etc Or Take masters in Statistics and directly be a Data is for people interested in Mathematics. Update on 22 Mar 22 I am now 2.1 years into professional software engineering. (The question has been changed and been merged with different questions from the original one ever since posted). italic Worked 1 year in a startup and 1 year in a servicepany. Both in Java-Hibernate-SpringBoot-Msql as an execution of my plan to get in depth knowledge of atleast 1 techstack before trying to get into Google as SDE1. Well things are going as planned. Got interview calls from Amazon Goldman Sachs Paypal Flipkart Morgan Stanley BlackHawk. Got referred at Microsoft DEShaw Hackerrank. Katherine Sierra OCJP + CTCI + GFG is the formula. Wish I had known this 2 years back! Some info that might help 12 interviews in 14 days Vyshnav Ramesh on LinkedIn #lockdown22 #datastructures #algorithms | 15ments s Resume that fetched me interviews Vyshnav Ramesh posted on LinkedIn s Update on 19 Sep 22 With 2.8 YOE enjoying a good ride with backend systems. Currently dealing with 2+ microservices in an event driven system following event sourcing CQRS SAGA pattern. All services deployed on AWS so yeah dealimg with SNS SQS Kinesis S3 Looking forward to develop system design skills by taking design stories! Hot news Algorithm + System design + 3yoe can fetch you 45LPA TC SDE2 job. You can start from 35LPA and negoatiate your way with HR to 45LPA depending on yourpetitve offers. Some info that might help Salary range for an SDE in India Vyshnav Ramesh posted on LinkedIn s
What problem was Kubernetes built to solve?
Put simply desired state management of containers. Way back in the day (pre-213) with Linux containers it wasn trivial to take binaries and execute them as a container while providing all of the necessary support mechanisms for serving applications. Along came docker which added some of those features as an easy to use abstraction layer that hides the primitives in the Linux kernel that actually implement containerized processes. It also included connectivity options (i.e iptables manipulation) that provided an easy way to exposing services as well as functionality to provide data persistence. For simple use cases life was good. But taking a container s) into a single cluster ready to accept workloads and providing the capability of maintaining the desired state of deployed container(s). State the number of containers you like to keep running (or containers deployed together that should stay together) and K8s will keep them running regardless of OS issues hardware failures or container failures. Over time it has taken on more functionality as a platform as other ecosystem tools that integrate with base functionality have emerged to provide even more capability (like service meshes distributed global namespace file systems secrets management etc.). It now is for lack of a better term the de-facto standard in container orchestration for on-premises and cloud container deployments.
What are some good interview questions for a DevOps position?
Here are some - DevOps Basics What is DevOps? What are soem of the Devops best practices? What is Continuous Delivery? Provide Difference between Continuous Integration delivery and deployment? hat role does QA team plays in DevOps? What are the Coreponent of CI What may prevent 1% adoption of DevOps practices? What are the Common Practices for CI How you do change management? DevOps Tools What all major CI tools? What all major Containerization Tools? What all major Configuration Management Tools? What all major Monitoring Alerting logging and Trending Tools? What all major unit testing Tools? What all major code coverage tools? What all major Continuous Delivery Tools? Provide list of mostmonly usedpilers? What all major Collaboration Tools? How you would be choosing the DevOps tools? Why virtualization is gaining popularity? What is Hardware or Server Virtualization? Expalin Storage Virtualization? What is ESX and ESXi? Ex the ESX architechture? How to deploy a VM using template and CLI? What are major Diffrences between ESX and Hyper-V? What is cloudputing? How can you use the cloud? What is PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)? Diffrentiate Private Cloud Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud and Community Cloud? What are the Risks related to Cloud Computing? What is AWS? How to access and manage cloud infrastructure using AWS? Compare AWS and Azure? What is Ansible? What is Ansible Playbook? What is Ansible Inventory? What is Ansible modules? How does Ansible work? Why we need SCM? What is Version Control System (VCS)? What are the Types of Version Control Systems? Ex Git Architecture? What's Inside .git directory? What is git hooks how to use them? How to create a repo? How you push and gets update tofrom a reomote repo? How you merge a branch to other? What is The make utility How to craete and Write Makefile? How Maven works? What is POM? Ex Maven Build lifecycles? Scritping excercise in Python What can Jenkins do? it benefits? How to design Distributed build System using Jenkins? Ex Jenkins 3 Administration? Ex enkins - Plugins Provide some of the mostmonly used plug-ins? Ex Jenkins Job - Freestyle Project? Ex Jenkins Job 3 Pipeline Projectt31 How does Jenkins fail or pass the builds? Ex Backup and restore using Jenkins? Ex Security in Jenkins? Ex Benefits of Continuous Delivery? Database Ex DevOps and Databases? How you can automate deployment of databse changes? Ex Continuous Testing Perspective in DevOps and Agile? Diff between TDD and BDD? Basic linuxmands ordered-list
Is Docker ready for production?
Im going to answer this from the point of view of somebody who actually runs Docker containers in production. So is Docker used for production? Short answer yes. But of relevance is what percentage of Docker users are currently running in production and how easy is it to reliably use Docker in production. Besides stats from surveys you can find in various IT journals Ive been in large rooms several times (ContainerWorld 215 various meetups in Silicon Valley) when someone would ask the audience who here uses Docker? usually you get 637% response. ThenOK now keep your hands up if you use Docker in production. The response rate drops to about 15%. Will this change? Most definitely. Docker is still a young growing technology. Why the low adoption pace? It takes a while for new technology to move through from development to production (that can accountpletely though) Storage A container management etc. 1 Troubleshooting Similar to the monitoring point. Troubleshooting a process that could be 1 of 5 and is running for 5 seconds can be a major PIA. Good luck re-creating the scenario that cause a microservice to respond in an unexpected manner 1 Once you have a working setup lock in the version numbers and configurations of every aspect. Deploy your container infrastructure in a repeatable way with Ansible Do not use these silly c-bash pipes that many of the startups are suggesting as how to install their product. Hopefully this will provide some useful gance. It possible to provide reliable services over Docker; using it has it values but do not enter unknowningly or just because it seems like a cool thing. The result will be less than favorable. This really goes for anything in prod not just Docker.