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Okay this topic is related to github but it's not entirely exclusive to github I want to talk about markdown the markdown syntax so whenever you create a repo I've best practice is to create a remark down file so this dot MD that's the markdown file and this is what it renders as on the browser now HTML if you write webpages you write HTML hypertext markup language so those are the angle bracket tags that you put around things to describe them with markdown what we're getting here is this is the rendered version and if we go into the raw this is the syntax right here so this hash mark means that this line is a title and then this is just some plain text so this is my description this is my title now I'm gonna show you how to do this do it in brackets I have a plug-in in brackets called the brackets markdown preview so if you click on the little extension manager here click on that search through the available ones for brackets markdown preview it just lets you see what's you're building so I opened up my readme file and this little thing right here this is the symbol for markdown the little arrow with the M and all it means is when I click this I get to see the rendered version as well as what I'm typing here it makes it very easy to make sure that you're doing things correctly and you haven't made any typos all right so let's talk about the syntax for markdown one hash mark it's like an h1 tag to is the h2 and three and four and five and six just like h1 through h6 you can put these hash marks just make sure that you have the space following them piece of text this would be treated just like a paragraph now I jump to the next line here I hit enter but it still appeared here and that's because if you want to space out most things in markdown you need to put two carriage returns between them so that you create the the line break here that's what this extra carriage return is what moves it from being here to here there we are okay lists so we've got headings we've got paragraphs if you want to make a list we can use either a hyphen or a plus sign or an asterisks asterisks are used for other things as well so I'd recommend the plus sign or the - either one followed by a space and you'll see when I did the space this turned into a bullet there we are and if you put two spaces in front of the - or the plus or the asterisks followed by the space this will indent so you can see that you've got the different levels and if you put numbers then you get this version.