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How do I scan and email a document with a Canon printer?
How do I scan and email a document with a Canon printer? italic Hi Eva If your printer is like Brian has stated a 3 in 1 here is the info you need to include so that we can assist you. Model number of the printer I hope it is a Pixma as that is the only one I can assist you with. What OS are you running? Don just say Mac or Windows tell us the version number you are using as well. Have you installed the Drivers and software that came with your printer? If not did you go to the Canon Global site and download and install it before responding so that you are ahead of the game when we attempt to assist you. Hope to hear from you soon!
How can I set up a Canon printer easily?
First decide if you would like to set the printer up in wired mode or wireless mode. Either way visit the Canon website and download the drivers for your printer. If you want to use the USB cable then plug the printer in and install the drivers. Done! If you want to connect to it via a network then install the driver follow the instructions on the screen to put the printer into network connection mode choose your Wi-Fi SSID Enter the password and done! In case you have connected your Canon printer via network and if you are not able to scan then use the IJ Scan Utility for it (available on the same driver download page).
I just purchased Canon PIXMA tr4522 printer set up. Everything worked perfectly in my mojave OS. I downloaded the driver from Canon support. However, I cannot get it to print wirelessly. Is there anything software needed?
There are no drivers for that printer model made for Macintoshputers. Apple writes the only drivers available for your Machines. What you likely downloaded was the software package. The only things in that package that are really useful are the easy wireless setup program and the IJ Scan Utility lite. The easy wireless setup is only useful to get the printer connected to the wifi ( if you couldn't figure it out on your own) and the IJ Scan Utility enables you to use all the scanning options that Apple's Image Capture program is ignorant of. By the sounds of the question you likely have 2 copies of the printer drivers on yourputer and only 1 of them work. I would have you go into your System Preferences - printers and scanners window and see for yourself. If there are 2 remove the one with the red or yellow dot. Leave the one with a green dot. If this doesn't fix it call 1-8- OKCANON. We will get you squared away.