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What programming approach can I use to convert a set of HTML items (images, texts, etc.) with JavaScript/CSS animations into a good mp4 video, the exact same way does?
To create an mp4 video out of DOM elements on the browser is possible but a very convoluted process. First to create a video youre going to need to have bitmap s. This in itself is not trivial though there are libraries for that but on top of that youll have to turn animated DOM elements into a set of fixed states that can each be captured as an s into a video which mean that they have to be encoded. There are some encoders that work client side so they can take your s to an encoding service and send the result to the user. Im not super familiar with Canva but I am willing to bet that they do everything server side they have some constraints as to what can be animated and how so they don have to build a system that can deal with every possiblebination of animatable web things.
How can I show the brand text behind the image when remote images are not allowed in email?
To show if But there is another way to embade in your html. Use the
What is JSON?
I have a friend who had a really italic hard time wrapping his head around JSON because he never worked with it and even though weve studied Computer Science together programming hasn been his strongest suit. No matter how hard I tried exing what it is with words in the end he still thinks it someplicated language of mystery that only the pros know. Here my take at exing JSON for the layman horizontal-rule The Concept of JSON Imagine the country Norway italic wanting to send some important piece of information to the country Spain italic . Now how do they go about doing this? Norway could send the message in Norwegian italic and let Spain find a person who knows both Norwegian AND Spanish and is able to translate from one language to the other. Or Norway could find someone who knows both Norwegian AND Spanish and first translate the message from Norwegian to Spanish and then send it over. In either case we need someone who knows both italic of the languages. If Norway and Spain want to send messages back and forth to each other both of them need someone who knows both of the languages. Isn that making things a bit tooplicated? What if we could make things simpler by incorporating a new italic language that both understand? That would certainly make things simpler right? Enter the lingua franca English italic . If both Norway and Spain instead use the English language to send their messages back and forth neither of them would need to know Spanish or Norwegian. It just onemon language used to understand each other. However for the sake of understanding let say that English is only the language for munication italic between the countries. When Norway receives a message in English from Spain they would still need to translate it to Norwegian because reasons! Likewise if Spain were to receive a message in English from Norway they would still have to translate it into Spanish to let say.. uhh.. to further work with their laws which are specifically in Spanish! (play along with me here) But why then learn English if theyre anyways going to translate it back to their native language? Imagine that Norway and Spain don only send message to each other but alsomunicate with France Pakistan Switzerland and Russia. All those countries have their own languages. Having to know and translate to all those languages would be pretty difficult don you think? Instead each country knows English in addition to their own language. Then any country can send a message to another country in English and then the receiving country can translate from English to their own language. There now one universal language formunication! That the idea italic of JSON. Instead of understanding how any of the programming languages work there is amon language solely used formunication. If for example PHP and Javascript want to send each other information they don need both have learnt PHP AND Javascript and translate back and forth in order tomunicate. Instead they use the lingua franca ofmunication in programming JSON to send each other messages. These message can then be translated from JSON into their respective language. You are now able to learn only one programming language in addition to themunications language JSON in order tomunicate with ANY other programming language. But hold on a second you mightve heard people say that JSON is NOT a programming language . And that is correct it is NOT ! Although the analogy with the countries works well with exing WHAT JSON is it fails at exing HOW JSON works. After all English is aplicated language that takes a lot of time to learn. The JSON language is very simple and easy to learn. So let make another analogy for the JSON language and its grammar. horizontal-rule How JSON Works Now let forgetmunication between countries for a second. Imagine your boss at your new job wants you to write him a report on all the new cars in 217. You take on the task with all your might in hopes to make a great list of all the new cars in 217! Here is what you give to your boss Text Source Car - Wikipedia s Now then I don think he be too italic pleased with it even though you put in a lot of effort gathering the information. But you gave him exactly what he asked italic for right? Yes you did a fine job. The problem italic is that your boss wants to put the list of cars into his online scrapbook and if putting all the cars and information in there wasn enough work already he now also has to actually read understand and get an overview over all the cars and their corresponding information from your wall of . Heck even reading italic and understanding italic that report alone is so off-putting! You are slightly disheartened by this considering your efforts. However you refuse to yield and decide to give your report another go. This time you turn in this organized report It got a Table of Contents colored sections and a nice format which makes the information super easy to find and read. You go and hand the report to your boss. Your boss wants to find the new Batmobile model so he opens the Table of Contents which looks like this Okay so apparently the Batmobile is located on page 3 your boss thinks. He proceeds to turn to page 3. What he finds is something similar to this There a clear title for the page and this page is divided into three headers . Everything has a good structure so finding the information is seamless and super easy! All the other cars have a similar page with the same structure. Your boss can turn to any page in the cars section and expect it to have the same structure with a description the color and an s 812 134 master_ s zoomable s 873 968 master_ s zoomable to zoom) That basically it the list of cars we want to convey in JSON format. This piece of above can be sent to any programming language and since JSON format is so popular that language will probably have the Manual on how to read JSON italic pre-built in its system. Many of these languages will also have pre-built functionality to convert any piece of into italic JSON format (so that it looks like the shown above). horizontal-rule I really hope this lengthy post helps anyone still struggling with understanding JSON and what it really is just a really simple message format. I can believe it took me 3 hours to write this that certainly wasn accounted for haha. Enjoy and share ) TL;DR JSON is like wrapping your message in a nice gift box and sending it so that anyone italic can open it and get the message.
How can I convert an image to plain text in Python?
What you're trying to do is called OCR - Optical character recognition. A quick Google gives us
How do I submit an image with form data in AngularJS through REST API?
s and send them to server you first need to convert a . feel free to contact me for any query or support Edit- these shall help How to save a base64 -from-javascript-with-php Angular 2 Javascript Best way to send -to-server-ciwde212s2wum53fknjyeww
How do I convert images in cells to text in Excel?
By hand. A basic rule when dealing with data is Keep your data separate. It a pain when all the data is in and in one cell. For example a persons name First M. Last. Now you can sort by last name or worse data and be entered in different formats Last First M.. Keeping your data separate you get . Putting the name back together is easy with a formula. YOUR problem is much harder. All the data is together in an format.
How do I convert image to text in Mac?
I use PDFScanner Simple and fast document scanning to PDF files for the Mac s It can also control a scanner but I just use it to OCR documents already scanned to PDF. FYI if you OCR a PDF using PDFScanner (or Adobe Acrobat) what you get is a PDF with and the . However you can search the document or copy from it (and on a Mac spotlight will index the document so you can find the document with a spotlight search). This is great if you want to scan paper documents and then destroy the paper. In this use the OCR does not need to be 1% successful as you still have the original image.