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How do I copy text from an image on a Windows PC?
Hello Naveen. Image to . this technology is called OCR-Optical Character Recognition. here is a website which can do the same. Image To Text - A Free OCR Online Converter Tool s is not in English language or the font is very stylish. Recently in some android device u will find google AI(artificial intelligent) camera which can understand & convert diff languages or handwriting and also can find a same object or food or places like anything. Thanks.
Is there OCR software that can read handwriting on the market or in development?
Most of the available softwares for handwriting recognition are used in Online recognition such as Tablets PDA. Microsoft and CellWriter etc. are few examples. There are some software programs for Offline handwriting recognition in English which are available on the research page of few universities.
What are the some recent topics for research in electrical engineering?
Technology. By using high voltage DC for transmission for longer distance (5km) the transmission losses can be considerably reduced italic . The transmission efficiency is nearly 98399%. But the designing of switchgears and circuit breaker is difficult for this. So research is being carried out in this part. (ABB'S new 8kv UHVDC transformer) grid & micro grid Smart Grids can collect much more data than the manual energy meter reading system. This permits the use of data analysis techniques and the preparation of highly realistic consumption forecasts. The load demand & supply can be predetermined this eliminates the grid failure which occurred 2 times in northern grid of India in 212. efficient electric machines. Efficiency of electric machine is reduced because of core losses and copper loss. The copper loss depends on the current which is variable. But the core losses are constant. Core loss can be reduced by using the material which possess less hysteresis loss i.e area covered by the B-H curve should be less . italic Different metals and alloys are being researched to achieve this. If the italic core losses are decreased consequently efficiency of machines increases. energy &Clean energy Considering the coal reserves and other fossil fuels the renewable energy is being promoted. But harnessed the energy from these is not is being done on increasing the efficiency of solar cells. italic It is also given importance to manufacture at lower cost. Technology. FACTS(flexible alternating current transmission system) enables us to enhance AC system controllability and stability and to increase power transfer capability. italic FACTS devices is based on thebination of traditional power systemponent with power electronics elements. Costsplexity and reliability are the issues in this on which research is being done. italic (Images sourcegoogle) I hope this helps. Thank you.
Can Google read text in images?
Not just Google anyone can read from Images with a OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ). Optical character recognition or OCR is a method of converting a scanned and attempts to determine if the black and white dots represent a particular letter or number. It can easily recognize most of theputer generated but might not work as expected with hand written s. (Especially when you have handwriting as bad as mine). The fastest OCR software recognizes some 16 characters per second. You can try one yourself here Best Free OCR API Online OCR Searchable PDF s See there it missed the word any. Not 1% perfect.
Do mathematicians and scientists still use handwriting or do they use code writing often?
Paper-and-pencil chalk boards and white boards aren't going to go out of style any time soon. LaTeX is great for presentation italic but it slows down the process of getting thoughts down. This can be a critical disadvantage when inspiration strikes and you need to follow your trains of thought as rapidly as possible while everything is still fresh in your mind. Physical media are also great for all the non-formal things you can do you can draw quick diagrams sketch graphs scribble notes in the margins circle things draw arrows between things etc. all italic in a way that's much faster and more organic than any way of doing those things in TeX while also using up less of your concentration. If I'm doing something that's relatively straight-forward (difficult perhaps but with a clear series of things that need to be done) and I know that I'll want it d up eventually I do italic sometimes it up directly without doing it on paper first. However if it's something that requires significant creativity or something that may involve a number of starts I'll take physical media over LaTeX every time.
Is it safe to use online OCR services?
Most of these services are fairly well secured but depending on the information on your documents they may not be the best options. For instance if the documents contained medical or personal information this isn't something you should trust to an online service. If security is a concern of yours I would rmend downloading the trial of ABBYY FineReader which is an extremely powerful OCR tool that can provide you with a number of output options (i.e. Word Excel PDF etc.)
What are the best ways to get digital version of my handwriting?
I don know. You can open Paint in yourputer. Choose Text( Insert into the picture. ) Then choose a place that you want to . Next correct the size of the box from the standard to the size that you want. Then choose Italic ( Change to an italic font. ) for better result ( if you want. ) Then choose HP1 4H or HP1 5H. These are the mostmon ones. Because they are simple and elegant. They are used in all of the learning-to-write-cursive-writing books. Wait what the heck? So I am answering the wrong question. I am sorry. If your question is like that I don know to answer it.