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PDF is a versatile cross-platform document kind developed by Adobe® Systems utilizing PostScript language. The document’s screen does not depend on an os or viewing application. It’s uniform on every gadget.
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In 2008, PDF file became a worldwide common (ISO 32000-1: 2008). The format shows 2D documents with text, vector images, interactive elements, hyperlinks, and video. The user can set various passwords or electronic signatures to protect files.
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What is Optical Character Recognition, and how to OCR PDF files online?

Optical Character Recognition is an enhanced feature that enables you to convert paper-based records and images into searchable, fillable, and editable samples. With our OCR PDF editor available in your preferred browser, you can do this. The advanced tool will recognize text within PDF, images, text docs, and scanned files. It can be convenient for industry professionals in all directions.

You only need to create an account and upload your documents; we will do the rest. How do you know it works? Our word detection functionality works correctly if you can extract the text and transfer it elsewhere, and the pasted text is appropriately formatted.

Streamline your manual data entry process with our advanced OCR technology. Maximize your productivity with unlimited access to our cloud-based tools for all your PDF needs!

How To Guide

How to OCR PDF document in clicks:

Launch our web service wherever you are, office, or home.
Get any scanned or converted PDF and upload it.
Recognize any text using our advanced online editor.
Edit content, add smart fillable fields.
Insert images and other visual elements.
Include custom watermarks on each page in a few taps.
Certify the template with your unique electronic signature.
Save changes and download your newly-created record.

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Explore the expert document editor to recognize the text of scanned PDF with OCR online. See the comparison of the advanced features of the web-based solutions.
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Split PDF
Merge PDF
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PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
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What Our Customers Say

OCR technology is very important when working with PDF, so this online tool is perfect for me. I like how easy it is to use and the results are surprisingly great.
Great tool for converting scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs. It's super comfortable that I'm able to use it from my web browser. Check it out, it's a great tool.
Systems Analyst
Does exactly what I need. This tool helps me create high-quality PDF files from scanned pages in minutes. Perfect OCR recognition, fast and easy to use.

How to use OCR on PDF online

Automatically OCR in PDFs to recognize the content and edit it online without using any unnecessary additional options.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to use OCR on PDF using your browser

Stop looking for and installing specialized software! All the actions you may need while working with Portable Document Format files are already available in our professional editor. Use OCR on PDF, change its content, fill it out, and export in several ways with absolute ease. The main advantage of using our service is the capability to work online using your browser without downloading and installing any programs that will just waste your storage space.
OCR PDF right from your browser with our service using this short guide:
Create a free account on our website.
Upload a file from your device or cloud.
Switch on the Replace Text function.
Edit your recognized text.
Click Done to save your document and export it in a convenient format.
As you see, you don't need to launch any specific processes because the Optical Character Recognition option is already built in our professional solution. It automatically analyzes the content, transforms images into texts, and prepares them for editing. Our solution makes work with records especially convenient and fast. Use it to change PDF to OCR files using your preferred browser and modify documents on-the-go from a connected to the internet computer or mobile device. Sign up and edit your PDFs now!

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How to use OCR on PDF with MS Windows

MS Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Still, it has built-in software for viewing Portable Document Format files, but no program for editing. When you need to use the PDF scanner OCR with MS Windows, you need to use additional software. Try our professional service to recognize text and edit it conveniently. Just open your preferred browser and work on your documents on-the-go.
Use this instruction to OCR PDF with MS Windows:
Go to ocr-pdf.com and create a new account.
Add your file to the system and open it.
Your texts are already recognized, so make sure that the Replace Text option is activated.
Edit the content of your sample.
Click Done to finish your work and export the file in any convenient way.
Built-in recognizing features allow you to edit the content without any additional manipulations. You get comprehensive editing opportunities that make editing your document really professional; replace or write new more texts, add checkboxes, dropdowns, and electronic signatures in a couple of clicks. Plus, our service has no system requirements so that you can scan files on MS Windows from your computer or mobile device. The interface is entirely user-friendly and straightforward, so you won't spend hours or days learning how to use this solution. Don't spend more time, create your free account now!

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How to use OCR on PDF on Mac

Optical Character Recognition could be one more useful feature of Preview – built-in macOS software for managing Portable Document Format files. Unfortunately, you can't OCR PDFs on Mac without additional software. Many websites advise you to install different specialized programs with their own system requirements and need much storage space on your hard drive. Actually, you can install them, but we have a better idea.
OCR PDF on Mac with our service to avoid installing heavy and expensive software:
Open your preferred browser and go to ocr-pdf.com.
Create an account or log in to an existing one.
Upload the document from your device or cloud.
Edit texts, add new ones, modify the content, or electronically sign records.
Click Done to finish editing and export the file.
Our service automatically recognizes your files' content, so you don't need to launch any additional options. If you don't need to make any changes and need to scan on Mac just for future editing, upload your document, then open, save, and export it. That's the fastest and the most convenient way to recognize the content and get the capability to edit it. Our platform supports both computer and mobile devices, so you can access it wherever you are just having a connection to the internet. Sign up and edit your PDFs professionally!

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How to use OCR on PDF using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat can deal with most of the tasks connected to work with Portable Document Format files. This capability makes this program one of the industry-leading solutions. The Optical Character Recognition feature is also available in this software. To get access to this option and OCR PDF, you need to pay for a subscription or create a new account and start a free 7-day trial period. Without it, you will be able only to view PDFs with no editing.
Follow the instructions below to scan using Adobe Acrobat:
Check the status of your subscription.
Open the document that must be recognized in this program.
Select Edit Text.
Wait for a while. The program applies the recognition to the file.
Edit your sample.
One of the biggest problems in using Adobe Acrobat to OCR PDFs is installing it. It requires more than 3 GB of your memory space that cannot be very convenient for many laptop owners. Nowadays, more and more services are available online. You don't need to install anything, because web solutions allow you to do your work from almost any browser wherever you are. And if you want to find a high-quality online solution to manage PDF files, consider using our useful service. Open the site and view, edit, recognize, or sign PDFs as many times as you need. Sign up now!

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What is OCR PDF?
Optical Character Recognition is a technology that allows you to convert PDFs and images into editable and searchable documents. Now, this word has become a verb that designates the process of using this technology.
How to OCR PDF?
You need to use specialized software to transform your Portable Document Format file into editable data. It is possible to convert your sample to other formats or modify it directly in a professional editor like ours.
How to OCR PDF files?
Find the most convenient service for you. Note that you can use Optical Character Recognition to edit files both in converters and editors like our online service.
How to OCR PDF document?
There are two ways: you can convert it to Word, Excel, and Text documents or upload a sample to our professional editor and modify it without any unnecessary actions and wasting of time.
Why do you OCR a PDF?
People often use PDFs for document management because it accurately saves different elements (such as texts, images, signatures, and so on) without any differences on all platforms. Not so many people use professional editors like our service, so they scan hard copies. You need to use Optical Character Recognition available on our platform to get the opportunity to edit scanned texts.
Why can't I OCR PDF?
Maybe, you use the wrong software. Many services require to define the language of text or many other parameters manually. Double-check the settings. And if you don't want to spend time on it, just use our service. Here you will be able to use automatic Optical Character Recognition on any document.
Can you OCR a PDF document?
Our professional editor has native Optical Character Recognition function so that you can edit your PDFs without additional conversions to Word, Excel, or other file formats.
Can Word OCR a PDF?
There is no such option in Word. The basic recognition features are available only in Office 365. And if you want to use professional services for it, consider using our service.
How to OCR PDF file to Word?
You can use different online converters, but most of them will give you a very bad result. To make sure that your sample will be correctly converted, upload it to our service and export it in a DOCX format.
How to OCR PDF to DOC?
The recognition of Portable Document Format files is an easy task for our service. Just upload it to the system, open the Export menu, and select Word. This way, your content will be professionally recognized to be conveniently edited.
How to OCR PDF with Google Docs?
Google Docs has a basic built-in recognition feature. Many people think that it will help them to convert PDFs to Word. Unfortunately, if you have complicated formatting in your sample, most likely, you won't be satisfied with the results. Consider using professional services like ours to complete such type manipulations.