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Ocr Guidelines: What You Should Know

OR has established a policy to allow students to maintain their eligibility for this benefit while meeting with their instructor/dean or other staff within one year of the last academic session that the student attended. The deadline is May 15 of the school year in order to maintain eligibility. OCR-FAQ-Assignment-Extension.pdf There are six types of information that may be shared by schools with their students. Each school can determine what information is available, the appropriate medium to use in sharing it, and at what times it is to be shared. OCR-FAQs-Disabilities.docx OR is an independent agency within HHS, with no influence over HHS Policy and procedures. OR's role is not to dictate, but rather to ensure fairness in programs and services provided. OR provides guidance that ensures fairness in the federal government's role. For more, please visit OR's website at OCR-Questions-Accessibility.docx This document has instructions for making the following accommodations: In the case of the deaf and hard of hearing, please make any necessary arrangements for using sign language to communicate with your teachers and administrators. In the case of students who are visually impaired, please make any necessary arrangements for interpreting for both the deaf and hard of hearing students. OCR-Questions-Assignment-Extension.pdf All schools and other institutions of higher education shall provide students with the support they need to successfully complete course work without undue burden. These requirements may include, but are not limited to, providing an oral interpreter in all courses. OCR- Questions-Assignment-Extension.pdf The “Assignment-Extension-Awareness and Support” (LESS) Grant is a National Center for Education Statistics grant that administers an innovative support program through which a student who is completing an assignment extension program can be contacted, informed of his or her educational benefits, and offered opportunities for self-directed learning. Read about LESS HERE. If you have questions, please visit the website and call the LESS Grant Line at. OCR-Questions-AESS.doc OCR is one of several offices within the Department of Education. Here you will find the most basic information on the Office of Civil Rights. It does not give advice on specific legal cases.

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