Could Someone List Some Quality Ocr PDF To Excel Converters?

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Could Someone List Some Quality Ocr PDF To Excel Converters?

If the .pdf was saved from a word (.doc) file that you can access then copy the table from the word file into an .xcl spreadsheet. Sometimes, a .pdf is saved from a .doc and the text in the .pdf is selectable. Then you don't need the .doc because you can select text from the .pdf file. However, some .pdf files are just scanned bitmap (.bmp) files that are saved as a .pdf file. In that case, use text recognition software with optical character recognition (OCR) to pull text from the .pdf file. Then paste it into a .doc and format it into a table and then copy/paste into the .xcl file.

OCR PDF: All You Need to Know

You should only do XML extraction using open source software. The reason is that the standard Microsoft Office XML parser is not open source. They require a license, and they do not want the freedom of open source software to be able to read their proprietary XML files. Using a proprietary reader is a major violation of open source philosophy and will most likely result in your application not running. In some cases, other applications that also read .doc and .XL formats will not work either. In other cases, if you get your document from a vendor that doesn't sell you PDF documents then you could use the copy Microsoft Office program for that purpose. Another possibility is for you to create your own software that can read .pdf files to copy over the text to an .doc table. But, be careful that you don't do this: You should not copy.

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