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Does Blue Prism Have Ocr?

OCR is optical character recognition. Which is a technology to convert unstrcutured data (documents , scanned , digital , pdf which are in jpeg , jpg , png , pdf , tiff formats ) basically image to digital text conversion. Consider a simple process where someone sends in a document for verification/validation or anything else for that matter. In case someone tried to automate that process then without the use of OCR t will not be able to because there are documents involved in the process from which some actions need to be taken. OCR can simply perform certain tasks like validation/verification/extraction or reading a particular piece of information from it. Once read it can also perform the next set of action using the bot. This technology is not just restricted to Blueprism but is available for other tools as well. There are some very advanced OCR tools which are used separately and not with RPA tools as well.

OCR PDF: All You Need to Know

If you are serious on using OCR, then it would be a good idea to work on this issue yourself, if you have some kind of OCR expertise then you can easily make significant progress in this field, otherwise try the sample project on, there you can test this technology. How to make your computer learn? OCR technology is an extremely effective text recognition technology in computer vision. Using your webcam or computer monitor, you will be able to scan text to read it aloud. Your computer will identify handwritten text just like a real human. It's easy, it's simple. First you'll need to install Skype Then it's time to put your webcam near your computer monitor or television screen. The video is very helpful at understanding some basic concepts, such as recognizing letters of the alphabet. If we use the letter “b” as an example, then your webcam will recognize it.

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