How Was Your Iim Bangalore Interview Experience 2020?

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How Was Your Iim Bangalore Interview Experience 2020?

Profile- GEM X - 98 | XII - 95 | Grad- 9.7 | CAT - 99.85 Electrical engineering from IIT Kanpur *Date- 9th March *Location- Indian Habitat Centre *Morning slot Three panelist. Two males. P1- middle aged Prof , P2- Young prof One female P3 - Young prof *WAT- India is going to be world's most populous country in the world. What in your opinion would be effect on agriculture and clothing. WAT was decent. Coming from the most populous state of India I surely knew a thing of two about the topic. Waited next 45 mins for my interview turn - fourth in my panel. *Interview experience- P2) Ohh you too have O+ blood group. The last candidate too was O+ Aren't you an universal donor. I ) That's a great coincidence sir. No sir, O- is an universal donor. P2) What percentage of population is O+ I ) Around 25% (the number is much higher indeed) P2) You have an awesome academic performance. So Kartik, what have you been doing since your graduation? I ) Told them about my work. Quantitative analyst at Kivi Capital. Told them about my role here. Kivi Capital is a quant based trading firm based out of Gurugram. P1) So what does your job require, only aptitude or knowledge about markets as well. I ) Answered that it was a mix of aptitude, mathematics and market acumen. P2) Could you give some details about your role? I ) Told them in brief about how we use the price and volume data to design strategies and deploy them on the Indian stock market. Also mentioned some recent events like that of slump in prices of TATA MOTORS, RCOM, ZEEMEDIA here. P1) What's the reason for the slump in prices of TATA MOTORS? I ) Answered. P1) So you also lost money in RCOM ? I ) Yes sir, we bled a lot. Thankfully RCOM has been removed from the FNO segment. P1) I sympathise with you. I too lost a lot of money there. I ) Yes sir. That was definitely a tough time. P2) You were into electrical engineering, then moved into this trading job. Why ? Told them originally I had started in Chemical engineering but got a branch change into electrical on account of my academic performance. Keen interest mathematics and interest in finding patterns in data drove me to this opportunity via internship. Really liked work and inspired greatly by the visionary leadership of my boss. Joined back on PPO offer. Also told them about the courses in economics and IME I had already pursued at IIT Kanpur. P3) Anything from those courses that you tried out. I ) Answered about the Pharma-USDINR relationship. P2) That's something people have been trying to do for decades. What's different? I ) Answered that our investment horizon was entirely different. P3) Tell some more industries where such an effect should show up. I ) Answered a couple more industry names. P3) Any more economics understanding that you tried out. I ) Mentioned some macroeconomic parameters like GDP, investment, interest rates. P3) What interest rate ? I ) Risk free interest rate. (Could have been any of Repo rate/ deposit rates etc) P3) You use this interest rate ? I ) Answered and also told the reason as to why it's unusable. P2) As per your profile. I think you will do really well in technical field. P1 added that no one wants to work for company like GS these days. So why do you wish to pursue MBA ? Wouldn't an MS make more sense for you? I ) Answered on the lines of why MBA. P1) What do you do after getting back from work? I ) Told them about weight training I have been pursuing for over 18 months now. P1) What are your hobbies ? I ) Told about watching cricket and love for bollywood music and also tried to present some songs I had written myself. P1) Do you have any friends ? I ) Yes sir, a whole lot of them. P1) What are t doing? I ) Told some had taken up jobs in core sectors, some went for higher education abroad, some pursuing dual degree, some working at their startups. P1) Any friends in Gurugram ? I ) Yes sir,he is working with Sprinklr, but most of my friends are in Bangalore P1) So you get to meet your friends if you come to Bangalore? I ) Yes sir, definitely (with a big smile) (Missed opportunity - I already have a very close connection with this city, have been following RCB for 12 seasons now - must have definitely brought up since the interview had already gone into an informal conversation) P3) Any questions for us Kartik ? I ) Asked them how to give their advice as to how to make the most of my MBA programme. P1) You can have a candy. Thank you. Best of luck. Duration - 20 minutes Verdict - Converted

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The latest statistics of this batch, are as follows. The following is an excerpt of the results: 2012,2013,2014 Batch (2nd Batch) Class Size 2020 Total Acceptances 3498 Admission Rate 23.29% Average Rank 24.07% Median Rank 20.06% Average Weighted Rank 22.07% Median Weighted Rank 23.09% Average Interview Score 1395.4% Median Interview Score 1380.5% Class Rank #2224 Students' Attitude Rating (as on April 1st, 2014) 8.0 GPA 1374 (8.4% with D) Median GPA 1370(7.7%) LSAT 797 2.0 Interviewer Rating 1001 (8.2%) AGE 13.3yrs-18.6yrs (8.6% with D) Average Age 19.5yrs-20.5yrs (10.2% with B) Median Age 19.35yrs-20.56yrs (9.5% with B) Data shows that for the next batch, there will be only a tiny chance that the majority of the aspirants will get an interview. So, does this mean that we should not bother with LIMB? Not at all! As far as I am concerned, the next batch (3rd batch) that aims to cater to the students.

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