Im Looking For A Document Management System That Allows Me To?

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Im Looking For A Document Management System That Allows Me To?

That is a tough question to answer due to the wide range of offerings from enterprise-wide systems corporate systems to free applications for individual users. Naturally, t vary drastically in price, features and benefits. First, I would take a close look at the existing procedures in the office. Almost all businesses have already determined the most important document management system details, t have just never written them down. Create a document describing. what are the key types of documents that need to be managed (classification), who can use those documents (security), how are t described (indexing), and finally how long do you need to store them (records management). What thing you need to define is. what are your current costs. Current costs estimates are very important because cost savings are usually how budget dollars are justified for document management projects. Then, you will need to estimate the volume of documents you want to capture and how long you want to store them. Look into whether departments (other than your own) might benefit from sharing the system. You can both save money by sharing the costs. Now, you are probably ready to choose some vendors to do some sales demos. Pick a vendor that can justify the costs of their system and can demonstrate to track the ROI after it has been installed. The list of potential document management system features is very long. EDI, data capture, OCR, version management, approval workflow, web publishing, automatic classification, automatic indexing, data extraction, ERP integration, IVR integration, FAX Support, Microsoft Office integration, records management, offsite backups, cloud hosting, distributed indexing, mobile capture, case management, etc. Look to your ECM system integrator to help you define the current document processing costs and the potential savings t offer. You probably don't want all of the above features to be implemented in the same project. Even if your firm could afford to buy it all at once, these tools take time to integrate into your business processes. Pick a feature set that can demonstrate a clear and measurable ROI, implement it and then use that success to justify the next project. Just make sure the platform you choose to build on can be expanded to reach the end-state you envision. Full Disclosure. I work for Western Integrated Systems (Business Process Management & Automation) as a Kofax software engineer.

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