What Are The 6 Best Camscanner Alternatives For Android?

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What Are The 6 Best Camscanner Alternatives For Android?

I’m going to talk about the next big thing after Android - Its the Google’s Fuchsia Project A little introduction about Fuchsia We all know how good and ubiquitous android is in the smartphones this decade. Since the two years, Google has been working on a new operating system that can end up as a direct replacement of Android. This capability-based operating system is known as Fuchsia. How it is different from Android The main problem with Android is that it is designed on Linux Kernel which was originally not designed for phones. Also, the Android from its core was designed for digital cameras. So how Google’s Fuchsia is different from Android? Fuchsia is firstly designed on a less sophisticated micro-kernel called Zircon which has two main advantages over the traditional Linux Kernal. Firstly the code is much simpler and is capable of connecting many smart devices simultaneously. The benefit of this kernel is you can run it on almost anything, from the home security systems to the traffic lights on the streets. So it comes with an endless list of possibilities we can see this smart world getting connected. Image Source Advantages over Android More devices connecting together means better the seamless interaction, the easier it is for new devices to get into the ecosystem. Imagine you playing media in your phone and the moment you enter your car the same podcast can continue exactly from where you left off. Our age-old struggle of dealing with devices which are getting slower after the updates will be sorted ones it for all. The reason for android not pushing updates for each and every devices is that the kernel, the drivers and the OS of phones are interconnected, so for major updates to happen, these devices have to be decoupled manually, which is kind of a mess android created in itself. Another caveat is the inconvenience in using voice command, Fuchsia will be way more interacting than Android is right now. Also, this all comes with Googles arguably the biggest concern right now - an immensely improved security. Fuchsia is simpler, secure, cleaner and is built keeping updates in mind. Early look and release dates The very first apk file was leaked last year and it was sort of looking like a list with all the features on one screen, unlike android which switches between screens, Fuchsia has a single screen preview for almost everything. Still being in the early stages, nothing can be certainly predicted yet, but I’m sure in 2020–2022 we might get to see some original Fuchsia interface.

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Feel free to share how you are using it. I hope to have Kaaba Scanner for Android here on this blog from now on.

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