What Is Difference Between Easy Recorder?

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What Is Difference Between Easy Recorder?

Before discussing the recording methods let me tell you what are recorders. Recorders. To automate any process you can use recorders. Recorders generally capture important details such as object value, image, text, mouse movements and much more. Automation Anywhere has four types of recorders. Screen Recorder Smart Recorder Web Recorder Task Editor SCREEN RECORDER. Screen recorder is also called a standard recorder. You can use a screen recorder when your task involves mouse clicks and keyboard operations SMART RECORDER. Smart recorder is also called as an object recorder. It is the most feasible method for building task WEB RECORDER. Web recorder is used when you need to automate web-based processes such as extracting data from web-pages, extracting data from tables on the web page and much more TASK EDITOR. Task Editor can be used to automate any process using its commands such as email automation, OCR, PDF integration and many more. Task Editor allows you to open multiple tasks and edit them side-by-side. I hope this helped..!!!!

OCR PDF: All You Need to Know

It also requires installation of a Java Runtime Environment (RIDE) which is an optional download. The screen record, with default settings will record for 20 minutes while an application runs. Recording duration is adjusted by adding or deleting the duration parameter. So we can choose between 10min or 20min recording duration for a given task. We can also choose to record only a predefined amount of time during the workday. For best results and for more precision it is recommended to record for 30min daily recording duration. When recording duration reaches zero, the recording is terminated. The record files can be exported directly from the screen recorder, or you need to select them on the taskbar and then select Save As or Save to Disk. If there is any problem with the recording, you should launch this application, log in with your user details, then in task manager, there will.

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