Whats The Best Note Taking App For Ipad Pro And Pencil?

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Whats The Best Note Taking App For Ipad Pro And Pencil?

Based on personal experience, Notability works best for me. The only cons are that the app icon and UI are kinda ugly, cannot search handwritten notes. Goodnotes can search handwritten notes, but it has less features than Notability, including no audio recording, which is essential for me. GN has slightly better Apple Pencil writing - quite close to the Apple notes app experience. I also tried Apple notes app (lack of features), Notes plus (lag), notes shelf (weird smoothing of handwriting), OneNote (notebook - like organization is complicated), Penultimate (no audio, but amazing writing), Evernote (no audio + note taking at the same time) To summarize - Currently all note taking apps with Pencil support have pros and cons. And the top few I have mentioned above all will do a decent job of basic note taking btw. So, it depends which features are most important to you. E.g. If you want the app to be cross platform, OneNote might be the best option. If you want the best writing experience (if you write a LOT) then Apple notes or GoodNotes is best. If you want your handwritten text to be converted automatically to typed text, try GN but not Notability. So, find out which features you really want, then find all apps that support it and then try them out. I use Notability and love it. Maybe you should start there. Or write a comment below and I can try it out for you and give you feedback! Let me know if you have more specific questions. Hope this helps!

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Note: There is a very useful feature in OneNote (and other applications). Click on the pencil icon in the top right, and turn on text selection. Click the arrow next to it so that you only highlight the lines you want on your handwritten notes. You can then copy that text from here to the clipboard, and paste it into the other application. You can turn off the text selection feature for handwritten notes. To do so, click on the pencil in the top right and go to View→Customize→Text Selection.

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